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Why a Timer Fan is More Recommended than a Fan with Humidistat Module

Why a Timer Fan is More Recommended than a Fan with Humidistat Module - picture of an Envirovent Fan with Humidistat operating in the bathroomWe have recently encountered this problem and there was a question from many of our customers: do I need a bathroom fan with humidistat function, or will a fan with timer do?

You could say that it all depends on what you need the fan for, what are the conditions the bathroom is in, what is the weather, what you use the bathroom for, etc.

But in general, for the majority of people, a bathroom fan with timer is more recommended than a fan with humidistat. Unless there are special conditions with extreme humidity being constantly in the bathroom, all you need is a timer fan. Let us explain why.

How does a Humidistat Fan Work?

What does this “humidistat module” do in a ventilation fan? Whether it is from Manrose, Vent-Axia, Envirovent, or Airflow, most of the bathroom fans come both in a basic version and in the version with timer, with humidistat, or even with timer and humidistat together (of course, the price is also higher).

A humidistat is a sensor within a certain module in the fan that detects the level of humidity in the air, and then switches ON or OFF the fan. The humidistat can be set and adjusted as needed, so that when there’s a lot of humidity in the air, the fan will automatically be ON until the humidity is eliminated.

How does a Timer Fan Work?

A timer bathroom fan is pretty straightforward and simple: you can set the time delay for the fan to continue to run once someone has used the bathroom and left (switching off the light).

In other words, the fan will continue running for a period of 30 seconds – 3-4minutes (according to your settings) after someone has taken a shower or has used the bathroom for more than 2-3 minutes.

This is the most common use of the bathroom fan, and most bathrooms are not completely and properly ventilated unless a ventilation fan with timer is installed.

Why are the Timer Fans Better?

Why are the Timer Fans Better? In the picture: an Airflow Quietair 100 with a humidistat sensor

Airflow Quietair 100 with a humidistat sensor incorporated

Again, we don’t prefer or replace a humidistat fan with a timer fan, but in general use people rather need a bathroom fan with timer than one with humidistat.

If your bathroom is in an area with a lot of humidity, it is good to get a humidity timer and set it on not-so-sensitive setting. If the humidity level in your bathroom is always up and ventilation is needed all the time, a fan with humidistat is a must.

But if you don’t have huge problems with the humidity and all you need is a fan that would ventilate the air and make sure you have fresh air while the humidity and odours are eliminated a regular timer fan is the best solution.

If you are planning to leave your house for a while and you know that the humidity can be up while away, you definitely need a bathroom fan with humidistat. But if you’re at home or your family is regularly using the bathroom during the day, you don’t need a humidstat fan but a fan with timer.

Tip: Don’t Fiddle Too Much with the Humidistat

A humidistat is a very sensitive module within the fan, and not everyone understands how it works. The mere fact that you see that the humidistat doesn’t turn the fan ON when you think that the humidity is high doesn’t mean that you need to regulate it and adjust it all the time.

Unless there are special humidity conditions in the bathroom, setting your humidistat on 60% or so should solve all the problems (see the manufacturer’s specs and ask your electrician about more precise advice).

But tinkering with the humidistat may cause it to be damaged – you simply have to “trust it”, that it will work whenever the level of humidity is higher!

Do You have a Similar Experience?

Did you install a humidistat fan? What is your experience with it? Maybe you want to share something you’ve learned while setting up, using, maintaining, and taking care of your humidstat fan (or timer fan) – please do so in the comments.

You can read more technical details on how the humidstat works here, here, and here. To purchase bathroom fans with timer, please visit the Ventilation Systems at Sparks Direct.

The Best Value-for-Money Bathroom Ventilation Fan: Silent yet Stylish

The Best Value-for-Money Bathroom Ventilation Fan: Silent yet Stylish [in the picture: Silent 100 from Envirovent]

We did some research recently into what is the best bathroom fan, especially when it comes to these three criteria’s: silent, stylish, and value for money.

The Best Value-for-Money Bathroom Ventilation Fan: Silent yet Stylish [in the picture: Silent 100 from Envirovent]

We asked both our customers and our consultants over the counter, and the result is unequivocally the Silent 100 from Envirovent (sorry to spoil the surprise).

And here are some reasons why we came to this conclusion.

A Bathroom Fan that is Silent!

The SIL100T Silent 100mm bathroom fan is a 26.5db(A) at 3m fan – which mainly means that it is very silent.

It is so annoying when you go to the bathroom and the fan – which comes on automatically – is loud in its operation! Believe me, I know what I’m talking about. You don’t even want to be there.

But with the Silent 100 fan there is no such problem: it’s incredible silent running will insure you virtually don’t even hear it – it simply operates in the background.

A Stylish Bathroom Fan?

People pay attention to style, but sometimes in the bathroom you may not even need too much style (unless you’re planning to spend a lot of time there). In our research and comparison, we have found other bathroom ventilation fans that are more stylish, but the Silent 100 with timer was alright.

The white or silver finish gives it a plus – it can match the design of the bathroom.

Best Value for Money

This is the tricky part: who wants to pay close to £100 for a bathroom fan? At this point in our research we realized that there’s no other fan yet that can match the value for money Silent 100 Fan from Envirovent can.

A little less than £50 (VAT included) will insure you will have a wall, window, or ceiling mounted fan with timer included, with a full IP45 rating for bathroom use.

Other Gold Stars

Style, silence, and value for money is not all EnviroVent has to offer with SIL100T.

Read more via, New Cheaper Silent Fan (the EnviroVent 100 Fan with adjustable timer), and visit our website to find out more about the IP rating, the high performance, the dimensions, the timer module, the energy saving properties, the guarantee, the motor speed, the light weight, and many other little gold stars on this fan.

Question: if you purchased and installed one of these, or if you have seen them in action, what do YOU think? Are they as good as this article says, or better?

Picture credit: via Envirovent website here.

The Silent 100 Extractor Fan Faces the Envirovent Fan Power Challenge

The Silent 100 extractor fan faces the Envirovent "fan power challenge" - will it pass?

 The Silent 100 is the latest fan to undertake Envirovent’s gruelling Fan Power Challenge. It’s a fun video, and full of great information for installers. Did you know that a flat cover is the natural enemy of the extractor fan?

A Silent Fan by Name and by Nature

It’s hard to convey in words just how quiet the Silent extractor fans run, so it’s nice that Envirovent have uploaded some videos. Compared with competing products, the difference is so great that at first, we weren’t sure it was plugged in – the microphone can’t pick up the sound!

Sparks Direct stocks Silent 100 extractor fans, optionally with integrated timers and humidistats. They’re great in bathrooms, utility rooms, and kitchens, where a great deal of extraction is required.

(In the video, the silver model is put to the test: you can purchase one here with a timer and humidistat.)

These fans are extremely reliable – out of all the items we’ve sold, we have had only one return! When it comes to high-power air extraction and humidity control, the Silent 100 is the clear choice for architects, contractors, and ventilation enthusiasts.

Earlier today, Envirovent dropped off a display unit, and we’ll be playing with that in the weeks to come. Keep your eye on this blog for the results!

innovation with style – the new Envirovent Silent 100 Design bathroom fans

The interior designs have influenced the way we choose items for the home from wallpaper to practical electrical appliances.  From cooker hoods to shower curtains, current trends have an effect on what we buy and even in a recession consumers still want to furnish and enhance their homes. For the style conscious certain appliances, such as extractor fans, still provide a challenge.

innovation with style - the new Envirovent Silent 100 bathroom extractor fans; application of the EnviroVent Silent 100 Design bathroom fan

Extractor fans are a necessary part of modern day life. As we construct or refurbish our homes in-line with stringent building regulations to become more energy efficient by adding measures such as cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and double glazing, we effectively  ‘seal –up’ our homes and by doing so create poor ventilation, which can lead to condensation and mould problems. Conventional extractor fans are not ‘fashion friendly’ and for a number of people this is not a problem. However, the consumer who has just spent a small fortune on a fabulous bathroom with a trendy walk-in shower will require something extra special that is pleasing on the eye. EnviroVent have the perfect solution – the stylish SILENT 100 Design.

The SILENT 100 Design is a new range of domestic axial fans suitable for utility rooms and bathrooms available in two colours, white or silver, complete with four smart interchangeable front panel trims in four evocative shades.  By incorporating whisper-quiet silent technology, the presence of the SILENT 100 Design fan promises never to ruin the ambiance of the room it has been installed in.

Innovative Silence – the SILENT 100 Design

The SILENT 100 Design is the result of extensive and scrupulous development by EnviroVent’s R&D team, who have patented a refreshing new concept by developing an extractor fan that is designed to extract the maximum airflow with the minimum noise possible. This is achieved by motors mounted on silent elastic blocks; the elastic blocks absorb the vibrations from the motor and prevent the noise being transmitted into the area where the extract fan is installed. This not only significantly reduces the noise from the extractor fan, but also any noise from the surface that supports the fan.

The SILENT 100 Design has been tested for noise and vibration by ENAC/ILAC, an independent research centre in Europe. Here, a benchmark study was carried out on the market’s most popular domestic axial extract fans to test their acoustic benefits against the patented ‘silent’ technology of the SILENT Range.   Each appliance went through sound power level testing using sound pressure. At the time of testing the results showed that out of all the axial fans tested, the most popular ‘quietest’ model on the market emitted twice the noise level of the equivalent SILENT model.

Continue reading this article via, The New SILENT 100 Design – Innovation with style (on the Envirovent website and the Electrical Wholesaler News). Taken with permission from their website, this article introduces some of the benefits and features of the SILENT 100 Design range of bathroom extractor fans. Read more about these fans via preventing the condensation problems, the SILENT 100 design bathroom fan, or at the Heating and Ventilation articles.

The Vent-Axia Low Voltage Silhouette 100mm bathroom fan, the S100SVT SELV fan with timer

Recently added to our offer online, the Vent-Axial S100SVT is a SELV 100mm bathroom/toilet fan with timer, low voltage fan (transformer included). More specifically, the Vent-Axia S100SVT is a Low Voltage Silhouette Fan from Vent-Axia – Single speed 100mm bathroom/toilet fan with integral adjustable electronic overrun timer (up to 30 mins), neon running light and backdraught shutter.

The Silhouette SELV 12V range from Vent-Axia is a 100mm extract fan for domestic bathrooms and WC’s available as wall or panel mounted models. Model options with shutter, timer and auto humidity control. The Silhouette SELV range is designed for modern living. With a slim profile of only 17mm, Silhouette blends in with the wall surface to provide an unobtrusive installation. Silhouette has a FID performance of 26l/s, and is double insulated, with a power consumption only 18 watts. Careful design means a ‘white sound’ spectrum understates the dB(A) sound levels providing optimised sound to performance output. Mounted in the centre of the Vent-Axia Silhouette 100mm SELV fan, beneath the ultra slim profile grille, are the electronics, incorporating a choice of integral control, a humidistat for detecting a change in internal humidity or an overrun timer option that is adjustable between 5 and 30 mins. The Silhouette fans can be ceiling/panel mounted and connected to an appropriate duct run to the outside.

Vent-Axia SELV 100mm Silhouette Bathroom Fan – Features

Buy online this Low Voltage Silhouette silent bathroom fan – via the Sparks Electrical Ventilation Fans.

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