12 way enhanced satellite Multiswitch, Labgear aerial amplifier

Model No. MS512E
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The Labgear MS512E is a twelve way aerial amplifier multiswitch with multi inputs. It is designed to connect up to 4 satellite LNB inputs and 1 UHF TV input to up to 12 satellite receivers. So basically it has four satellite dish inputs, one ordinary VHF input and twelve outputs. The Labgear MS512E is something of a specialist tool and is aimed at professional installers and competent amateurs.
The Labgear MS512E combines satellite signals on to one down cable, and then feeds up to 12 other viewing locations (satellite receivers) around the building with AV signals.
The Labgear MS512E has adjustable gain on each input so that you can balance satellite and TV reception. The unit contains an integrated high gain amplifier which is there to compensate for insertion loss and boosts the signal for the best possible sound and picture quality. All the inputs are completely isolated from each other top prevent signal bleed.
If you need F-Plugs, coaxial plugs, crimping tools or other installation accessories please see our Coaxial Accessories section.

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency response: 47 - 2150MHz
  • Output ports: 12
  • Insertion loss (Terrestrial 47 - 862MHz): -5dB
  • Insertion loss (Satellite 950 - 2150MHz): -5dB
  • Attenuation (Terrestrial 47 - 862MHz): 20dB
  • Attenuation (Satellite 950- 2150MHz): 15dB
  • Isolation (Terrestrial to satellite): 22dB
  • Isolation (Satellite to terrestrial): 22dB
  • Isolation (Cross polar H/V): 25dB
  • Isolation (OUT-OUT 47 - 862MHz): 28dB; Isolation (OUT-OUT 950 - 2150MHz): 35dB
  • Input return loss (Terrestrial 47 - 862MHz): 11dB
  • Input return loss (Satellite 950 - 2150MHz): 11dB
  • Output level (satellite (35dB/IMA, /EN50083-3)): 100dBuV
  • Output level (Terrestrial(60dB/IMA, /EN50083-3)): 85dBuV
  • Switching commands: 13V, 18V, 13V/22kHz, 18V/22kHz
  • Switching voltage: 15 +/- 0.5V
  • LNB power supply: 600mA max.
  • Power supply linear: 240VAC, 50Hz
  • Guarantee: One year manufacturer's guarantee.


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