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1 Gang Master LED Dimmer 100W max Module Satin Nickel Collar for Multiway Dimming Forbes and Lomax

Model No. MWMASTER/SN by: Forbes and Lomax
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This is the MWMASTER/SN, a 1 Gang Master LED Dimmer Module Satin Nickel Collar for Multiway Dimming Forbes and Lomax. It comes with a satin nickel collar and is suitable for multiway dimming, taking up to 2 COMPANION LED dimmer from Forbes and Lomax. The finish can be used for the NIC (polished nickel) and SS (Stainless Steel) plates - the dimmer flat plate needs to be ordered separately. 

Note: the picture is for reference only; this is only the LED dimmer module with a satin nickel collar (no dimmer knob or plate included).

This is part of the Forbes and Lomax Multiway Dimmer system. It allows you to dim a circuit of LED lights from up to three location in the home, without the need for external packs. The Forbes and Lomax Multiway Switches can be retrofitted with ease. 

How does it work?

If you wish to dim the LED lights from more than one location, you can now do it with Forbes and Lomax Multiway dimmer switch. Simply order the wall plate (from 1GDIM to 6GDIM, in the finish you require), and order the MWMASTER dimmer module together with up to 2 COMPANION LED dimmer modules. 

How to Order

For the Multiway Dimmer Switch, you need to select a dimmer plate assembly + the required modules.

  1. Choose the dimmer plate assembly in the desired finish. The plate comes with the grid, plate, and knob/s.
  2. Choose the dimmer module/s you require. You can have 1 master dimmer + up to 2 companion modules. The Master Dimmer is MWMASTER (and select the desired finish) and the companion dimmer is COMPANION (and select the desired finish). 

How does the Master/companion dimmer finish match the existing Forbes and Lomax finishes?

For the Master and Companion LED dimmers for multiway dimming, Forbes and Lomax has only three finishes: Brass (/U), Bronze (/AB) and Satin Nickel (/SN). This means that the inner collar of the dimmer module can either be in Brass (to match the OLB, PB, and QBB finishes), Bronze (to match the AB and VBR finishes), and Satin Nickel (to match the NIC and SS finishes). 

1 Gang Master LED Dimmer Module Satin Nickel Collar - Specs

  • It is a Varilight V-Pro Smart Intelligent programmable rotary control LED dimmer switch.
  • Finish: it comes with a Satin Nickel collar
  • Max. load: 1-10 dimmable LED lamps, max. 100W
  • Not suitable for non-dimmable fluorescent bulbs and tubes, wire-wound or toroidal transformers, and electric motors
  • Overload protection.
  • The V-Pro Smart system can be used to operate the same lights from up to 3 switch locations.

1-way, 2-way, and 3-way Circuits - Varilight Instructions

In 1-way lighting circuits, where the light(s) are controlled from 1 position only a V-Pro Smart dimmer is required. [See Figure 1 in the images of this product] 

N.B. It is not possible to use standard light switches to control V-Pro Smart dimmers from a second or third location. Use either V-Pro Smart Companion Controllers or Retractive/Momentary Switches as described below. 

For 2 or 3-way circuits (where the light(s) are controlled from 2 or 3 locations) you can use one V-Pro Smart dimmer along with 1 or 2 V-Pro Smart Companion Controllers for rotary dimming from each position. 

Please note that the total cable length from the dimmer to the last Companion Controller should be no more than 50m. No more than 2 Companion Controllers should be used with each dimmer. 

[See Figures 2, 3 & 4 in the images of this product] 

For 2 or 3-way circuits (where the light(s) are controlled from 2 or 3 positions) there are also other options for secondary control. Instead of a Companion Controller, you can also use one of the following types of switch with as a V-Pro Smart dimmer: 

1. Retractive Switches (Push-to-Make) 

A quick press switches the light off or on at its last brightness. A long press makes the lights gently cycle up and down. If you stop pressing when the lights are dimming then the next long press will initially make the lights go brighter. Or if you stop pressing when the lights are brightening then the next long press will initially make the lights go dimmer. 

2. Momentary Switches (Push-to-Make) 

Same behaviour as Retractive Switches above. 

For Retractive and Momentary Switches, follow the same wiring as for 1-way circuits with two wires linking to each Retractive or Momentary Switch using the “LOAD” terminal and the “S-LINK” terminal. These two wires can connect either way round to the COM and L1 terminals on the Retractive Switch. 

[See Figure 5 in the images of this product] 

N.B. The dimmer will automatically sense which type of switch is being used for secondary control and adjust accordingly. If a secondary controller is replaced by a different type of switch a factory reset will be required so that the dimmer can make the necessary adjustments to its internal program.
Switches & Sockets Specific
Amp 16
Back Box Depth 35mm
Brand Forbes and Lomax
Finish Satin Nickel
Gang 1
Insert No Insert
Plate Metal
Style Grid Module
Type LED Dimmer

Note: Some images and pictures are for reference only. The item may differ from the image/picture due to manufacturer's change. Should you require the exact item in the picture, please call or email us to enquire.

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