2000W Black Wall-mounted PIR with 270 degrees x 10m Detection Area with Time and Lux Adjustment

Model No. BB3027
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This is a 270 degrees PIR with a 10metres coverage range, mains voltage PIR with approx. 2KW.

2000W Black Wall-mounted PIR - Adjustments

  • Time dial (time adjustment): this dial controls how long the light will remain ON once activated; it will operate from 5 seconds to 7 minutes approx. Turning the dial fully clockwise will set the unit to its longest time setting, and fully anti-clockwise will set it at its shortest setting. 
  • Daylight adjustment dial (LUX adjustment): this dial sets the flood light to be activated at different light levels. To set the light to activate only after dark, wait until dusk and turn the dial completely anti-clockwise. Slowly turn the dial clockwise until the light comes on. The light will now activate at the set light level. 
  • Range adjustment: this PIR sensor is situated on a moveable joint; the sensor can be adjusted by moving the PIR both vertically or horizontally. This is adjustable 90 degrees to the horizontal. 

2kW PIR for Wall Mounting - Specs

  • It can be installed on a flat wall or a 90 degrees corner. 
  • It can be connected to a lighting circuit protected by a 5A fuse/6A RCD
  • For best results, it is recommended to install the PIR on a solid surface
  • Ideal siting: 1.8 - 2 metres above the ground. It has a 10 meter coverage
  • PIR adjustment: on the base of the PIR there are 2 dials (Time and Lux)
  • The PIR operates from 5 seconds to 7 mins approx.
  • The PIR sensor is situated on a moveable joint.
  • The sensor range can be adjusted by moving the PIR both vertically and horizontally
  • Manual override: switch to MANUAL (the light will remain ON)
  • Detection method: Passive Infrared Sensor
  • Sensor range: 10m x 270 degree spread (approx)
  • Time adjustment: 5 sec - 7 mins (approx)
  • Load rating: 2000 Watts max


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