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New Cheaper Silent Fan, the EnviroVent 100 Silent Bathroom Fan with adjustable timer!

New Cheaper Silent Fan, the EnviroVent 100 Silent Bathroom Fan with adjustable timer!We have recently added to our online catalogue yet another energy saving and silent bathroom fan, the SIL100T Fan for toilet and bathroom! The SILENT 100 is an innovative domestic axial extract fan designed to offer a low level of noise supplied in a 230V or SELV (12V) format(the mains voltage available for the moment only) suitable for small rooms and bathrooms.

The fan is fitted with a pilot light, backdraught shutter and airflow guide vanes as standard. Also, the SILENT 100 toilet fan can be wall or ceiling mounted in order to meet the Building Regulations – Part F (England), Scottish Building Regulations Section 3 and Part K (Northern Ireland). The fan will ventilate domestic small rooms and bathrooms.

The Cheaper Silent 100 Bathroom Fan – Main features

  • Silent bathroom fan: max. 26.5dB(A) at 3m;
  • Toilet / bathroom extractor fan: IP45 rated fan;
  • High performance fan: 26 l/s, 95 m3/h air flow;
  • Incredible silent running + super energy saving!
  • Energy saving fan: 8W power consumed;
  • Mains voltage; 2400rpm speed;
  • 100mm fan, 4inch bathroom / toilet fan;
  • Dimensions: max. 158 x 158mm, 84.6mm depth in wall;
  • Innovative Axial extractor fan suitable for small rooms;
  • Comes with a pilot light, backdraught shutter, and airflow guide vanes – standard!
  • EnviroVent Silent 100 fan with timer: adjustable timer incorporated;
  • More technical details and wiring instructions(pdf file);
  • Buy online the white SIL100T Silent 100 bathroom fan.

What type of Airflow Extractor Fan do you need – what do the regulations say, what’s the best fan?

Building Regulations Approved Document F: Ventilation (2010 Edition), stipulates the provision of adequate mechanical ventilation rates in non-habitable rooms such as toilets, bathrooms, shower rooms, kitchens and utility rooms in domestic dwellings.  Naturally, the Airflow extractor fans exceed these requirements in helping to combat the harmful effects of dampness and condensation, and by extracting airborne pollutants such as odours, cooking smells, humid and stale air, the potential hazards to the health of occupants and possible damage to the fabric of the building can be largely eliminated.

What do the regulations say?

The recommended volume of air extraction per room in the house recommended by the Building Regulations:

  • Toilet/sanitary accommodation: 6 l/sec (22 m3/hr);
  • Bathroom/shower room: 15 l/sec (54 m3/hr);
  • Kitchen adjacent to hob: 30 l/sec (108 m3/hr);
  • Kitchen without cooker hood: 60 l/sec (216 m3/hr);
  • Utility room: 30 l/sec (108 m3/hr);

Note: The Building Regulations guidelines for England and Wales state if the above rooms do not contain opening windows to allow rapid ventilation i.e. internal rooms, the requirement for mechanical ventilation will be satisfied if the fan has a 15 minute timer overrun. Please consult the approved document for guidance on open flue combustion appliances for complementary guidelines to mechanical ventilation and detailed information of alternative approaches.

Low Voltage Airflow Fans – Be Extra Safe

The Airflow range of SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) fans fully comply with the current IEE wiring regulations 17th edition detailing special requirements for bathrooms. These well proven fans use a 12 volt electrical supply(which means that the siting of the extractor fans is possible within the permitted splash zones of those using washing facilities).
Note also that it is now possible to install a 230 volt, IPX5 rated fan with a dedicated RCD in splash zones. Consult the IEE 17th edition wiring regulations for full details.

What Type of Extractor Fan do I need?

Having considered the application of the ventilation required, it is important to select the correct type of fan to ensure that the requirement is met. It is not sufficient to fit just any extractor fan. It is important that the fan performs efficiently by extracting the minimum flow rate at the grille outlet as required by the latest Building Regulations. This is known as installed performance. Also, the number of bends and the length of duct attached to the fan will create resistance to flow that must be overcome to ensure adequate extraction.

You should first consider which type of fan will be best suited to provide quiet, efficient ventilation. This will be based on one of the following two general variants.

  1. The Airflow Centrifugal fans and Mixed Flow fans – these are are quiet, powerful and suitable extractor fans for wall, ceiling and window applications. They also work very efficiently against system resistance making them the perfect choice for ducted installations. Examples of such Airflow centrifugal / mixed flow fans:
  2. The Airflow Axial fans – these fans are ideal for through the wall and window applications. Providing high performance with a slim profile, they are suitable for use with ducting up to a maximum 2.5m ( 11m*) in length. Examples of such Airflow Axial Fans:

This article is the first part of Airflow’s own guide / tips on: What Fan do I need and Where Should I site my Fan? Read the second part of this article(in the next article on the blog), or read the entire original article here. To purchase any Airflow Extractor fans, visit the Heating and Ventilation categoryVentilation systems.

More about the Airflow Aura-eco 150, 150mm Low profile axial fan for wall or ceiling mounting

After introducing the Aura-Eco 100 range(the 100mm low profile bathroom/toilet fans), here are some more details about the Aura AUE150 range(6 inch wall / ceiling mounted fans for use in toilets, en-suites, bathrooms, and kitchens – if fitted adjacent to cooker hood).  The Airflow Aura-Eco 150 range is composed of highly reliable and powerful low energy fans in a modular design for ease of installation and maintenance.

The Aura-eco 150 range is designed to provide higher extraction levels that comply with the latest Building Regulations ADF – a quiet operation 6 inch diameter extractor fan.  The AUE150 fan is manually operated by basic switching (switch not supplied) and can be recessed into wall or ceiling. Also, depending on the options needed / purchased, you can have the basic fan with an adjustable timer overrun, with an adjustable timer and humidity detector, and with a PIR(motion sensor) and with a timer. Application: the Aura-Eco 150 range from Airflow is ideal for use in toilets, en-suites, bathrooms and kitchens if fitted adjacent to cooker hood.

Main Airflow Aura-Eco 150 Features

  • Low energy axial fan for indoors;
  • Slim compact styling, modern design;
  • Quick and easy to fit by anyone;
  • Quiet fan: 35 dB(A) extractor fan;
  • Low specific fan power (0.3SFP);
  • Powerful ventilation up to 235m3/hr;
  • Low watt motor – 20w;
  • Dimensions: 205cm height, 20.5cm width, 1cm depth;
  • Compatible with 150mm ducting;
  • Diameter: 150mm / 6 inch extractor fan;
  • CE, IPX4 rating and double insulated fan range;
  • The Aura AUE150 range complies with the latest Building Regulations;
  • 3 year warranty; Weight: 0.85kg;
  • Models available – options:
    the Aura-eco AUE150B – basic model, 150mm axial fan, Airflow 9041351;
    the Aura-eco AUE150HT – has a humidity sensor and a timer, Airflow 9041353;
    the Aura-eco AUE150PR – with PIR and timer, Airflow 9041354;
    the Aura-eco AUE150T – with timer, Airflow 9041352;

Remember: It is very important to have a healthy indoor environment – a great plus to the wellbeing of the building and to our wellbeing as building occupants. There are so many dangers like condensation, mould, allergies, etc that can damage the air condition – the ventilation with fresh air provided by the Airflow Aura-Eco 150 is one of the most effective means to reduce these dangers.

As for the aspect / looks of the Aura AUE150 range, these extractor fans are slim, attractively styled, compact, easy to wipe clean, and ducted over short lengths. Alongside with the other Aura-Eco extractor fans from Airflow, this range is part of the ideal solution for removing the damp moist air, the airborne pollutants, and the odours from the toilets and bathrooms. You can also use the Aura-Eco AUE150 in the kitchen: if it is fitted adjacent to the cooker hood. And, don’t forget – this is an excellent energy saving ventilation fan for every home, decor, and budget! It may very well be what you need for your home!

New bathroom fan kits: the Airflow Aura in-line axial fan AUSHWTKT kit with timer, Airflow 9041419

The Airflow Aura fans are a competitive range of wall mounted fans ideal for toilets and small bathrooms. The Airflow AUSHWTKT in particular is an Aura in-line shower fan (Product Reference Airflow 9041419). The Airflow AUSHWTKT is a highly reliable and powerful low energy in-line axial fan in a modular design for ease of installation & maintenance. This Aura In-line shower kit with adjustable timer is designed to provide extraction levels that comply with the latest Building Regulations ADF. The fan is manually operated by basic switching (switch not supplied) with adjustable timer overrun and fits in-line with flexible ducting for a quiet and discreet installation. Supplied with installation kit – the Aura bathroom in-line fan kit.

The entire Aura range of Airflow fans are slim, compact, attractively styled, easy to wipe clean and ducted over short lengths.

The Aura In-Line Axial Bathroom Fan Kit Features

  • This model was designed for ventilation of small and medium size rooms;
  • You can use the Aura AUSHWTKT fan for both air supply and air extraction;
  • Powerful 100mm in-line axial fan for shower rooms;
  • Powerful ventilation up to 108m3/hr;
  • Quiet fan: Compact and quiet in operation;
  • Optional fastening bracket;
  • Power supply: 230 volt/1ph/50 Hz;
  • CE, IPX4 rating and double insulated;
  • Complies with the Building Regulations;
  • Ductable up to 3m: cable ties and 3m flexible ducting included;
  • Application: ideal fan kit for remote extraction from toilets, en-suites and bathrooms;
  • Adjustable timer included;
  • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty;
  • Manufacturer: Airflow, model: Aura AUSHWTKT, Airflow 9041419;
  • More technical specs and details(pdf file, Airflow 9041419 kit);
  • Buy Online the Aura in-line axial fan kit with timer, Airflow AUSHWTKT.

What does the Aura AUSHWTKT bathroom axial in-line fan kit include?

  • The Aura Extractor fan: in-line eco friendly extractor fan with timer;
  • Ducting: 3m flexible ducting;
  • Accessories: Chrome and White Halogen lamp & grilles;
  • Cables: Four duct cable ties;
  • Grille: White external grille.

Please note: the Airflow fans exceed the requirements of the latest building regulations helping to combat the harmful effects of dampness and condensation and by extracting airborne pollutants such as odours, cooking smells, humid and stale air. The potential hazards to health for occupants and possible damage to the fabric of the building can be largely eliminated. This particular model, the Aura in-line Axial Fan kit with timer AUSHWTKT, is an ideal solution for remote extraction of the stale air / odours from toilets, en-suites, and bathrooms. Buy it online at SparksDirect – Airflow Extractor Fans.

an amazingly quiet extractor fan, the Airflow Quietair range of Silent Bathroom Extractor Fans

We have previously introduced the Airflow QuietAir range as the Most Quiet Extractor Fan for domestic use, or the QuietAir Whisper Quiet Ventilation fan, and this is true:  The Airflow QuietAir range of domestic extractor fans are “virtually silent” and they also use a small amount of energy(energy saving silent extractor fans range). Unlike most of other bathroom/toilet stale air extractor fans which are wired to the light circuit so that they are activated when someone turns the light on, the QuietAir Eco Start technology “delays” the activation of the fan for at least 2 minutes after detecting the occupation of the room(for reducing the consumption of energy especially during the night visits to the bathroom). You will also notice that when the Airflow QuietAir fan is on, the electricity meter will not indicate a high power consumption – it uses only 5W, much more efficient than most of the other similar extractor fans. Not only energy saving – but the design is also very stylish, with a discreet, unobtrusive, clip on, wipe clean cover that blends harmoniously with existing decor in your home/office.

As for the Airflow QuietAir fan life – this fan will last for up to 40.000 hours – since this range uses a ball bearing motor, it has an extended fan life.  And if you need a reliable extractor fan(for the long run) with a low level maintenance, the QuietAir range is what you need(the whole life costs are very reduced, making this fan ideal for both social housing and home installations). Since neither having an inadequate ventilation nor an over-ventilating a room / the bathroom / the toilet helps prevent the extracting of the stale air, the removing of the moisture, or the prevention of the condensation, the Airflow QuietAir fans have the two-speed mode feature. You can choose whether to have an air flow rate of 75 m3/hr or 90 m3/hr – at the installation – making the fan able to meet the need of extracting air either in larger washrooms or smaller(comparatively) bathrooms. Actually, there are several models / options you can have in this range:

Standing out from most other axial extractor fans, the QuietAir fans also incorporate a new, high efficiency impeller specially designed to work in combination with the aerodynamic flow straighter supplied to provide greater pressure development than other similar axial extractor fans. This allows the Airflow QuietAir range to deliver up to 60 m3 per hour (16.6 l/sec) against 31 Pascals pressure through longer lengths of 100mm diameter rigid ducting including 90O bends, while maintaining the minimum installed performance quoted in the Building Regulations, Approved Document F.

Besides the air-extracting function, the silent QuietAir fans also include the Room Refresh function – ideal for the rooms that are not used regularly. By using the Interval Timer, you can activate the fan for the duration of the time setting(every 4, 8, 12 or 24 hours). Some of the locations that benefit from this function are the student accomodations, the public washrooms, the internal bathrooms(in sheltered housing and care homes), the hotel rooms, etc. This function of planned ventilation in the room especially helps with reducing the dampness, the extracting the odours/stale air and mustiness, and maintain a refreshed & healthier atmosphere in that specific room.

Since these extractor fans are designed to be used in the wet zones in the bathrooms, en-suites or even shower rooms, the electronics wihin the Aiflow QuietAir are fully isolated and the extractor fan is IP45 protected(also protected by an MCB in accordance with the latest IEE wiring regulations). If you want more from your fan, you can choose either the Basic Switching Model or the version with Adjustable Timer, the Humidity and Timer option, or the Motion sensing with Timer – all these come with wall kits and complementary accessories. And to help you close the deal and choose the Airflow QuietAir range, you have a 3 year warranty on all the QuietAir range of extractor fans – for at least a three year insurance that you will have an ultra energy efficient ventilation!

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