Aico Ei450 RadioLINK Alarm Controller, remote control switch: test, locate, and silence

Model No. EI450 by: Aico.
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In homes fitted with an interconnected fire alarm and/or carbon monoxide alarm system, it is useful to keep a controller to hand which can test the system or help locate a fire or CO leak. The Ei450 is a small, wall-mounted alarm controller with four main functions:

  1. Test Alarm will activate the entire alarm system to check for malfunctions.
  2. When the alarm is triggered by a possible fire or carbon monoxide leak, Locate Alarm will identify the source alarm by silencing all others.
  3. Selecting Silence Alarm will silence the system in case of a false alarm.
  4. The Memory function will identify whether the most recent alarm state was triggered by a fire or carbon monoxide detector.

The Ei450 also displays a pair of clear warning icons to identify triggered alarms in real-time. It is incredibly easy to use and essential for any interconnected alarm system.

The Aico Ei450 Alarm Controller is designed for use with the RadioLINK enabled Fire alarms and Carbon Monoxide alarms. It indicates if source of alarm is a fire or CO alarm. It has four main functions: Test Alarm (to test the alarms), Locate Alarm (to identify triggered alarm), Silence Alarm (to silence alarms), and Memory (to identify a previous alarm state).

Features and Benefits

  • The primary function of the controller is to facilitate easy and frequent testing of the alarm system when in standby mode.
  • When the system is in alarm the Ei450 provides the following control functions:
    # Isolate the source alarm by silencing all the other alarms in the system. This is known as the Locate function.
    # Silence all the alarms in the system for a period of 10 minutes.
  • The control feature allows the home owner to quickly establish if there is a real alarm situation and take the appropriate action.
  • The Ei450 is also fitted with Fire and CO warning icons to indicate the source of the alarm in real time or memory.
  • The Ei450 is a single button alarm controller for RadioLINK Fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm systems.
  • With the Aico Ei450 you can test and control fire, CO and hybrid (Fire + CO) RadioLINK Alarm systems.
  • Unique "House Coding" feature.
  • Visual RF transmission indicator.
  • Built-in Lithium battery, designed to last 10 years.
  • RF performance to EN300220-3.
  • EMC performance to EMC301489-3.
  • 5 year guarantee.
  • The Operation of Aico Ei450
  • In standby mode (system not in alarm) pressing the button will test all the alarms in the system. Releasing the button will cease the test.
  • When the system is in alarm, pressing the button will send out an RF signal to silence all alarms in the system except the source alarm.
  • Pressing the button again will silence the entire system for a 10 minute period.
  • During the 10 minute period, each individual smoke detector will still operate and alarm if it senses smoke
  • When a Fire or CO alarm is activated the corresponding icon on the Ei450 will illuminate.
  • Pressing the house code key allows the switch to be coded with the alarms in the system

Note: You can use the Aico Ei450 alarm controller with the Aico Ei Professional alarm models Ei161RC, Ei164RC, Ei166RC, Ei2100 series when mounted on Ei168RC RadioLINK bases, Ei405, Ei405TY, Ei605TYWRF and Ei603TYCRF battery RadioLINK alarms, and Ei22, Ei208WRF, Ei208CRF and Ei208DWRF RadioLINK Carbon Monoxide Alarms.

Four Main Functions

  1. Test Function: pressing the button on the cover causes all alarms in the system to operate. This allows testing of the entire system without having to reach up to the alarm/s and is a full and complete test of the alarm/s ability to operate in a fire or CO situation.
  2. Locate Function (only operates when units are in alarm): this feature allows the user to identify which unit is causing the alarm when all the units in the property are sounding. Press the button on the cover when the "Locate" quadrant is flashing and the alarms will stop sounding except for the one that has initiated the signal.
  3. Silence Function (only operates after Locate function is activated): momentarily pressing the button on the cover when the "Silence" quadrant is flashing allows remote silencing of false alarms.
  4. Memory Function (unit previously in alarm): the alarm that had previously triggered is held in the memory. Pressing the button on the front cover when the "Memory" light is flashing will cause the relevant indicating light to flash to indicate if it was a Fire or CO alarm and the actual alarm that previously triggered will sound briefly.


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