Junction Boxes and Connectors

Mains connectors and junction boxes for indoor use as well as outdoor: many of the junction boxes in our store are resilient and IP-rated against weather. These items are suitable for all domestic applications.




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White single bench box 91 X 81 X 81 mm
Product code: BS1W
£11.50 Ex. VAT
CAT5 8 Terminals IDC Joining Box, Cat5 junction box
Product code: CAT5JB
£2.56 Ex. VAT
1 in 3 out flow Hub Junction Box, Click 250V 20A 4 Pin
Product code: CHOCHUB
£19.14 Ex. VAT
3 Way 30AMP 89MM Dia Junction Box ~ Finish: White
Product code: 603WB
as low as £1.27 Ex. VAT
4 Way 20AMP 57MM Dia Junction Box
Product code: 491B
as low as £0.75 Ex. VAT
4 Way 20AMP 80MM Dia Junction Box ~ Finish: White
Product code: 604WB
as low as £1.12 Ex. VAT
6 Way 20AMP 89MM Dia Junction Box ~ Finish: Brown
Product code: 606B
as low as £1.88 Ex. VAT
3 Way 60AMP Junction Box - Heavy Duty
Product code: JB60
£4.71 Ex. VAT
Loop-in, Loop-out Junction Box Accessory
Product code: JB001
£1.50 Ex. VAT
IP66 Junction Box Black
Product code: LOB3218
£5.20 Ex. VAT
Eureka 3 way connection box SCC30A, yellow connection unit
Product code: CONBOXE
£0.80 Ex. VAT
Male / Female lighting connector, 16A plug-in flow connector
Product code: CONBOXC
as low as £1.75 Ex. VAT
10 Way Connection Box
Product code: CHJB
as low as £4.54 Ex. VAT
17th Edition Downlighter Junction Box Ashley 20A  loop in and loop out
Product code: J501
as low as £1.75 Ex. VAT
Back Plate, 1/2
Product code: BP
£0.55 Ex. VAT
20 Pair Connection Box, DP20PCB Connection Box
Product code: TELJB2
£19.99 Ex. VAT
2G Box 20mm knockout, PVC Box 2 Gang 32mm Through 20mm K.O.
Product code: 2183
as low as £1.99 Ex. VAT

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