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24W IP66 Tough-Shell+ White LED Bulkhead 3hr Emergency 4000K 2400lm IK10 350mm Diam for Wall/Ceiling

Model No. LBH24WE by: Integral LED
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This is the Integral LED ILBHA038 Tough-Shell+ Bulkhead (White) IP66 24W 4000K 2400lm IK10 with a back-lit LED design that provides a 120 degrees beam angle with an even light distribution. This particular model has an integrated emergency function which switches automatically between power failure and power restoration lasting for 3 hours in emergency mode at 3W max.

This LED bulkhead with a tough shell construction is suitable both for interior and exterior lighting; it is engineered from a super-tough IP10 rated polycarbonate body, and it is ideal for outdoor lighting at home, industrial estates, and car parks. You can also install this fitting inside the house on the wall or the ceiling in hallways, stairways, and even in the bathroom (it is suitable for zones 1, 2, and 3). It has a long life expectancy of 35.000h based on a normal usage, and it comes complete with the installation guide.

This luminaire is rated IP66 – suitable for outdoor and indoor areas including external amenity lighting, car parks, bathrooms (Zone 1, 2, 3 area), hallways, stairways, corridors, and etc. Not suitable for water immersion. Do NOT cover the light source. To avoid damage; do NOT lift, carry or let the luminaire hang by any part of wiring. 

The white IP66 Tough Shell White LED Bulkhead, manufactured by Integral LED (model ILBHA037), is an integrated 24W bulkhead light. It has a back-lit LED design that offers a 4000K cool white light with a 120 degree beam angle, perfect for your home’s exterior or interior space. This model spreads its vibrant light evenly and it is ideal for usage on external walls of homes, with side and rear cable entries for extra convenience.

The luminaire is applicable for both indoor and outdoor installation and is engineered from a toughened IK10 rated polycarbonate body complete with an optic diffuser. The high IP66 rating and strong construction of this model makes it suitable for all types of environments (bathroom zones 1-3), both domestic and commercial. It will fit conveniently on the ceiling, on the wall or ceiling on stairway, and even in the bathroom. With an impressive running life of 35,000 hours (based on normal usage), this nifty bulkhead will deliver a strong 2500 lumens of light with barely any need for maintenance required. 

IP66 24W LED Bulkhead with 3h Emergency - Features

  • Range Name: Tough-Shell+
  • Product Type: Bulkheads-Ceiling-Wall Lights
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • CE / RoHS: Yes
  • Product Finish: Matt white
  • Optic: Polycarbonate diffuser
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Construction: Polycarbonate casing and diffuser
  • Depth: 103mm
  • Diameter: 350mm
  • Weight (Unpackaged Single Unit): 1490g
  • Lamp or Luminaire Shape: Round
  • Luminaire Fixing: Ceiling, Wall
  • Voltage Range: 220-240V
  • Power Consumption: 24.0 Watts
  • Driver included: Yes
  • Electric Current: AC
  • Ampage: 350.00mA
  • Frequency Range: 50/60 Hz
  • Power Factor: >=0.70
  • Dimming: Non-dimmable
  • Emergency Battery Life: 3hrs
  • Battery Configuration: Ni-Cd 1500mAh
  • LVD Certified: Yes
  • EN: EN-60598
  • Lumens: 2,400lm
  • Lumens in Emergency Mode: 220lm
  • Lumens per Watt: 100.0lm/W
  • Beam Angle: 120º
  • Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT): 4,000k
  • Colour Temperature: Cool White
  • Colour Rendering Index (CRI): >=80
  • LED Type: Surface mounted device (SMD)
  • Instant on - Less than 1 second: Yes
  • Lifetime: 35,000 hrs
  • Switching Cycles: >17,500 X
  • Lowest Operating Temperature: -20 degrees
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 45 degrees
  • IK (Impact Protection) Rating: 10
  • IP (Ingress Protection) Rating: IP66
  • Hg 0% (Mercury Free): Yes
Lights Specific
Base LED integrated
Colour White
Dimmable No
Electrical Rating Class 1 - Earthed fitting
Energy Type Mains Voltage 240V
Fire Rating F Marked
IP Rating IP66
Lamp Style Modern
Lamp Type LED Light
Light Color 4000K
Lumens 2400lm
Number of Lamps 1
Projection 103
Rooms Bathroom, Indoor, Outdoor
Tasks Wall / Ceiling
Total Wattage 24W
Wattage 24
Zone Rating 1, 2, and 3
Range LED Bulkhead
Cutout not applicable

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Methods of Vandal Proofing: Tough Construction, Extreme Protection

The Vandals were, originally, an ancient Germanic tribe responsible for the sack of Rome in 455. Modern thought suggests that the Vandals might not have been all that destructive after all, or at least no more so than other invasion forces at the time - but the name remains in our vocabulary. Modern vandals are those people who would destroy or spoil living spaces, so in many cases, manufacturers have risen to the challenge and attempted to make vandal-proof fittings. The technology within gets better and better, but the general principles tend not to change. Vandal Proofing Strong, shatterproof materials are often used in vandal-proofing - polycarbonates are in particular rife. These materials are easily worked, molded and thermoformed to the purpose, used both as body and diffuser in light fittings. This is a recent technology, and the chemical compounds tend to be trademarked. Elsewhere, tough metal construction is in favor, die-cast aluminum especially. The injection-molding process that makes these materials casts incredible tensile strength so whatever it is that's made with diecast aluminum can't be broken easily. It also has the aesthetic side-outcome of a particularly smooth finish. This is all well and good for fittings that can be torn and pulled apart, but what about the walls a luminaire sits on, or the surface-mounted door entry buzzer? Either the mounting bracket will be especially strong, or it will be flush mounted. ATMs are constructed so that they cannot easily be removed from the wall; vandal-resistant entry systems like ESP's offering follow this principle. Whether or not a small-V vandal can get their fingers around it, thick housing is in effect, and often an impact guard will be present too, like these strong bulkhead lights. Where are Vandal-Proof Fittings Used? Generally, these items are intended for "public service," that is, they are intended to be in the eye line of the general public and so appealing to vandals who are generally bored teenagers and disgruntled adults. Security cameras are probably the electrical items best suited for vandal-proofing, for fairly obvious reasons. But there are also light fittings for public spaces, usually outdoors for car parks and so on, but also for schools and parks. There aren't a great many vandal-proof items in our store, but there are more than enough to suit the needs of the everyday contractor. Should we offer more? Your opinions are more than welcomed in the comments. Header image by nolifebeforecoffee (Creative Commons)

Guide to Choosing the LED Light Colour Temperature You Need

We used to rely on trusty halogen lamps or classical incandescent lamps, but their time is over; we now need to choose the light colour temperature that we need for our LED lamps. The GU10 halogen lamps and the E27 or E14 incandescent bulbs used to be quite simple to use and replace, and their price has gone down after a while. But we are now in a new age, the age of energy saving, the age in which we use LED lamps to save not just on the electricity bill but also save the planet. However, the LED lamps do not all offer the same light colour: they now can be programmed or set to offer a particular kind of colour in a chart of light colour temperature. What are the Light Colour Temperatures for LED Lamps?If you want to change your old halogen or incandescent lamp and wanted to get a like-for-like replacement, you may be surprised to find out that such lamps are no longer for sale. What you will discover, however, is that there are energy-saving alternatives to these high-energy-consumption bulbs. There is a LED lamp that can replace the GU10 halogen lamp, and there's an E14 (small Edison Screw) and E27 (large Edison Screw) LED lamp to replace the incandescent lamps. But this time you need to choose both the light colour temperature and the wattage. Here are the most popular light colour temperatures for LED lamps:Warm white light: from 2000K to 3000KNeutral white light: from 4000K to 4500KDaylight white: 6000K - 6500KThe Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) is measured in degrees Kelvin - from 1000K to 10.000K. The lower the Kelvin temperature is, the warmer the light is, and the higher number of Kelvins, the brighter/whiter it is. For example, the candle lamp from 10 years ago offered a colour temperature of approx. 2000K, a halogen lamp would offer either 3000K (when it was yellowish) or 4000K (when it was blueish), and the sunlight offers approx. 6000K light. The higher the colour temperature of a LED lamp, the whiter the light appears. Note: Philips calls warm white around 2700K, neutral white around 4000K, and cool white at 5000K or more. Also, via Wikipedia, we see an enriched version of the categorization of the different lighting colour temperatures. The question is, what is the light colour temperature you need for your lamp?LED Lamps Colour Temperatures and Where to Use ThemIt can be confusing where to use a cool white lamp and where to use daylight or a warm white lamp. This didn't use to be a problem, but now the home user and office worker alike are put in front of the dilemma of choosing the light colour temperature for the setting he's in.There's a variety of colour temperatures, and as the households and offices are switched to LED, the colour temperature has to be just right. We need to identify the correlated colour temperature (also called, CCT) of the existing light bulbs and find the LED alternative, the perfect replacement. Based on the room where you need to change the lamp, there are recommended correlated light colour temperatures for the LED lamps. Remember, the colour temperature of the lamps you use has an important impact on the way we feel and the functionality of the space we use and the activities we perform there. Where should we use Warm White LED Lamps?Warm white light refers to CCT of 2000K - 3000K, and it is more relaxing, calming, and inviting. It is recommended to use warm white LED lamps in locations such as the bedroom, the bathroomthe dining roomthe living room decorative lightinghospitality ambient lightingBuy the Montparnasse bronze pendantWherever we need to create a warm, inviting glow, we should use a warm white LED lamp. In the bedroom, for example, we should always use warm white light, because the cool white light can disrupt our circadian rhythm and can negatively affect the quality of our sleep. In the bathroom, similarly, when we use a warm white light, warmer tones are more flattering and relaxing. When it comes to the dining room lighting, it is recommended not only to use warm white lights but also dimmable lamps, so that you can adjust the lighting as appropriate. Similarly, in hospitality lighting and decorative lighting, warmer light colours are recommended. Light fittings that use warm white light are table lamps, floor lamps, pendants, chandeliers, and downlights. Cool White LED Lamps: where to use them and why?The cool white LED lamps, or the cool white colour temperature is recommended in settings where we need to stay alert and focused. At the office, for example, it is recommended to use cooler temperatures, since we need to focus on work and concentrate on the tasks at hand. Similarly, in the kitchen, we can use cool white light to help us stay awake while making breakfast or dinner.Buy IP66 Tough Shell LED bulkheads Sometimes even in the bathroom, you can use a cool white light to keep you alert in the morning. Some of the locations where cool white LED lamps are recommended are office/work environments, accent lightingbathroom lightingbasement lightingtask lighting garage lightingPlease bear in mind, however, that the correlated colour temperature you need depends on the task or activity to be performed, so if you need to stay more alert in the bathroom, then cool white light can be used, but if you just want a relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom, the warm white light is recommended. Here is an example of a cool white LED lamp and a cool white LED fitting.Daylight LED Light Bulbs and where to Use themThe daylight colour in LED lamps is >5000K, basically 6000K and 6500K. Such lamps emit colour similar to the sunlight, a colour that is not just yellowish (warm white) or blueish (cool white) but whiteish (daylight).Buy IP65 7W Firestay LED CCT downlight Locations, where daylight colour temperature can be used, are security lightinggarages lighting display areas - display lightingtask lighting. The LED flood lights used as security lighting outdoor can offer daylight CCT, shining a bright sun-like light to light the path or expose the intruders. Similarly, if you want to highlight a display or shed light in the garage, you can use daylight LED lamps. Such light is crisp and invigorating, and many task light fittings and security lights use it. They are the preferred light colour temperature in industrial and commercial settings and applications. ConclusionOne of the most common questions we have been asked at Sparks for the past few years, as we make the transition from halogen and incandescent lamps to LED lamps, is what colour temperature the LED lamps should be. As LED technology is developing, there are more and more options for the increasing number of settings, scenes, activities, and tasks. To find out more about what kind of colour temperature you need for your LED lamps, you can give us a call or contact us via email. Note: we now have CCT lamps where you can choose the LED colour temperature before installing it, and if you change your mind later, you can change it again. See these CCT lights here. 


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