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How to: Clean Your Bathroom Extractor Fan to Ensure Quiet and Efficient Running

Extractor fans at Sparks Direct

Extractor fans at Sparks Direct

Listen: your bathroom extractor fan is dirty. Really dirty. Okay, we don’t know that, we have no way of knowing that, but it’s an educated guess. Extractor fans in the bathroom get very dusty, and if they’re not maintained regularly they just blow dirty air around.

Cleaning the fan is a quick and easy task that reduces odours by up to 80% (no, we don’t know how that was measured either), and clearing the mould and mildew that builds up cuts down on the energy consumption of the device.

And if you’ve splashed out on an especially quiet model, all that build-up puts strain on the motor and makes it louder, effectively nullifying that sound investment.

Cleaning the Fan – You need:

  1. Screwdriver to take off the cover, if you have one
  2. A bucket full of soapy water
  3. Something to clean it with, like a sponge or rag
  4. A dry dish towel
  5. A duster
  6. Window cleaning fluid
  7. Cotton buds for the finicky parts
  8. Newspaper on the floor, to catch the stray bits of dust
  9. A step ladder, if your fan is installed in the ceiling
  10. A shower cap to keep your hair clean during the whole process

How To Clean the Bathroom Fan

  1. Take off the fan cover and soak it in the soapy water
  2. Remove the fan blade and wipe it with the window cleaning fluid on both sides
  3. With a damp cloth, wipe away any build-up or debris
  4. Locate the motor and clear debris away from it with the cotton buds
  5. Put the extractor fan back together and enjoy the results!

You’re done! That was quicker than you expected, right? To ensure the efficient running of the fan from now on, make sure it is cleaned regularly.

Another good tip is to leave the fan running for 10-15 minutes after a shower to clear the area of contaminants. The Timer Module helps you with this – you can adjust the time you want the fan to still be on after one leaves the bathroom.

Image credit: Sinead Fenton on Flickr (Creative Commons)

innovation with style – the new Envirovent Silent 100 Design bathroom fans

The interior designs have influenced the way we choose items for the home from wallpaper to practical electrical appliances.  From cooker hoods to shower curtains, current trends have an effect on what we buy and even in a recession consumers still want to furnish and enhance their homes. For the style conscious certain appliances, such as extractor fans, still provide a challenge.

innovation with style - the new Envirovent Silent 100 bathroom extractor fans; application of the EnviroVent Silent 100 Design bathroom fan

Extractor fans are a necessary part of modern day life. As we construct or refurbish our homes in-line with stringent building regulations to become more energy efficient by adding measures such as cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and double glazing, we effectively  ‘seal –up’ our homes and by doing so create poor ventilation, which can lead to condensation and mould problems. Conventional extractor fans are not ‘fashion friendly’ and for a number of people this is not a problem. However, the consumer who has just spent a small fortune on a fabulous bathroom with a trendy walk-in shower will require something extra special that is pleasing on the eye. EnviroVent have the perfect solution – the stylish SILENT 100 Design.

The SILENT 100 Design is a new range of domestic axial fans suitable for utility rooms and bathrooms available in two colours, white or silver, complete with four smart interchangeable front panel trims in four evocative shades.  By incorporating whisper-quiet silent technology, the presence of the SILENT 100 Design fan promises never to ruin the ambiance of the room it has been installed in.

Innovative Silence – the SILENT 100 Design

The SILENT 100 Design is the result of extensive and scrupulous development by EnviroVent’s R&D team, who have patented a refreshing new concept by developing an extractor fan that is designed to extract the maximum airflow with the minimum noise possible. This is achieved by motors mounted on silent elastic blocks; the elastic blocks absorb the vibrations from the motor and prevent the noise being transmitted into the area where the extract fan is installed. This not only significantly reduces the noise from the extractor fan, but also any noise from the surface that supports the fan.

The SILENT 100 Design has been tested for noise and vibration by ENAC/ILAC, an independent research centre in Europe. Here, a benchmark study was carried out on the market’s most popular domestic axial extract fans to test their acoustic benefits against the patented ‘silent’ technology of the SILENT Range.   Each appliance went through sound power level testing using sound pressure. At the time of testing the results showed that out of all the axial fans tested, the most popular ‘quietest’ model on the market emitted twice the noise level of the equivalent SILENT model.

Continue reading this article via, The New SILENT 100 Design – Innovation with style (on the Envirovent website and the Electrical Wholesaler News). Taken with permission from their website, this article introduces some of the benefits and features of the SILENT 100 Design range of bathroom extractor fans. Read more about these fans via preventing the condensation problems, the SILENT 100 design bathroom fan, or at the Heating and Ventilation articles.

prevent the condensation problems by having proper ventilation in your house!

prevent the condensation problems by having proper ventilation in your house!Why do you need a proper ventilation in your home? One of the many things going on in the home is the condensation. What is condensation? Condensation forms on a surface when the temperature of that surface is below the dew point of the surrounding air. In general, condensation forms on the window, on the walls, on surfaces which have differing temperatures on their sides, etc.

As the air is cooled, its relative humidity rises until it reaches a point where it is saturated – and can no longer hold on to all the moisture in the atmosphere. The temperature at which this occurs is the dew point and it will vary according to the initial moisture content in the air. When the temperature drops in an occupied property, the air can no longer hold onto all the moisture that has been generated so it will migrate to the coldest parts of the house and condense onto the windows and walls.

prevent any wall or window condensation by having a proper ventilation in your house!

Recently we added the Silent 100 Design range of quiet bathroom / toilet extractor fans on our website. This range of 100mm domestic axial extractor fans is ideal for wall or ceiling installations, and it is designed to solve ventilation problems in utility rooms and bathrooms. Fitted with motors mounted on silent elastic blocks, the fans deliver incredibly silent running and exceptional performance with stylish features. They come in either White or Silver finish.

The SILENT 100 Design is an innovative domestic axial extract fan designed to offer a low level of noise supplied in a 230V format suitable for small rooms and bathrooms. The fan is fitted with a neon light, backdraught shutter and airflow guide vanes as standard. The fans are supplied with four coloured interchangeable front panel trims.

Applications: the SILENT 100 Design can be wall or ceiling mounted to meet the Building Regulations – Part F (England), Scottish Building Regulations

The Silent 100 Design bathroom fans – Features

  • Sealed for life ball bearings
  • Silent elastic blocks
  • Numerous quality features
  • IP45 rated axial fan
  • Backdraught shutter and airflow guide vanes as standard
  • Standard Thermal Overload Protection (S.T.O.P)
  • Available in white or silver
  • Five year guarantee
  • Elegant design
  • Incredibly silent running
  • High performance
  • Significant energy savings
  • Complies with building regulations
  • Models: EnviroVent 100T (with timer), and the Silent 100 Design range of white bathroom fan and silver bathroom fan.

[Note. This article was inspired from, The Condensation problems, article via, Home Ventilation.]

New: Airflow QuietAir QT120 Ventilation Fan, Low Energy 5 inch Fan for kitchen, toilet, en-suite, etc

New: Airflow QuietAir QT120 Axial Fan, Low Energy 5 inch Extractor Fan for toilet and bathroomThe Airflow QuietAir is definitely the quietest and most energy saving extractor fans for bathrooms – and now Airflow came out with the 5 inch version of this popular extractor fan. The powerful performance Airflow QuietAir QT120 range of extractor fan is designed to provide extraction levels that exceed the requirements of the latest building regulations Approved Document F.  The Airflow QuietAir QT120 is a range of elegant, discreet axial fans that are supremely quiet with Eco start versions that activate only when they are really needed.

By using exceptionally low energy, the QuietAir QT120 range helps you to reduce carbon emissions but also save on your electricity bill.  This range of fans is operated by a remote switch (light switch, door switch etc). Of course, there are other options available including the timer, the humidity and motion sensor with timer(see the models available in the list below).

The Airflow QuietAir QT120 range – Main Features

  • The Airflow QuietAir QT120 is a range of fans combining contemporary design with ultra low noise levels and outstanding energy efficiency;
  • It has a high efficiency impeller for ducted installation up to 12m long with up to 10x 90º bends;
  • It has an integral flow straightener and back draught flap;
  • The two speed fan is selectable on installation;
  • The second speed may be used independently;
  • This Airflow QuietAir fan has a wipe clean clip on cover for ease of cleaning;
  • The fan complies with the latest Building Regulations Approved Document F;
  • Note: This range is composed of stylish and efficient fan so quiet that you can hear a pin drop!
  • Ideal Application: This range of QuietAir QT120 fans is ideal for use in toilets, en-suites, bathrooms, small rooms, utility rooms and kitchens (adjacent to hob)

The Airflow QuietAir QT120 five inch quiet extractor fans – Technical Specs

Video of the Airflow iCON range of extractor fans for bathrooms, en-suite, kitchen, and utility rooms

The Airflow iCON range of interior extractor fans, a very slick range of ventilation fans for bathrooms, utility rooms, en-suites, or kitches, has been extensively introduced via our Heating and Ventilation Articles. This range is truly a very quiet and stylish range of extractor fans. To know more about this range, enjoy the following promo video made by Airflow – and visit the Ventilation Solutions – Airflow Ventilation fans to find out more about these fans + purchase them online.

The Airflow iCON extractor fans for bathroom, en-suite, kitchen, etc

Do you want to find out more about the Airflow iCON range of stylish quiet air extractor fans for interior? Check out the articles below or visit the Airflow Fans section on our website.

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