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What Light Fittings should we Install Outdoors when it Rains and it’s Wet?

What Light Fittings should we Install Outdoors when it Rains and it's Wet?It’s raining. This is not abnormal here in the UK, especially during this time of the year, but this changes everything. Less time spent outside, more time spent indoors, and if possible, minimise the trips through the rain. Take the bus, drive, or take the train, so that your day won’t be ruined by the rain. That is, unless you love rain and you’re a hardcore outdoors person, in which case go for it!

When it rains outside and we have a wet and humid weather we need to be extra careful with what kind of lighting we use outdoors. There’s such a thing as IP rating, the international protection rating, which says what kind of lights can be used outdoors (especially in this country!).

IP44 rated light fittings are good for wall ligthing (especially if they are covered by a roof extention or something), but it is best for a light fitting to be IP65 rated, that is, to be waterproof and sealed for any dust and water particles.

So what kind of of light fittings can you use outdoors when it rains and there’s such a wet weather?

Waterproof Wall Lights for Outdoor Lighting

Waterproof Wall Lights for Outdoor Lighting - Verona V405 Black wall lightThere is a wide range of wall lights, but not all can be used outdoors; it is recommended to install a wall fitting that is at least IP44 rated so that water would not reach the electricals, or even an IP65 or IP67 waterproof fitting (to be more secure).

Also, depending on where do you want to mount the light fitting – whether by the entrance of the house, the side wall of the house, behind the house, on the garden wall, etc – there are all kinds of fittings that are suitable.

Take a look at the V405 Verona IP54 round lights in silver or black, or at the Astro Lighting IP67 rated Beam one / two LED wall lights.

For a more traditional look light fittings by the door entrance, why not try the Homefield wall lights in black, bronze, or nickel (a finish for every taste!) from Astro Lighting.

All Garden Lights need to be Rainproof!

All Garden Lights need to be Rainproof - including the RO7 LED step lightWhether to light up the entrance or the pathway, shed light on a statue or area of the garden, or simply to indicate which way is the exit of the garden, all the garden lights need to be rainproof, that is, completely IP65 or more rated.

Water just cannot – and should not – reach the electrical circuit. You can use some really nice LED deck lights and LED step lights for highlighting the side of the house, the pathway, or just for design; most of them come with the driver included and they offer a discreet light when needed (and with the shorter daylight these are very much needed!).

Take a look at the RO8, RO9, and RO7 1W LED brick lights, or at the stylish Astro Tango 1W white, black, stainless steel, or polished chrome 1W square or round lights.

And don’t forget about the spike lights and the flood lights, much needed and very useful either for alerting of the intruders or highlighting the facade!

Exterior Ceiling Lights – Stylish and IP Rated

Exterior Ceiling Lights - Stylish and IP Rated - see the Calvi exterior pendant lightThe ceiling lights used outdoor are mainly under some sort of a cover, either a roof or a porch; this allows them to be not only stylish but also have a lower IP rating. Unless the exterior ceiling lights are under direct rain or contact with water, you can safely use IP44 or even IP23 rated pendant lights or ceiling mounted lights under the right cover.

This allows you to choose from a wide range of traditional ceiling lights like the Montparnasse pendants, Calvi suspension lamps, and Galatea bronze pendants, just to name a few.

Many of them now use LED lamps, and so you can save energy (and money) when leaving the porch light on until midnight or so! Of course, you can fit these with a PIR sensor, and they will come on only when someone is actually using that area…

Installing Waterproof Lights for Outdoor

Always remember: never DIY when it comes to installing light fittings, whether indoor or outdoor. Always use a registered electrician to install or replace outdoor lights, whether wall, ceiling, ground, spike, post, recessed, or flood lights.

Also, never assume that a particular light fitting can take LED lamps – always check with the manufacturer’s specifications, and make sure the LED lamps fit that light fitting.

For any other enquiries regarding our wide range of exterior lights which can be used in a rainy weather, don’t hesitate to contact us at Sparks – or simply visit our showroom in N19 5SE, Archway, North London, UK.

The Astro Guide to Bathroom Lighting – Planning the lighting in your bathroom!

The Astro Guide to Bathroom Lighting - Planning the lighting in your bathroom!This guide is inspired from the Astro Guide to Bathroom Lighting (read the PDF file from their website) and will be developed further in other articles. Today we are talking about the best way to plan our bathroom lights – plan in time, and consider how will you use the space! Also, you need to know the regulations for using the light fittings in the bathroom.

The status of bathrooms has changed over time and it is no longer “a small white space designed for a quick wash”. We are all spending more time in the bathroom and correspondingly more money on achieving a quality finish. So why scrimp on the lighting?

Most bathrooms are built to last ten to twenty years, so it is well-worth investing the same degree of planning and quality in the lighting particularly as it is by far the most emotionally influential element.

Remember: Never underestimate how depressing a poor lighting scheme can make you feel. Conversely, get it right and you bring the room to life and make it an enriching, positive space.

Planning Your Bathroom Lighting

Plan It In Time – Early!

After deciding where the basin, toilet, bath, and shower are to be positioned, lighting should be next on the list. That way you can run all the cabling and bury it in the walls before you start tiling and decorating.

Consider How Will You Use the Space in the Bathroom

Consider How Will You Use the Space in the BathroomThis will determine how many lighting ‘scenes’ you need to create: A small cloakroom may need just one lighting scene, whereas a larger room with a bath enables you to have at least two: “bright” for speedy stops, and “soft and low” for slow, relaxing soaks.

To create the different scenes, you can plan on at least two wall switches. These can now be legally positioned inside the bathroom as long as they are an appropriate distance from wet areas, but the simplest and most popular solution is to position the switches outside adjacent to the door.

Understand the Regulations in the Bathroom

The IP44 rating (sometimes written as IPX4) simply means that the light fitting is “splash-proof” and therefore will withstand the typical level of moisture found in a domestic bathroom(read more about the bathroom IP rating explained and the IP rating in the bathrooms).

On our website you can find a large collection of bathroom lights – many of them from Astro Lighting – at the Bathroom Mirrors, the Bathroom Ceiling Lights, and the Bathroom Wall Lights section – so you’ll find plenty to choose from.

According to the recent bathroom wiring regulations, you can use IP44 rated lights anywhere in a bathroom, apart from inside the bath itself. Here you will need a higher level of protection – IP65, (“Jet-proof”, like the new FIN328 ceiling bulkhead) and this is the rating generally considered to be safer for lights fitted inside a shower cubicle.

Top Tip for Planning Your Bathroom Lighting: Even small rooms with one lighting scene will benefit from a dimmer switch. This inexpensive measure ensures night time trips to the loo or early morning starts are only as bright as you want them to be. Lights that can be dimmed include mains or low-voltage halogen, or any “standard” filament-type bulbs. LEDs, fluorescent or compact-fluorescent bulbs usually can’t (this includes most illuminated mirrors).

Keep an eye on our blog for the next section of this Bathroom lighting guide from Astro Lighting(or download the full PDF from their website) – the Types of Lighting You Can have in a Bathroom. If you are interested to purchase bathroom lights, check out the Bathroom Lights section on our website.

Romano bathroom Wall Light, the Astro Romano Over Mirror wall strip light

Romano bathroom Wall Light, the Astro Romano Over Mirror wall strip lightWe have recently added a new range of Bathroom Wall Lights from Astro Lightingthe Astro Romano over-mirror light or beside-the-mirror fluorescent light strips. Very similar to the Tallin wall lights but with a slightly different design, the Romano Bathroom Wall Light is one of the latest additions from Astro Lighting to their stylish Bathroom Lighting catalogue. The polished chrome finish together with the white glass give this fitting a contemporary feel. Coming in different sizes(600mm, 900mm, and 1200mm), you can fit these light strips above the bathroom mirror according to the size that you need it. The IP44 rating of the Romano Bathroom Wall Light allows you to place this fitting in bathroom zones 2 and 3(see the new IP zoning and IP rating in the bathroom). Low energy fitting with lower overheads, the Romano above mirror bathroom light is Part L compliant and can be installed either on the side of the mirror or above the mirror to shed light when you need to apply your make-up or get ready for the daily activities.

The Romano over mirror bathroom wall light

  • Astro Romano bathroom wall-light fitting;
  • Finish: Polished chrome finish, polycarbonate diffuser;
  • Energy Saving: uses a T5 fluorescent lamp;
  • IP rating: IP44 rated, suitable for bathroom zones 2 and 3;
  • Class 2 electrical rated: double insulated;
  • This fitting includes integral electronic ballast;
  • Dimensions: 60mm depth, 600 / 900 / 1200 mm length;
  • Lamp used: 1 x T5 lamp(not included);
  • More details about the Romano 600mm over mirror light;
  • Energy saving fitting: uses fluorescent light strip;
  • F marked: can be mounted on normally flammable surfaces;
  • Stylish bathroom wall light for over-mirror mounting;
  • Similar to the Astro Tallin range of wall lights;
  • The Astro Romano wall light – models available:
    # The AX0667 – Romano 0667 Wall Light, above mirror 600mm strip light in polished chrome;
    # The AX0668 – Romano 0668 Bathroom Wall Light, above mirror 900mm 21W strip light(polished chrome);
    # The AX0765 – Romano 0765 Wall Striplight, above mirror 1200mm 28W light in polished chrome.

Simple and beautiful application of the Romano Wall Light in the bathroom – Modern Above / Beside Mirror Light Strip

Simple and beatiful application of the Romano Wall Light in the bathroom - Modern Above / Beside Mirror Light Strip

New Wall or Ceiling lights, the Stylish Firstlight Atlantic Spotlights, IP44 rated spots

Part of the new range of stylish spotlights from Firstlight, the Atlantic Spots for wall or ceiling mounting come with an IP44 rating and in a shiny chrome finish. The Atlantic Spotlights Range is composed of the Single Atlantic 9050CH Bathroom Wall Spot, the Atlantic 9060CH two wall spotlights on a bar, the Atlantic 9070CH triple ceiling spotlights on a round disc, and the Four Atlantic 9080CH Ceiling Spots on a narrow bar. The wall mounted Atlantic spots come with an integral pull cord switch – switched wall spotlights, while the ceiling mounted spots use regular switching. Stylish spotlights for interior use, the Atlantic wall/ceiling spotlights from Firstlight are fully enclosed fittings – IP44 rated, compact and solid, with rotating spots(adjustable by being rotated). Meeting all the latest British Standards requirements and being fully dimmable(when used with a standard dimmer switch), the Atlantic Spotlights will look great in your bathroom or anywhere in the house where you need them!

The Atlantic Bathroom Spotlights – Main features

  • Wall or ceiling mounted spotlight/s;
  • Class 1 electrical rated: requires earth;
  • Finish: chrome finished wall/ceiling spots;
  • Lamp used: 35W GU10 lamps, mains voltage;
  • Dimensions: 145mm projection(the other dimensions depend on the model);
  • Switched wall spotlights: integral pull cord switch with the wall spotlights;
  • IP rating: IP44 rated(suitable for bathroom zones 2 and 3);
  • Fully enclosed fittings;
  • Meets all the latest British Standards requirements;
  • Dimmable lamp: can be dimmed with a standard dimmer switch;
  • Supplied with energy saving halogen 28w GU10 lamps. Light output is equivalent to that of a standard 35w GU10 halogen lamp, however it achieves a 20% energy saving;
  • Single / Twin / Triple / Four spotlight fittings for use anywhere indoors;
  • Manufacturer: Firstlight, the Atlantic range;
  • Models available:
    # Atlantic 9050CH Single Bathroom Wall Light, switched single bathroom wall spotlight in chrome;
    # Atlantic 9060CH Two Bar Wall Light for Bathroom, switched twin bathroom wall spotlights in chrome;
    # Atlantic 9070CH Triple Ceiling Spotlight for Bathroom, three spots bathroom ceiling fitting;
    # Atlantic 9080CH Bathroom Ceiling Spotlights, Four Ceiling Spots on a Bar for Bathroom.

The Firstlight Atlantic Wall Spotlights / Ceiling Spotlights

Atlantic 9080CH Bathroom Ceiling Spotlights, Four Ceiling Spots on a Bar for Bathroom

Atlantic 9080CH Bathroom Ceiling Spotlights, Four Ceiling Spots on a Bar for Bathroom

To find out more about the new Firstlight or Astro Lighting fittings at SparksDirect, visit the NewLights blog – new lights from Sparks and Lights. The Firstlight Atlantic spots can be ordered via the Bathroom Wall Lights or the Bathroom Ceiling Lights section.

Niimi LED Square Mirror Light, the new AX0815 Niimi Vanity LED Bathroom Mirror Light

The Niimi LED Square Mirror Light from Astro Lighting is another new light fitting for interior use. Ideally sited in the bathroom to aid you in the morning or at night when you need either a magnifying mirror or just a mirror that can be adjusted in its position and extension, the AX0815 Niimi Vanity Bathroom Mirror Light is the lighting solution you need! Also introduced as the New LED Bathroom Light, the Niimi AX0815 LED Square Vanity Mirror Light for bathrooms, this fitting is a super-energy saving solution for a modern bathroom! With a polished chrome arm that can be extended up to 35cm and an up to five times magnifying mirror with LED lighting around it, the Niimi LED Mirror light will captivate your attention and it will serve you for many years! If you are for the Energy Saving Solutions and you believe that you need to do a long-term investment when it comes to your home, the Niimi 0815 LED Bathroom Wall Lamp will be the best lighted mirror solution for your bathroom!

The Niimi LED Square Mirror Light – Main Features

  • Niimi 0815 LED bathroom square magnifying mirror;
  • Finish: Polished chrome finished arm;
  • Lamps: this fitting uses four Hi-Power LEDs;
  • IP rating: IP44 rated, suitable for bathroom zones 2 and 3;
  • Class 2 electrical rated: double insulated;
  • Includes integral switch; includes an integral LED driver;
  • Magnification: x5 magnification bathroom mirror light;
  • F marked: this fitting can be mounted on normally flammable surfaces;
  • Dimensions: 230mm high, 230mm wide, depth: 115-350mm;
  • LED colour temperature: Neutral white 3950k;
  • Weight: 2kg;
  • Energy saving bathroom wall light: 4W lamp;
  • Manufacturer: Astro Lighting, model Astro 0815 Niimi light;
  • More technical details about the Niimi LED Mirror Light(pdf file);
  • Article about the Niimi AX0815 LED Square Vanity Mirror Light for bathrooms;
  • Buy online this energy saving light – the Niimi LED Square Mirror Light.

Dimensions and Features of the AX0815 Niimi LED Mirror Light

Buy online the Niimi Square LED Mirror Light for bathroom use – via Mirror Lights, Lights for Interior Use.

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