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Clearance Item - Artemide Mesmeri Halo Polished Chrome Wall Light Curved Diffuser

Clearance Item - Artemide Mesmeri Halo Polished Chrome Wall Light Curved Diffuser

This is the Artemide Mesmeri Halo wall light in polished chrome wall support and body lamp using a R..

Model: AY221

as low as £90.00 £222.62 Ex. VAT

Clearance Item - Artemide Tolomeo Desk/Table Lamp (Body Only) with Fully Rotational Diffuser

Clearance Item - Artemide Tolomeo Desk/Table Lamp (Body Only) with Fully Rotational Diffuser

Designed by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina. Please note: this item is Reduced for clearance..

Model: AY400

as low as £90.00 £139.88 Ex. VAT

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Rodolfo Dordoni and Flos' Elite Collection of Modernistic Lighting Designers

Rodolfo Dordoni was born in Milan, just like the Castiglioni brothers before him. There does seem to be something about this cultural hub of a city, steeped with an intricate history with Art that goes back to Leonardo Da Vinci and the Renaissance Age. Milan still inspires some of the worlds best designers and artists who flourish in a variety of fields. Like Tobia Scarpa, another pioneer of innovative designs including the iconic Flos Foglio Wall Light.Dordoni studied Architecture at the University of Venice. Once again there seemed to be cosmic forces moving these talented people along a certain path: re-inventing lighting for a new generation. Dordoni is one of the younger designers to have been so heavily involved with this group of subversive and experimental designers and is happily still working today. He has founded his own Studio in Milan, working on grand projects involving the interior designs of villas, showrooms, restaurants, hotels and the like. The Italian modernist wave and where Dordoni fits in The world of Lighting is grateful for the meeting of so many creative minds when Flos hired these prodigies. They collaborated wonderfully and provided us with some of the most beautiful lighting pieces, that have won countless awards. These designs have stood the test of time, described as part of a new ‘Italian modernism’ that swept across Europe, and the world, in the 1970s and '80s and still look timeless and innovative to this day. Dordoni excelled straight from his graduation in 1979, going on to take responsibility for the fantastic Artemide collection. Yet another artist for Artemide we here at Sparks appreciate is Michele De Lucchi, who pioneered a variety of handy yet eccentric desk-side lighting for the company. He worked for a variety of huge Italian design companies of the time including some of the biggest names in Italian design, including Minotti. Here he was quickly appointed and coordinator of all the company's collections. His journey through the world of Italian design led him, perhaps inevitability, to Flos. Dordoni’s breakout modernist piece with Flos: The Pochette Up and Down LED His most famous and inspired work with Flos was the Pochette Up and Down LED, made in 2003. Like many of his Italian modernist peers, Dordoni embraced using new materials and technologies to construct retro-futuristic masterworks. This wall lamp, capable of providing both indirect and direct light, was crafted with an ingenious understanding of form and its interactions with materials. The entire structure was composed of a pressure die-cast Zamak alloy, which boasts an impressive impact strength and corrosion resistance. The alloy is complemented by moulded steel, galvanised by a white wall attachment containing all pertinent electrical devices. The bright overhead light is perfectly balanced by the light angled towards the floor. Much like Neil Poulton’s well-renowned Surf Wall Light, Dordoni uses gently contoured lines, reminiscent of a cresting wave. The result is a delightfully arched indoor light that will bring beautifully ambient light to your home decor, while also appearing to be charmingly ornamental in its design. What draws such forward-thinking/ modernist artists to Flos: the incorporation of Arteluce Achille Castiglioni, the so-called 'Godfather of Italian modernism'  and one of the main figures in Flos' artistic leap in their breakout period, said that he ‘loved to subvert expectations and transform objects into something new’. Flos has always fully welcomed this concept with open arms, as can be seen by the artistry of some of its designs. Their self-described 'Flosophy' states they believe in, nurturing revolutionary spirits of our designers—we encourage them to seek out new poetic notions of functionality while staying ahead of the latest technological advancements. This can largely be attributed towards the sale of premier lighting company Arteluce to Flos in 1973. Arteluce had been a breeding ground for great thinkers and architects, who had already begun turning their able design skills to experimenting with light as a form. Gino Sarffati, head of Arteluce, had already designed over 400 lighting products by the time of Flos’s takeover. Flos cleverly incorporated many of Arteluce’s designs into their own product range and began to receive immediate plaudits. Although they had their roots in the late 50’s, they displayed a modern sensibility and finesse that was still relevant. This forward-thinking attitude is what has attracted the some of the world’s best designers, including Dordoni to join their cause. They continue to push the boundaries of architecture, playfulness and style within an industry that is still lagging behind their most impressive feats This article was inspired by the following articles: Picture of Rodolfo Dordoni via Flos. The origins of Flos, and how Gino Saffati founded Italian modernism, On USA Flos. Dordoni's burgeoning relationship with Flos throughout the years on Dordoni's personal website. What Flos' forward-thinking and accepting philosophy did for the world of lighting and the great artists they propelled on USA Flos. Detailed information on how Italian artists and designers of the Italian modernist wave found Flos at deezen.

Michele de Lucchi's Ongoing Influence in Lighting Design with Artemide

Artemide has made a huge contribution in the history of international design, with many of their pieces shown at exhibitions and museums, transcending the lines from lighting to art. Along with other Italian design pioneers such as Achille Castiglioni, Michele de Lucchi was at the forefront of Italian modernism that was so prevalent in European culture throughout the latter half of the 20th century. After studying architecture at Padua University, he switched to Florence University, before working in the Kartell Studio in the 70's, an organisation that would become famous for their vibrantly coloured acrylic furniture. Michele De Lucchi's work with Artemide: Tolomeo, Castore, and Dioscuri One of Michele De Lucchi's most famous pieces was the Tolomeo desk lamp, designed in 1989. This piece was a culmination of his work with the provocative designer group 'Memphis', where he studied architecture in Florence with other artistic greats. During this period he learnt to rebel, as he states in an interview here. We were very fed up with rationalism and rigid composition, without colours, without decoration... we wanted to bring fashion into design. The Tolomeo desk lamp won accolades worldwide, including the Compasso d'Oro (Golden Compass) design prize in 1989. The lamp only grew in status, becoming a symbol of high-design consciousness in modern, flourishing companies during the 'dot com' period. Workplace design and architecture was always a recognised strength of his, as he was enlisted by companies such as the Deutsche Bank, Telecom Italia and Poste Italiana to spruce up aesthetic innovation in the workplace. The Tolomeo would also become embedded in offices across the world in a different form with the fully rotational Artemide Tolomeo Micro Faretto wall light. Despite his successes in other design fields, innovative and inspiring lighting was undoubtedly a forte of his. He would design and assist in designing some of the most elegant, forward-thinking luminaries to grace the lighting industry, including the Artemide Castore Pendant. These breathtaking lamps can be ordered in a variety of sizes and arranged in a 'drop-lamp' composition to achieve an elegant arrangement to illuminate your home. Their inconspicuous appearance belies that fact that the highest quality blending of material is visible to the naked eye. With a calming, diffused and indirect light they are truly a demonstration of artistry. Michele de Lucchi has demonstrated this artistry time and time again, the lessons imbued by Memphis clearly still embedded within him. For instance the Artemide Dioscuri is beloved for its simplicity: a white, acid-blown spherical lamp that transcends the initial simplicity of appearance. With a spherical diffuser design, these compact lamps illuminate spaces subtly, adding glamour wherever they are placed. What's more they come in a variety of sizes, and in both table light and wall light designs. Michele De Lucchi's influence in design and lighting with Artemide and beyond The designs of Italian designer Michele De Lucchi have become 'modern icons' in lighting, his name immortalised within the industry. These accolades have been earned mainly through his work with Artemide and his personal label 'Produizone Privata', and he has always been known for his attention-grabbing, inspirational creations. The Tolomeo family is still going strong, expanding beyond the original desk lamp to include various table, desk, floor, wall, track and suspension lamps, as well as innovative new dimmable LED models. In 2015, at two of Milan's flagship events - the Salone de Mobile and the Milan Expo, his work was front and centre. At the Salone he showcased 'The Walk', his modernistic exhibition of what an ideal workplace should be, with a strong focus on the importance of walking in relation to office design. The very fact that Michele De Lucchi remains in the foreground of debate regarding architectural and design innovation demonstrates his everlasting relevance and the importance of his influence in design and lighting. Inspiration for this article can be found via, Insights into Michele De Lucchi's design philosophy were taken from the man himself on Architonic. The life and work of Michele De Lucchi from his Wikipedia page. The legacy of De Lucchi from Surface Mag. His full range of designs and works via his website here.

Neil Poulton stands out in Revolutionising Lighting Design with Artemide

Neil Poulton is a Scottish designer based in Paris, France, who operates off the idea of creating ‘deceptively simple-looking mass-produced objects’, and has won a multitude of international design awards in his efforts to do so. Poulton is best-known for his designs in the fields of technology and lighting design and holds a long-standing relationship with Artemide, that dates back to the early 90’s. This fruitful relationship has resulted in some classic Artemide lighting pieces including the Artemide Talo Parete wall light, the Microsurf and the Surf Wall Light, the last of which won international plaudits and raised Poulton’s reputation greatly. In 2008, he was recognised by TIME magazine as one of the world’s most influential designers, in large part due to his work with Artemide. The Surf Wall Lighting System In 1999, Neil Poulton won the French ‘janus de l’industrie’, (which is translated to the ‘Label of Excellence’) for his work in designing the acclaimed Surf Wall light. The Surf Wall Light has gained a stellar reputation in the lighting world, being nicknamed ‘the King of Indoor Lighting’, it can be found in hotels and restaurants across the world. Many have hailed it as the most brilliant wall-mounted luminaries ever created: high praise indeed! The Surf Wall light fills Poulton's criteria of being ‘deceptively simple looking’ without a doubt, with a modest size, slight upward-curve and minimalist design. However, the hidden qualities are what make the Surf Wall a masterpiece of design. It features an elegant, embossed scratch-proof finish along its finely painted aluminium surface. Fully LED retrofitted, it offers a classic modernist style and functionality that has made it popular the world over. The Artemide Talo Parete Wall LightIn 2002, Neil Poulton designed the Talo Parete Halo wall lamp, which was hailed by critics as another design classic, with its ultra-modern aesthetic and sleek construction. The body is constructed of two extruded aluminium parts, connected by the end pieces of die-cast aluminium, to add to its marvellous and slightly surreal aesthetic. It is a cleverly designed shape; a compact oblong that can fit onto the wall while taking up minimal space. It provides diffused upward and downward lighting, that allow for its indirect light emission to gift you a calming indoor lighting solution. The Microsurf Wall Light The Microsurf, is another excellent example of Poulton’s ability to make the most out of minimalist designs. From a design perspective the piece is minimal and uncomplicated; a discreet upward curving shape that resembles the surf of water breaking upon a shoreline. Once again this showcases why Poulton is so highly rated as a designer: he finds a way to make a simple concept beautiful, practical and intriguing. The Microsurf also impresses with its forward-thinking design aspects: it comes fully equipped with LED technology and is characterised by its energy efficiency and longevity. Neil Poulton's legacy in Design and Lighting Undoubtedly, Neil Poulton has a well-earned reputation, having won numerous awards, including seven French ‘Observer of Design’, two ‘Best of Best’ Red Dot Design Awards, and five German ‘IF’ International Forum Design prizes. He also won various awards for his Veio lamp in 2011, a completely new artistic take on what modern lighting could be. The design is reminiscent of miniature goalposts, perfect for sprucing up your desk area, and won many accolades and press attention at its release. Neil Poulton visionary designs have flourished, in particular when working in conjunction with Artemide. His bold, award-winning designs have made him esteemed figure in lighting and many of his Artemide pieces will be long held in reverence in the design industry. More on Neil Poulton (and especially his lighting design and legacy) can be found via the Artemide website here. You can purchase some of the Neil Poulton's lighting fixtures on our website here.

Four Wall Light Fittings You Truly Want to Have in Your Office

Many of us are bored with the same light fittings at the office, and we wish there would be a way to change them. Keep dreaming...something like this can't be done that easily. But how about we dream about some really nice light fittings that would be on the wall in our office? 4 Wall Lights You Truly Want in Your Office These are not four exclusive wall lights and they are not necessarily meant to be installed together, but they may be just the quirky fitting that would brighten your day. You do not want to be under the shining of the same fluorescent batten fittings on the ceiling or dull wall fittings that you start to hate and ignore... Here's what we recommend to you today: Artemide Surf Halogen Wall Uplighter Stylish and slightly curved wall light ideal for offering upwards lighting, Artemide Surf wall light is ideal for a modern office or meeting venue. It is made of painted cast aluminium and has an embossed scratch-proof opaque finish (white). Parma 200 Wall Uplight - Paintable! If you don't know what color your wall uplight should be, the Astro Lighting Parma 200 offers you the opportunity to paint it the color you need it! It comes in white, it's made of plaster, and it can be painted! Mesmeri Halo Curved Chrome Wall Light Are you ready to try something more out of the ordinary with your office wall lighting? The Eric Sole designed Mesmeri Halo wall light is manufactured by Artemide and has a curved diffuser, releasing almost by magic a soft beam of light upwards. Black Vanila Wall Spotlight If you like more classy spotlights on the wall and you need specific lighting in a certain area, the Nordlux Vanila black wall spot is something you should consider. The price is right, the finish is black, the switch is on the cord, and it looks so great! In the end, the choice is yours. We can only recommend. You will need to pick one or more of the above. We would say they look great in the office on the wall - and we would even go further to be as bold as saying, You Want These Lights! Why not recommend them to your boss or to the person who can change some things around in the office? You may be pleasantly surprised to see that they love these wall fittings also!