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high performance bathroom fan with motion detector – the Airflow QuietAir QT120MST

high performance bathroom fan with motion detector - the Airflow QuietAir QT120MSTThe Airflow QuietAir QT120MST is a high performance axial fan with motion detector for bathrooms and toilets. The fan is automatically on when the presence is detected – you don’t need to worry about turning it on or off.

As for the Airflow QuietAir extractor fans – these are a range of elegant, discreet axial fans that are supremely quiet. By using exceptionally low energy they help to reduce carbon emissions but also save on your electricity bill.

The QuietAir QT120 5 inch diameter range of fans combine a contemporary design with ultra low noise levels and outstanding energy efficiency. It has a high efficiency impeller for ducted installation up to 12m long with up to 10x 90º bends.

It has an integral flow straightener and back draught flap The two speed fan is selectable on installation. The second speed may be used independently. The QuietAir has a wipe clean clip on cover for ease of cleaning. You can use this fan in toilets, en-suites, bathrooms, small rooms, utility rooms and kitchens (adjacent to hob).

Airflow QuietAir with Motion Detector

  • Bathroom fan with motion detector integrated;
  • IP rating: IP45 rated extractor fan;
  • Low Energy consumption: 10/13W;
  • Quiet air: only 32 dB(A); Low SFP of 0.24w/l/s;
  • Power consumption only 10 watts;
  • 5 inch bathroom wall / ceiling fans – the Airflow QuietAir QT120;
  • Motion sensor with overrun timer;
  • Long life ball-bearing motor with 40,000 hours life;
  • Two speed options, 150 m3/hr and 170 m3/hr;
  • Suitable for installation in zone 1 of bathrooms when installed with an RCD;
  • 3 year warranty; Axial fan for wall or ceiling mounting;
  • Model: QT120MST; Part No: 9041500;
  • Full details about the Airflow QT120 extractor fans;
  • Technical specs and wiring instructions (pdf file);
  • Buy online the Airflow QuietAir QT120MST bathroom fan with motion detector.

Quietair Presentation on scribd: introducing the Airflow QuietAir range and the main features

We have recently posted on scribd one of the latest most popular presentations of the QuietAir range of Silent Extractor Fans from Airflow. This document / presentation can be browsed below – introducing the most important features of the Airflow QuietAir QT100 range.

Introducing the Airflow QuietAir range and Main Features

We have previously introduced / talked about the QuietAir range as the most quiet extractor fan for domestic use, low energy fan: QuietAir whisper quiet fan, an amazingly quiet extractor fan for bathrooms. As you read the facts presented in the slide above, you will know more which model you require for your bathroom, toilet, living room, dining room, etc. Below we listed the main models available via the Airflow Extractor Fans category on our website – Airflow QuietAir Axial Fan, Low Energy Quiet Extractor Fan:

  • The QuietAir basic fan, no delay, 2 speeds – Airflow QT100B;
  • The QuietAir with eco start, single speed, adjustable humidity and timer – Airflow QT100HT;
  • The QuietAir with eco start, two speed, motion sensor, adjustable timer – Airflow QT100PIR;
  • The QuietAir with ecostart, 2 speeds, adjustable timer – Airflow QT100T.

an amazingly quiet extractor fan, the Airflow Quietair range of Silent Bathroom Extractor Fans

We have previously introduced the Airflow QuietAir range as the Most Quiet Extractor Fan for domestic use, or the QuietAir Whisper Quiet Ventilation fan, and this is true:  The Airflow QuietAir range of domestic extractor fans are “virtually silent” and they also use a small amount of energy(energy saving silent extractor fans range). Unlike most of other bathroom/toilet stale air extractor fans which are wired to the light circuit so that they are activated when someone turns the light on, the QuietAir Eco Start technology “delays” the activation of the fan for at least 2 minutes after detecting the occupation of the room(for reducing the consumption of energy especially during the night visits to the bathroom). You will also notice that when the Airflow QuietAir fan is on, the electricity meter will not indicate a high power consumption – it uses only 5W, much more efficient than most of the other similar extractor fans. Not only energy saving – but the design is also very stylish, with a discreet, unobtrusive, clip on, wipe clean cover that blends harmoniously with existing decor in your home/office.

As for the Airflow QuietAir fan life – this fan will last for up to 40.000 hours – since this range uses a ball bearing motor, it has an extended fan life.  And if you need a reliable extractor fan(for the long run) with a low level maintenance, the QuietAir range is what you need(the whole life costs are very reduced, making this fan ideal for both social housing and home installations). Since neither having an inadequate ventilation nor an over-ventilating a room / the bathroom / the toilet helps prevent the extracting of the stale air, the removing of the moisture, or the prevention of the condensation, the Airflow QuietAir fans have the two-speed mode feature. You can choose whether to have an air flow rate of 75 m3/hr or 90 m3/hr – at the installation – making the fan able to meet the need of extracting air either in larger washrooms or smaller(comparatively) bathrooms. Actually, there are several models / options you can have in this range:

Standing out from most other axial extractor fans, the QuietAir fans also incorporate a new, high efficiency impeller specially designed to work in combination with the aerodynamic flow straighter supplied to provide greater pressure development than other similar axial extractor fans. This allows the Airflow QuietAir range to deliver up to 60 m3 per hour (16.6 l/sec) against 31 Pascals pressure through longer lengths of 100mm diameter rigid ducting including 90O bends, while maintaining the minimum installed performance quoted in the Building Regulations, Approved Document F.

Besides the air-extracting function, the silent QuietAir fans also include the Room Refresh function – ideal for the rooms that are not used regularly. By using the Interval Timer, you can activate the fan for the duration of the time setting(every 4, 8, 12 or 24 hours). Some of the locations that benefit from this function are the student accomodations, the public washrooms, the internal bathrooms(in sheltered housing and care homes), the hotel rooms, etc. This function of planned ventilation in the room especially helps with reducing the dampness, the extracting the odours/stale air and mustiness, and maintain a refreshed & healthier atmosphere in that specific room.

Since these extractor fans are designed to be used in the wet zones in the bathrooms, en-suites or even shower rooms, the electronics wihin the Aiflow QuietAir are fully isolated and the extractor fan is IP45 protected(also protected by an MCB in accordance with the latest IEE wiring regulations). If you want more from your fan, you can choose either the Basic Switching Model or the version with Adjustable Timer, the Humidity and Timer option, or the Motion sensing with Timer – all these come with wall kits and complementary accessories. And to help you close the deal and choose the Airflow QuietAir range, you have a 3 year warranty on all the QuietAir range of extractor fans – for at least a three year insurance that you will have an ultra energy efficient ventilation!

the cheapest low voltage extractor fan(including timer and transformer), the Airflow Mini Loovent SELVMLFT Fan

Guaranteed: the cheapest Low Voltage Air Extractor Fan – it includes the Timer and the Transformer! This SELV (Safe Extra Low Voltage) mini loovent fan from Airflow is powered from a remotely mounted transformer unit, which allows the fan to be mounted in a close proximity to a bath or shower in order to provide safe and efficient extraction of moist, steam, and odours. Low voltage extractor fan, with IP55 protection – can be positioned in zone 1 in the bathroom! Safe and reliable flam, with high productivity rate and with management provided by the timer.

The SELVMLFT fan is very quiet, drawing most of the air, moist, steam and other side smells from the premises.

Application: This extractor fan can be installed on the wall, window, or ceiling mounted for toilets or bathrooms, with natural light.

SELVMLFT – The cheapest 4 inch extractor fan from Airflow – Features

  • This Low Voltage air extractor fan has an integral timer.
  • Supplied with remote mounting transformer.
  • Low voltage extractor fan – 12V.
  • Remote switch operation. ON/OFF operating as required.
  • Performance up to 18 l/sec, 65 m3/hr.
  • 220-240 Volt 1PH, 50Hz.
  • 12V volt A.C. transformer enclosure to IP55.
  • IP55 – this low voltage fan can be sited in bathroom zone 1.
  • Adjustable timer control – remote or light switch operation.
  • Ducting capability in a ready to fit kit.
  • Provides quiet, efficient extraction of moist air, steam and odours.
  • Thermally protected motor.
  • Versatile for wall, window (window kit sold separate) and ceiling mounting.
  • Supplied with 150mm square bezel surround.
  • Fixing pack supplied.
  • Complies with Building Regulations (F1-1995).
  • 3 Year “no quibble” guarantee.
  • Includes Timer and Transformer – the guaranteed Cheapest Price!
  • Note: To convert this Extractor Fan into a window extractor fan, you will need to order the WK.
  • Buy online this affordable extractor fan for domestic use.

The SELVMLFT low voltage fan can be fitted in a wall, window or ceiling. For window mounting, the window kit accessory is required. It is permissible for the fan to be mounted anywhere in the bathroom, kitchen or utility room, etc, for the extraction of steam, even close to a bath or shower, but the maximum ambient temperature limit of 40 degree C must not be exceeded.
Note: This extractor fan should not be used in air containing flammable gases or dust.

Find out more about Heating and Ventilation solutions – Ventilation systemsthe Airflow iCON and the other Airflow extractor fans – via SparksDirect. Buy online extractor fans – the best prices!

Introducing Airflow QuietAir: the most quiet Extractor Fan for domestic use

In this article we are introducing the Airflow QuietAir – At last, a fan so quiet that you can hear a Pin Drop while the fan is working! Listed on our website under the Heating and VentilationVentilationAirflow Extractor Fans, the QuietAir is Sleek, Subtle, and Discreet – the Airflow EcoAir – The QuietAir range. The Quietair from Airflow is a range of elegant, discreet axial fans that are supremely quiet and activate only when they are really needed, using exceptionally low energy. Quietair sets new standards for the reliable, low cost ventilation of toilets, en-suites and bathrooms; and at just 25dB(A) you will hardly hear the fan running, even at night! Low Energy, High Tech!

Airflow QuietAir Key USP’s

  • Extremely quiet – Whisper Quiet, only 25 dB(A) at 75m3/hour
  • Ultra Low Energy; High Pressure Development; Extra Safe; Eco-Start Technology
  • Delay start for two minutes avoids unnecessary use (especially at night), and saves energy
  • Power consumption only 5 watts
  • Longlife ball-bearing motor with 40,000 hours life
  • Two speed options, 75m3/hr and 90m3/hr
  • High efficiency impeller for ducted installation
  • Basic switching, timer, humidity and motion sensor versions
  • Innovative “Room Refresh” option for programmable ventilation
  • Eco-Start Technology: 2 minutes, delayed start avoids unnecessary use (not Basic unit)
  • Extra Safe: IP rated, IP45 protection
  • Control Options: Basic Switching, Adjustable Timer, Humidity/Timer and PIR/Timer
  • Low SFP: 0.24 at 75m3/hr and 0.36 at 90m3/hr

Key Features, QuietAir Extractor Fan, ultra-quiet…

  • COMPACT FACIA DESIGN – clips off for ease of cleaning
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY IMPELLER – with removable guide vanes (ceiling ap’s)
  • HIGH PRESSURE – impeller delivers 60m3/hr@31Pa
  • DUCTABLE – up to 12m of rigid ducting with 11 x 90 degree bends
  • BALL BEARING MOTOR – 40,000 hours usage (min) = (4.5 years continuous use)
  • ROOM REFRESH – programmable routine ventilation; (T model) every 4, 8, 12 or 24 hours
  • 3 YEAR GUARANTEE, extendable to 5 years

Exploded view of the Airflow QuietAir Fans

  1. Fascia
  2. Cover of control board including 2 x fastening screws
  3. Electronic control board
  4. Casing with impeller
  5. Guide vane removable at reduced installation depth
  6. Removable back draught shutter
  7. Cable grommet
  8. Assembly kit: 2 x screws with plugs for wall mounting

Control options – available QuietAir models

Airflow QuietAir QT100B

Airflow QuietAir QT100T

Airflow QuietAir QT100HT

Airflow QuietAir QT100PIR

The QuietAir Advantage: It is as ecologically inappropriate to over ventilate as it is to under ventilate!

Quiet, low energy, elegant design, highly reliable, powerful ducted axial fan with advanced features, outperforming the competition in a modular design for ease of installation and minimal maintenance. This series of QuietAir extractor Fans are Perfect for Social Housing Specification in New Build and Decent Homes! Buy them online via SparksDirect.