Why Envirovent ECO dMEV Trickle Fans with Continuous Running are the Best

Why Envirovent ECO dMEV Trickle Fans with Continuous Running are the BestHaving a bathroom fan for extracting the steam, smell, or vapors when using the shower, toilet, or bath is one thing, and having a constant volume, continuously running extract fan is another. It is good to install the right eco fan which offers you the lowest power consumption at the lowest noise output and with the lowest life-cycle costs.

This is why we would recommend the Envirovent ECO dMEV extractor fans. They put out a video (see at the bottom of the article – and this link on their site) where their general manager outlines the 10 good reasons to install the ECO dMEV extract fan, and we agree with them completely. Here are the,

Reasons for which the Envirovent ECO dMEV Trickle Fan is the Best Fan on the Market

  • This fan is designed on the same concept as the award-winning filterless fan, which means that the ECO dMEV extractor fans have been designed to outlast the property it will be ventilating.
  • The front cover is very stylish, coming with a color strip that will help you match the fan with the decor or the preference of the occupant. Under the front cover there’s yet another cover, made of high quality plastics and rubber, which create a permanent rubber seal – the IPx4 chamber protecting all the critical components of the fan.
  • Unique micro processor controls providing “sensorless” volume technology. There’s no sensors in this fan; rather, it has the latest technology: sensorless with software and microprocessors controls which are directly linked to the centrifugal fan and alternate the speed of the fan depending on the resistance.
  • The centrifugal motor: innovative centrifugal motor delivering silent running with exceptional performance. Easily removable centrifugal motor, dual inlet, so the air can come in both sides. This means you get a very high performance when compared to an axial fan, and it can overcome quite a high resistance by maintaining the performance and low noise levels.
  • Quick release motor designed for ease of maintenance and low life-cycle costs. It is easy to remove the cover for the motor and clean it, which is excellent from the maintenance point of view. The motor and the cover split apart, and the motor can be wiped clean.
  • Designed with an easily removable impeller offering fuss-free cleaning. In addition, the impeller comes off: should the impeller need cleaning, it comes off and can be washed as needed. The motor is mounted on anti-vibration mounds, which means it can absorb any vibration and thus be the quietest fan in the market.
  • Rear expansion chamber delivering low resistance and quiet running. If you look at the back of the fan, there is a rear expansion chamber allowing the air to expand outwards. The centrifugal fan is at the front, forcing the air to go out at the back into the spigot, where the air is allowed to expand; this means there’s lower resistance in the duct with quieter performance.
  • IPX4 rated electrical compartment. The electrical compartment with the components are done under an IPX4 rated housing, and they are safely protected (you need to unscrew it to come off). 230V electrical components housed away in an IPX4 chamber.
  • Triple protection offering a robust fan suitable for all domestic applications. You can put the IPX4 chamber on top of the motor and front, this means that the electrical components are double protected, and when you put the front cover on top, you could say that the fan is triple protected! The Envirovent ECO dMEV fan is thus not only the most robust fan on the market (with its triple protection), but this fan also does not distort (most axial fans have the problem of distortion) and it is triple protected.

In conclusion, this is why Envirovent ECO dMEV fans are the best for new built applications: they are the easiest to install, the easiest to maintain, and the easiest to commission, and they are probably the safest extract fans on the market!

Sparks was Nominated as Finalist in the 2015 Electrical Wholesaler Awards

Sparks was Nominated as Finalist in the 2015 Electrical Wholesaler AwardsAfter winning a “Highly Commended” award last year in the “Best Electrical Wholesaler Website” in the UK at the 2014 Electrical Wholesaler Awards, this year we’re going for the BEST award again!

On the 14th of May 2015 at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London the people at Datateam are having a sumptuous gala dinner and awards programme for the 2015 Electrical Wholesaler Awards, and we at Sparks have been shortlisted!

We are delighted to have the industry recognition of the high quality website, mobile responsiveness, and great customer service both online and offline.

SparksDirect.co.uk Finalist in, “Best Electrical Wholesaler Website” Awards

The Electrical Wholesaler Awards celebrate the high level of service offered by the UK electrical wholesalers, and the “best electrical wholesaler website” in particular recognizes the best electrical wholesaler websites, the e-commerce sites that offer the most innovative technology, features, and functions with the best design for the visitor and customer.

We are delighted to be nominated one of the best electrical wholesaler websites in the UK, and we are convinced that with our recent website update and improvements we’ve got a shot at the great award!

Mike Gammon, coordinator and organizer of the EW Awards, had the following to say about our category of awards,

The purpose of the Electrical Wholesaler Awards is to celebrate a sector of the electrical market that is seldom recognised for their part in the industry. There are many association and buying group events that cater to their own members of but with the Electrical Wholesaler Awards we are looking to celebrate the wholesale industry in its entirety and excludes no-one.

The wholesaler award categories are designed so there is at least one category applicable for every electrical wholesaler in the country, from internet only, to independents and upwards to large multiples. In Sparks’ entered category of “Best Electrical Wholesaler Website”, we realise the importance of e-commerce in the modern era and look to recognise those who excel in this area and take full advantage of this platform, meeting the needs of the customer through efficiency and ease of use.

Not only seen as an awards ceremony event, it is a key time to bridge the gap between supplier and wholesaler through networking and offer a chance to catch up with your contemporaries. It is also a vital opportunity to make new contacts that could potentially be a game changer to businesses in due course.

With the supplier categories, UK wholesalers have their say alone on the supplier products and services that make a difference to their day-to-day lives. Winners of these categories can be assured that this is purely the opinion of the wholesalers and not inclusive of contractors and electricians, who have their opportunity with other events in the industry.

With this in mind, here’s some of the cool features we offer you on our website:

Here are some of the cool features we offer you on our website www.sparksdirect.co.uk - 2015 Best Electrical Wholesaler Website Awards Finalist

Mobile Optimized Website: with an increased traffic coming from smartphones and tablets, it is imperative to have a website that doesn’t look good ONLY on the desktop / laptop but on a screen of any size. Most of us check websites on the go on our iPhone or Android phone, and so we at Sparks have invested quite a lot of time and attention into making sure that www.sparksdirect.co.uk has a responsive web design, serving the best possible version of the site to any screen.

Improved E-Commerce: Things such as VAT switch at the top right corner, find lights by room in the house, SSL certificate, predictive search engine, smooth checkout process, smart product filtering, vivid colorful navigation menu, trustpilot reviews integration, excellent pictures, videos of products, etc – all these are part of some of the most improved e-commerce capabilities of our website. The list can go on and on – so why not visit the site to check these features out?

Social, Reviews, and Interaction: you can ask us questions directly via the website (we’re considering a live chat implementation soon), you can find us on the social media websites (read to answer your questions and direct you to the right place), and you can leave us a review via TrustPilot (or read what others said about us). Also, when you find us on google, you have some rich snippets of information available. And when it comes to sharing some cool products or cheap prices you found on our website, the social sharing bar is right there!

There are some other awesome features you benefit of when using our website, and it is now up to you to discover them. Whether on your desktop, laptop, notebook, tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or smart phone, you can see the best version of our website and you can order right from where you are!

Note: we’re constantly working on improving both the quality and the features of our website, our service, and our customer care. You are in good hands :) and we’re open to suggestions for improvements or features that can be added to our website. Let us know in the comments below if there’s something you think can be improved or added!

Dimming the Bathroom Lights: How to Dim the Bathroom Ceiling Lights?

Dimming the Bathroom Lights: How to Dim the Bathroom Ceiling Lights?As an electrical wholesaler we get asked a lot of questions both via our trade counter in Archway, North London, and via email, phone, website, etc. When it comes to lighting, it used to be that people preferred the halogen lights; nowadays, however, everyone loves LED lights.

As to bathroom lighting, many people have either standalone ceiling light fittings together with some wall lamps, shaver lights, or mirror lights, or they couple the ceiling lights with the bathroom fan.

One of the questions we were asked recently is, Can I dim my bathroom lights? We don’t have the complete answer to that, but as to today 13 February 2015, there are a few ways of dimming your bathroom lights.

Note: due to the constant development and research in the realm of lighting, dimming, LED lighting, and technology, things can change in a year or so; however, up until today, these are the solutions that we can offer for dimming your bathroom lights.

How to: Dim the Bathroom Lights

First of all, before we even talk about how to dim the bathroom lights, we need to make sure that these lights are dimmable. This means that the light fitting has to allow you to dim – increase or decrease the light intensity – the light bulb, and the light bulb also has to be dimmable.

If the light fitting is dimmable, you can dim your bathroom lights. And when we speak of bathroom lights we speak mainly of the ceiling lights.

Here are some solutions to dimming your bathroom lights:

1. Replace your wall switch with a dimmer switch. Because of the Building Regulations and the IP protection in the bathrooms, it is not possible to have a wall switch inside the bathroom; however, the wall light switch outside the bathroom can be replaced with a dimmer switch. Again, you will need to make sure that the bathroom lights are dimmable, and then you can set the bathroom light level as needed via a rotary dimmer switch.

For example: you can use the Varilight HQ9W on/off rotary dimmer switch (in plastic white) or the intelligent single switch Varilight IQP401W (which takes up to 400W) with any of the dimmable bathroom ceiling lights.

2. Use a dimming pull cord switch: one of the few switching devices allowed in the bathroom is a pull cord switch. It is easy to turn the lights ON or OFF via the pull cord switch, and if the ventilation fan is also connected via this switch, the fan will be ON as standard. However, if you install the DIMPULL dimming pull cord switch you can not only turn your lights ON or OFF but, with a prolonged pull of the pull cord, you can dim the light level until you obtain the lighting you desire.

Note: you cannot use this dimming pull cord switch with any fluorescent fittings (they are not dimmable), and the max. incandescent load is 250W. Also, you need to make sure you install this dimming pull cord switch outside zones 0 and 1; it can be installed only in the safe zone outside of reach of water.

For example: you can use the DIMPULL dimming pull cord switch with the popular AX0270 Mariner bathroom ceiling light, making sure the lamp used by this fitting is dimmable (see the 42ESC 42W Lamp). If you use downlights like the Aurora A2-DLM413W fixed recessed lights, make sure you get dimmable light bulbs with it and, with the pull of a switch, you can dim them!

Please note: when it comes to dimming the LED lights, things get a bit tricky. The DIMPULL doesn’t work with LED lamps, and the wall dimmer has to be an LED dimmer in order to work with the dimmable LED lamps. Also, please note: it is recommended to use a registered qualified electrician to do the work of replacing switches and light fittings in the bathroom.

2015 Promotion on Square Edge Plastic Switches and Sockets: Special Prices!

We start year 2015 with a big promotion on the square edge switches and sockets from BG Electrical, bringing all our customers in the UK some amazing prices for these necessary wiring devices.

Everybody needs switches, sockets, and even some DP switches or cooker outlet plates, and especially if you have a big project or you renovate a house, you’re definitely looking for the lowest prices.

We can boast that at SparksDirect.co.uk and in our showroom in North London we have the BEST prices for these particular items (while stock lasts). So if you’re an installer, an electrician, a builder, a landlord, or a homeowner, and you’re considering replacing your existing switches and sockets or maybe you have a large project coming on, the list below will make you happy!

Special Prices for BG Square Edge Plastic Switches and Sockets!

Here’s our list of special prices for the BG Square Edge plastic switches and sockets – you can download the PDF for the offer here to have your own copy.

Read more below for some of the featured and more popular switches and sockets from this range.

2015 Promotion on Square Edge Plastic Switches and Sockets: Special Prices!

Model: BG Electrical 922
What is it: BG 2 Gang 2 Way Switched Socket 13A White Plastic Double Socket Square Edge
Where to use: very popular in both residential and commercial applications, being ideal both for bedroom, living room, and kitchen – and for the office spaces.
Cost: as low as £1 + VAT each.

Model: BG Electrical 911
What is it: BG 1 Gang 1 Way 10AX Switch White Plastic Square Edge
Where to use: great for home and the office, this one gang one way switch can easily replace the single switches that need one way switching in domestic or commercial environments.
Cost: as low as £0.40 + VAT each.

Model: BG Electrical 921
What is it: BG 1 Gang Switched Socket 13A White Plastic Single Socket Square Edge
Where to use: in all environments where a single socket is needed, this switched socket can be used in the bedroom, study room, office, conference room, etc.
Cost: as low as £1.25 + VAT each.

Where can you order these items for such a great price? Check out the BG Square Edge section on our website, or simply visit the Clearance Items section via SparksDirect.co.uk.

2014 Christmas and New Year Opening Times at Sparks – Happy Holidays!

It has been a great year with many great experiences, lots of new customers, some awards, new visitors, a new website design, new lighting shows we’ve been to, and new ranges of LED light fittings in stock.

Many thanks to all our visitors, customers, and friends for everything this past year, and from all of us at Sparks Electrical Wholesalers Ltd we wish you a

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

During this festive time we will have a special schedule; some of us are off and some will be here in our showroom in Archway ready to take your order. Here’s our,

2014 Christmas and New Year Opening Times at Sparks

Monday, 22 December 2014: 8.00am – 5.00pm
Tuesday, 23 December 2014: 8.00am – 5.00pm
Wednesday, 24 December 2014: 8.00am – 1.00pm
Thursday, 25 December 2014: CLOSED
Friday, 26 December 2014: CLOSED
Saturday, 27 December 2014: CLOSED
Sunday, 28 December 2014: CLOSED
Monday, 29 December 2014: 9.00am – 1.00pm
Tuesday, 30 December 2014: 9.00am – 1.00pm
Wednesday, 31 December 2014: 9.00am – 1.00pm
Thursday, 1 January 2015: CLOSED
Friday, 2 January 2015: OPEN as usual: 8.00am – 5.00pm
Saturday, 3 January 2015: OPEN as usual: 8.30am – 2.00pm

You can always order the electrical items, light fittings, switches and sockets, dimming systems, fire alarms, heating systems, and LED lights that you need via our website www.sparksdirect.co.uk. Remember, you can now browse our website on your Android phone, iPhone, or tablet, and you can order from your smartphone or tablet at your convenience. When ordering online during the festive period please bear in mind the following:

Our last shipping date for 2014 is: Friday, 19 December 2014.
Normal service will resume in the New Year on: Friday, 2 January 2015.

This means that all online orders placed after Friday 19 December 2014 will be shipped starting from the 2nd of January 2015. You can still order online, send us emails, ask questions, and call us, only bear in mind the above terms.

On behalf of all those at Sparks Electrical Wholesalers Ltd, we wish you a happy and peaceful time over the festive period.