Aico Ei2110e Multi-Sensor Alarm with Optical and Heat Detector, Lithium Battery, and AudioLINK

Model No. EI2110E by: Aico.
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This is the Aico Professional Ei2110e multi-sensor fire alarm, a mains fire alarm with 10Yr Lithium Back-up and Easi-fit Base Alarm.

The new Aico Ei2110e multi-sensor alarm contains two sensor types: optical and heat; between the two of them, they are capable of detecting all fire types. It has AudioLINK incorporated and can be mounted with the RadioLINK+ module to be wirelessly interconnected to the other RadioLINK+ alarms in the house.

Aico Ei2110e Professional Multi-Sensor Alarm - Features

  • The Optical Sensor: The cylindrically shaped optical chamber has a bonded protective mesh that encapsulates the whole sensor to keep out potential contaminates such as dust and insects whilst still allowing the free flow of smoke.
  • The Heat Sensor: The Aico Ei2110e contains a new thermistor giving a faster alarm response when monitoring temperature rise and when the trigger temperature is reached.
  • When fire is detected, the Aico Ei2110e multi-sensor will use the sensor information to alter sensitivity and trigger points automatically, to provide the earliest response. This detector gives the best response to all fire types, and it reduces false alarms; therefore, it can be sited anywhere in a home that requires a smoke alarm. 
  • Self-monitoring Dust Compensation mechanism: it is incorporated into its software, allowing the alarm to tolerate up to twice as much dust contamination than a conventional optical alarm. This mechanism ensures best performance and best value, reducing any false alarms, maintenance costs, and number of unit replacements.
  • Design: The Ei2110e Multi-Sensor has a clean, sleek, slimline modern design making it less obtrusive into the room, whilst maintaining the same easi-fit footprint as other Ei easi-fit alarms – so is simple to upgrade from these with no re-decorating costs. The design lends itself to suiting the most modern properties and complements the latest Ei accessories such as the RadioLINK Alarm Controller, RadioLINK Fire/CO Alarm Interface and RadioLINK Carbon Monoxide Alarms.
  • Data extraction: The Ei2110e Multi-Sensor alarm contains AudioLINK technology, which allows you to extract real time data from the Alarm using its sounder directly to a smartphone or tablet via an App. The AudioLINK enabled Ei2110e Multi-Sensor alarms can be used as part of the property checks prior to change of tenants, to generate real time information (if a tenant reports an issue with the alarms), to keep a physical record of the alarm's history, and as an asset management tool. 
  • Aico Ei Professional EI2110E Fire Multi-Sensor Mains 10Yr, Lithium Back-up Easi-fit Base Alarm - the ultimate in smoke alarm specification.
  • How Ei2110e is Future Proof: besides being compatible with all the other Aico Alarms and accessories, with the RadioLINK+ module (needs to be ordered separately) you can add this alarm to the interconnected alarm system at home, making it more flexible. 

Aico AudioLINK technology - Features

  • Data can be extracted via a smartphone/tablet, this can be achieved on-site, with alarm in situ
  • Can save time for response as the contractors are on-site and able to gain access to real time facts
  • Data can be extracted again and again
  • Data is stored for the life of the alarm enabling historic information to be retained
  • Alarm Status Report provides evidence required for maintenance of records
  • Three simple steps: press the TEST button on the alarm 3 times, have your smartphone with the app ready with bluetooth enabled, and the phone / app will show the alarm status report (which is generated based on the number of beeps emitted by the alarm).
  • Free Android, iOS, and Windows Phone app - search for AudioLINK. 


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