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About the CP Electronics Timers: time lag switches, multi range timers, and DIN rail switches

  2010-05-07         admin         Product News » Lighting News
We have previously introduced the cheaper energy solutions (the PIR detectors and the time lag switches), the wall mounted no neutral presence detectors, some of the energy saving solutions(the time lag switches), saving more than money with the PIR presence detectors, reduce your energy consumption by using the PIR detectors, how the presence detectors and the absence detectors function, and the energy saving solutions(switching or dimming presence detectors). This time we would like to introduce the CP Electronics Timers - Time lag switches, multi range timers, and DIN rail switches provide accurate timed control for lighting, heating and ventilation(as introduced in their catalog online).

The CP Electronics Time lag switches

The Time Lag Switches are a quick and effective way to reduce energy consumption for lighting applications. Pressing the button or touch pad brings the lights on; the lights will then switch off automatically after a set period of time has elapsed. The CP Electronics range of time lag switches do not require a neutral connection, therefore they can easily replace an existing light switch. The duration of the time delay is set by a thumbwheel on the reverse of the unit. Typical applications are: hired sports areas including snooker tables and squash courts, auxiliary spaces such as garages and staircases. Key features include:
  • No neutral connection, replaces existing light switch;
  • Multi way switching (1 way, 2 way or intermediate switching);
  • High rating, switches fluorescent and incandescent loads;
  • Tamperproof, lights turn off even if button is wedged down;
  • Weatherproof option for external lighting control;
  • Up to 20min time delay.

Models available - CP Electronics Time Lag Switches

  • The ELLIPSE push button time lag switch - Direct replacement for an existing light switch, making it a quick and inexpensive unit to install. The large push button makes it an ideal replacement for mechanical or pneumatic time lag switches.
  • The ELLIPSE-TN push button time lag switch with neon indicator - Direct replacement for an existing light switch, with a neon indicator for locating the switch in the dark.
  • The KH1 push button time lag switch is a replacement for an existing light switch. The KH1N has a neon indicator to locate the switch in the dark.
  • The KH2 and KH2N touch sensitive time lag switches are suitable for areas where vandalism may occur. The KH3 and KH3N are weatherproof, touch activated time lag switches.

The CP Electronics Multi range timers

The CP Electronics Multi range timers are ideal for any application that requires an appliance to be switched on for a specific period of time. For example, to provide a 2 hour burst of heating or to run a fan on for 10 minutes. Available with different actuators, the multi range timers have the flexibility to be used in a wide variety of environments. The powerful relay output makes the timer suitable for the control of loads from fluorescent lighting up to a 3KW heating load. All the products have adjustable time ranges. The multi range timers have a selectable on/off mode which can be set at installation; in this mode pressing the actuator during timing turns the timer off. These products can be applied to outdoor heaters for bars and pubs, meeting rooms and community halls lighting and heating. Key features include:
  • Range of actuators suitable for variety of applications;
  • Adjustable time delay;
  • Mounts on BS switch box for easy fixing;
  • Weatherproof option suitable for external applications;
  • Voltage free contact versions suitable for BMS and control applications;
  • Neon indicator version allows product to be located in the dark.

Multi Range Dimmers - models available

  • The CP Electronics MRT16 Multi range push button timer with neon indicator options. This simple to use timer can be used for a wide range of applications, pushing the button activates the circuit and starts the timing period (this is easily adjustable and is set at installation to any time between 1 second and 2 hours).
  • The CP Electronics MRT16-TA is a touch activated timer.
  • The CP Electronics MRT16-WP and MRT16-WP/TN are touch activated weatherproof timers.
  • The CP Electronics MRT-REM-PRM is a remote activated timer in a contemporary style.
  • The CP Electronics MRT16-REM is a remote activated timer.

The CP Electronics DIN rail time switches

A range of CP Electronics DIN rail mounting digital time switches, which provide accurate timing sequences for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Applications include: Building Management Systems, Exterior lighting, car-park lighting, and occasional decorative lighting. Key features include:
  • LED indicator;
  • Clear LCD display;
  • 200 hours battery reserve;
  • Protective transparent cover;
  • Simple programming;
  • Suitable for new or retro-fit applications.

DIN Rail Time Switches - models available

  • The CP Electronics RBT2 is an electronic run back timer which provides effective control for a variety of loads. The unit allows an appliance to be powered for a set time period which can be adjusted by the user. A simple LED display indicates how much time is left to run, and its ‘Night Light’ feature illuminates all the LEDs when the unit is not in use to allow ease of location in the dark. Pressing and releasing the switch whilst the unit is in operation allows the user to cancel the timing. A memory function remembers the last timing selected.
  • The CP Electronics RBT1 is a high output, electronic run back timer.
To purchase the Time Lag Switches - the CP Electronics Timers, the above presented ranges - visit the Time Lag Switch Energy Saving / Management section on our website.