Wireless Intruder Alarms

A wireless intruder alarm system can be professionally installed with a minimum of fuss and disruption to you and your home. Once installed, a main control panel connects to a series of detection modules that triggers the alarm under certain conditions.




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Infinite Prime INF-WES Wireless External Siren
Product code: INFWES
£69.61 Ex. VAT
Infinite Prime INF-PIR Wireless PIR, Wireless Motion Detector
Product code: INFPIR
£36.38 Ex. VAT
Infinite Prime INFP-SHOCK PRIME Wireless Shock Sensor
Product code: INFPSHO
£27.66 Ex. VAT
Infinite Prime INF-MFB Wireless Multifunction Keyfob
Product code: INFMFB
£26.25 Ex. VAT
Infinite Prime INF-GLASS Wireless Glass Break Detector
Product code: INFGLASS
£63.91 Ex. VAT
Infinite Prime INF-Flood Wireless Flood Detector
Product code: INFFLOOD
£33.75 Ex. VAT
Infinite Prime INFP-LCDRKP Remote KeyPad
Product code: INFPLCDR
£46.13 Ex. VAT
Infinite Prime INF-PANIC Wireless Panic Pendant
Product code: INFPANIC
£21.00 Ex. VAT
Infinite Prime INF-GAS Wireless Gas Detector
Product code: INFGAS
£68.89 Ex. VAT
Infinite Prime Smoke Detector, Wireless Smoke Alarm
Product code: INFSMOKE
£48.98 Ex. VAT
Prime Wireless Alarms Complete Kit with GSM Module, WES Sounder, and 3 Pet PIRs
Product code: INFPKITW
£505.00 £335.99 Ex. VAT
Replacement Battery for the Infinite Prime PIR
Product code: INFBAT
£5.88 Ex. VAT
Infinite Prime External Motion Detector, Wireless PIR detector
Product code: INFPIREX
£51.56 Ex. VAT
Infinte Prime Wireless Remote Keypad, LCD wired remote keypad
Product code: INFRKP
£38.91 Ex. VAT

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