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4W GU10 MR11 LED Lamp 3000K Warm White Dimmable 246lm in White 48mmx35mm

4W GU10 MR11 LED Lamp 3000K Warm White Dimmable 246lm in White 48mmx35mm

This is the Astro Lighting 6004130 4W GU10 MR11 LED Lamp 3000K Warm White Dimmable 246lm in White 48..

Model: AX4130

£13.00 Ex. VAT

Cabaret 4 II Bathroom Wall Light c/w 4 Globe Glass Shades in Polished Chrome IP44 using G9 LED Lams, Astro 1087009

Cabaret 4 II Bathroom Wall Light c/w 4 Globe Glass Shades in Polished Chrome IP44 using G9 LED Lams, Astro 1087009

This is the Astro Lighting 1087009 - the Cabaret 4 II polished chrome bathroom light,  unswitch..

Model: AX0499

£113.10 Ex. VAT

Minima Round IP65 Fire Rated Fixed LED Downlight in Matt White 6.1W 2700K Dimmable, Astro 1249023

Minima Round IP65 Fire Rated Fixed LED Downlight in Matt White 6.1W 2700K Dimmable, Astro 1249023

This is the Astro Lighting 1249023 - the Minima Round IP65 Fire-Rated LED, a non-tilting recessed fi..

Model: AX5822

£65.65 Ex. VAT

Cabaret 4 II Globe Bathroom Wall Light in Matt Black IP44 rated with Four Glass Globe Lamps 4x 3W LED G9, Astro 1087007

Cabaret 4 II Globe Bathroom Wall Light in Matt Black IP44 rated with Four Glass Globe Lamps 4x 3W LED G9, Astro 1087007

This is the Astro Lighting 1087007 - the Cabaret 4 II Matt Black bathroom light,  unswitched wa..

Model: AX8707

£109.85 Ex. VAT

Padova Polished Chrome Bathroom Wall Light with Tube Diffusers IP44 rated 2 x G9 max. 28W, Astro 1143001

Padova Polished Chrome Bathroom Wall Light with Tube Diffusers IP44 rated 2 x G9 max. 28W, Astro 1143001

This is the Astro Lighting 1143001 - the Padova bathroom wall light, a wall-mounted fitting coming i..

Model: AX0650

£63.70 Ex. VAT

Padova Matt Black Bathroom Wall Light with Tube Diffuser IP44 rated 2 x LED G9 max. 3W, Astro 1143008

Padova Matt Black Bathroom Wall Light with Tube Diffuser IP44 rated 2 x LED G9 max. 3W, Astro 1143008

This is the Astro Lighting 1143008 - the Padova bathroom wall light, a wall-mounted fitting coming i..

Model: AX0651

£65.00 Ex. VAT

Taro Round Adjustable Fire-Rated Downlight in Matt White using 1x 6W  LED GU10 Dimmable IP20, Astro 1240028

Taro Round Adjustable Fire-Rated Downlight in Matt White using 1x 6W LED GU10 Dimmable IP20, Astro 1240028

This fitting is the Astro Lighting Taro Round Adjustable Fire-Rated with an adjustable round spotlig..

Model: AX5676

£21.45 Ex. VAT

Taro Round Adjustable Downlight in Matt White using a GU10 dimmable IP20 rated, Astro 1240015

Taro Round Adjustable Downlight in Matt White using a GU10 dimmable IP20 rated, Astro 1240015

This fitting is the Astro Lighting 5641 Taro round downlight with an adjustable round spotlight comi..

Model: AX5641

£8.96 Ex. VAT

Taro Square Adjustable Downlight in Matt White using 1 x 50W max GU10 (dimmable) IP20, Astro 1240016

Taro Square Adjustable Downlight in Matt White using 1 x 50W max GU10 (dimmable) IP20, Astro 1240016

This fitting is the Astro Lighting Square downlight with an adjustable round spotlight coming in mat..

Model: AX5642

£9.07 Ex. VAT

Cabaret 5 II Globe Bathroom Wall Light in Polished Chrome IP44 rated using 5x 3W max G9 Lamps, Astro 1087010

Cabaret 5 II Globe Bathroom Wall Light in Polished Chrome IP44 rated using 5x 3W max G9 Lamps, Astro 1087010

This is the Astro Lighting 1087010 - the Cabaret 5 II globe polished chrome bathroom light, a wall l..

Model: AX0957

£144.95 Ex. VAT

Cabaret 5 II Globe Bathroom Wall Light in Matt Black IP44 rated with Five Glass Globe Lamps 5x 3W LED G9, Astro 1087008

Cabaret 5 II Globe Bathroom Wall Light in Matt Black IP44 rated with Five Glass Globe Lamps 5x 3W LED G9, Astro 1087008

This is the Astro Lighting 1087008 - the Cabaret 5 II Matt Black bathroom light,  unswitched wa..

Model: AX8708

£141.70 Ex. VAT

Taro Twin Fire Rated Adjustable Downlight in Matt White using 2 x GU10 max. 50W IP20, Astro 1240032

Taro Twin Fire Rated Adjustable Downlight in Matt White using 2 x GU10 max. 50W IP20, Astro 1240032

This is the Astro Lighting Taro Twin Fire-Rated Adjustable ceiling recessed light in a matt white fi..

Model: AX5710

£42.25 Ex. VAT

Taro Round Fire Rated Fixed Downlight in Matt White using 1 x GU10 50W IP20 Dimmable, Astro 1240024

Taro Round Fire Rated Fixed Downlight in Matt White using 1 x GU10 50W IP20 Dimmable, Astro 1240024

This is the Astro Lighting Taro round downlight, fixed (non-tilting), a fire rated recessed fitting,..

Model: AX5672

£20.80 Ex. VAT

Taro Square Fire Rated Fixed Downlight in Matt White using 1 x GU10 50W IP20 Dimmable, Astro 1240026

Taro Square Fire Rated Fixed Downlight in Matt White using 1 x GU10 50W IP20 Dimmable, Astro 1240026

This is the Astro Lighting Taro 5674 square downlight, fixed (non-tilting), a fire rated recessed fi..

Model: AX5674

£20.80 Ex. VAT

Taro Round Fixed Downlight in Matt White using 1 x GU10 max. 50W Dimmable IP20 rated, Astro 1240013

Taro Round Fixed Downlight in Matt White using 1 x GU10 max. 50W Dimmable IP20 rated, Astro 1240013

This is the Astro Lighting Taro 5639 fixed round recessed downlight, a matt white fitting ideal for ..

Model: AX5639

£9.00 Ex. VAT

Taro Square Adjustable Fire Rated Downlight in Matt White 1 x GU10 max. 50W IP20 Dimmable, Astro 1240030

Taro Square Adjustable Fire Rated Downlight in Matt White 1 x GU10 max. 50W IP20 Dimmable, Astro 1240030

This is the Astro Lighting Taro square adjustable recessed downlight (fire rated) using a 50W GU10 l..

Model: AX5678

£21.45 Ex. VAT

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Many of us are bored with the same light fittings at the office, and we wish there would be a way to change them. Keep dreaming...something like this can't be done that easily. But how about we dream about some really nice light fittings that would be on the wall in our office? 4 Wall Lights You Truly Want in Your Office These are not four exclusive wall lights and they are not necessarily meant to be installed together, but they may be just the quirky fitting that would brighten your day. You do not want to be under the shining of the same fluorescent batten fittings on the ceiling or dull wall fittings that you start to hate and ignore... Here's what we recommend to you today: Artemide Surf Halogen Wall Uplighter Stylish and slightly curved wall light ideal for offering upwards lighting, Artemide Surf wall light is ideal for a modern office or meeting venue. It is made of painted cast aluminium and has an embossed scratch-proof opaque finish (white). Parma 200 Wall Uplight - Paintable! If you don't know what color your wall uplight should be, the Astro Lighting Parma 200 offers you the opportunity to paint it the color you need it! It comes in white, it's made of plaster, and it can be painted! Mesmeri Halo Curved Chrome Wall Light Are you ready to try something more out of the ordinary with your office wall lighting? The Eric Sole designed Mesmeri Halo wall light is manufactured by Artemide and has a curved diffuser, releasing almost by magic a soft beam of light upwards. Black Vanila Wall Spotlight If you like more classy spotlights on the wall and you need specific lighting in a certain area, the Nordlux Vanila black wall spot is something you should consider. The price is right, the finish is black, the switch is on the cord, and it looks so great! In the end, the choice is yours. We can only recommend. You will need to pick one or more of the above. We would say they look great in the office on the wall - and we would even go further to be as bold as saying, You Want These Lights! Why not recommend them to your boss or to the person who can change some things around in the office? You may be pleasantly surprised to see that they love these wall fittings also!

The Top Five Astro Lighting Best Seller Light Fittings at Sparks

Astro Lighting was not awarded the 2013 Queen's Award for Enterprise in International Trade for nothing - their popular products are being sold both in the UK and around the world, and they are pretty good at it! In order to slash down the cannibalism among the lighting wholesalers and lighting online stores in the UK, they "set the price". This means that no one in England can sell the Astro Lighting fittings under a certain price. This greatly improved both their image and the quality of their products in the UK and worldwide. At Sparks we are proud to distribute many of the Astro Lighting popular ranges, and among these we have selected five of them that are currently very popular. Top 5 Best Selling Astro Lights at Sparks Osaka 0387 Bathroom Ceiling Light One of the Top Selling bathroom ceiling lights, the round flush Osaka 0387 comes in a chrome detailing and finish and with opal polycarbonate diffuser. Palermo 600 Bathroom Wall Striplight Part of the famous Astro Lighting Palermo bathroom wall strip lights, the 0781 Palermo wall light is a switched fitting, 600mm long, in polished chrome, using a fluorescent tube. Amalfi 0423 Ceramic Wall Lamp The Astro Lighting Amalfi 0423 is an IP20 rated ceramic wall lamp for up and down lighting. It is fully dimmable and uses a regular E27 max. 60W light bulb. Como 6107 Ceiling Light 3 Spotlights This fitting comes with three spotlights on a round polished chrome base, ideal both for bathroom and for anywhere at home. Best selling ceiling spots from Astro Lighting.  Parma 210 Plaster Up-and-Down Wall Light The 0964 Parma Plaster Wall fitting is ideal for up and down lighting, and it is paintable as neede - you can paint it in the color you desire with good quality emulsion paint.

Astro Lighting was Awarded the 2013 Queen's Award for Enterprise in International Trade!

Today we received an email from our good friends and suppliers Astro Lighting with the big news: the Queen's Awards for Enterprise in 2013 (in the category of International Trade) has been awarded to Astro Lighting! A warm congratulations from all of us at Sparks Electrical - their quality in trading domestically is impeccable, and their customer service is excellent. The Queen's Awards for EnterpriseWhat is the Queen's Awards for Enterprise? The Queen's Awards for Enterprise are the most prestigious accolades for businesses and individuals in the United Kingdom. The businesses can apply online via, Queen's Awards for Enterprise, and the winners are announced each year on the 21st of April (which happens to be Her Majesty the Queen's birthday). Last year 862 businesses applied, and 209 awards were granted. This year's winners were announced, and Astro Lighting the winner for the East region of England, at the category of International Trade. Until now we have found only one mention in the press online. Design Director, James Bassant, said: "It is an honour to be recognised for our commitment to innovative design and high-quality manufacture which allows Astro to compete on a world-wide scale". Managing Director John Fearon, who will attend the celebratory reception at Buckingham Palace, added: "This accolade is a great acclamation for the company and our world-wide Distributors who have supported Astro in becoming an established choice for the global lighting industry". Astro Lighting was selected for its outstanding and continuous achievement resulting in sustainable growth. Who is Astro Lighting and What do They Make? Astro Lighting is one of our favorite lighting manufacturers when it comes to both indoor and outdoor lighting, and on our website, there's a wide range of wall lights, ceiling lights, table lamps, and outdoor lights manufactured by them. In their own words, The company started in business in 1997, and has quickly grown to become one of the UK's premier designers and producers of contemporary lighting. Founded by John Fearon (Managing Director) and James Bassant (Design Director), the company has grown by an average of 20% year-on-year. With distributors in 34 countries around the world, export sales now account for nearly half of all sales, proving that the very best UK-designed products can still succeed abroad as well as at home. Here are four of the most popular light fittings on our website (we cannot post all of them here, but we have selected a few of them). Osaka Bathroom Ceiling Light Astro Lighting Tallin 900 Bathroom Light 4 Globe Lights Cabaret Bathroom Wall Fitting Connaught Wall Light with Black Shade In conclusion, we would like to say it again, Congratulations to Astro Lighting! We are proud to distribute your products and have them on our website and in the showroom in North London. We are very happy about our relationship and our presence among their stockists.

What To Look for In Bathroom Mirror Lighting

The bathroom mirror is not just a functional necessity. It’s a focal point of our daily grooming routines, a reflection of our personal style, and a space where we seek both functionality and aesthetic appeal.Amidst the array of design choices available, one often overlooked aspect is the lighting that accompanies this essential piece of our daily ritual. The right bathroom mirror lighting can transform a dull and mundane space into a captivating sanctuary that combines functionality, style and ambiance.Below, we delve into the world of bathroom mirror lighting, exploring the different types, the essential factors to consider when selecting the perfect lighting solution and some of the best options available. Whether you're renovating your bathroom or simply looking to elevate its ambiance, we've got you covered with expert insights and practical advice.Before reading on, you can check out our ultimate bathroom lighting guide for important background information.Types of bathroom mirror lightsWhen it comes to bathroom mirror lighting, there are various options to consider. Each type of lighting offers its unique advantages and aesthetic appeal, allowing you to find the perfect solution that suits your needs and enhances the functionality and style of your bathroom.Overhead lightingOverhead lighting, also called over-mirror wall lighting, is a popular choice to illuminate your bathroom mirror. These fixtures are typically mounted directly above the mirror. They provide a broad and evenly distributed light that eliminates shadows and ensures optimal visibility.Overhead lighting is ideal for larger bathrooms or those with high ceilings, as it offers ample illumination for the entire space. It creates a bright and well-lit environment, making it easier to perform grooming tasks with precision.Wall sconcesWall sconces are a popular choice for bathroom mirror lighting. They are installed on either side of the mirror at eye level, casting even and flattering light on the face. Wall sconces provide a balanced and symmetrical lighting effect, making them suitable for tasks such as shaving or applying makeup.Wall sconces are beautiful and come in various designs, including modern, vintage and minimalist styles. This allows you to find the perfect match for your bathroom decor. With their balanced and symmetrical lighting effect, wall sconces enhance both the functionality and visual appeal of your bathroom mirror area.Lighted mirrorsLighted mirrors, also known as backlit mirrors, offer a contemporary and visually stunning lighting solution for bathroom mirrors. These mirrors feature built-in lighting behind the mirror surface, creating a soft and diffused glow. The evenly distributed light eliminates harsh shadows and provides excellent visibility for grooming tasks.Lighted mirrors are available in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose one that fits your bathroom aesthetic. They offer a sleek and modern look, making them a focal point in the bathroom while serving as a practical lighting source.Adjustable lightingAdjustable lighting fixtures provide the flexibility to direct light exactly where it is needed. These fixtures often feature movable arms, swivel heads, or pivoting mechanisms, allowing you to adjust the angle and direction of the light beam.This versatility is particularly useful for tasks that require targeted lighting, such as applying makeup or grooming specific areas of the face.Adjustable lighting fixtures can be wall-mounted or installed on the mirror frame, offering convenience and customisation.Ceiling lightsCeiling lights that hang above the mirror provide a unique and stylish lighting option. These fixtures typically consist of a pendant suspended from the ceiling, directly illuminating the mirror area. Also, there are many kinds of ceiling downlights that can be either fixed or adjustable to shed light on a particular area or just downward, as needed. Furthermore, there are the regular bathroom bulkhead-style ceiling light fittings with a high IP rating and excellent lumen output. Ceiling lights not only provide functional lighting but also serve as eye-catching decorative elements in the bathroom.They also add a touch of elegance and sophistication, creating a captivating visual impact while effectively illuminating the mirror area from above.What to look for in bathroom mirror lightingWhen choosing bathroom mirror lighting, it's important to consider both the functional and aesthetic aspects to create a well-lit and visually appealing bathroom area.Here are the key factors to look for when selecting the ideal lighting solution for your bathroom mirror.Buy Mascali Round LED Mirror LightFunctionWhen considering the function of bathroom mirror lighting, it's crucial to assess the specific tasks that you will do in front of the mirror.Adequate brightness is essential to ensure proper visibility for activities like shaving, applying makeup or styling hair. You’ll therefore need to look for lighting fixtures that provide ample light output without creating harsh shadows or glare.Adjustable lighting options, such as dimmers or adjustable arms, are beneficial as they allow you to customise the brightness and direction of light based on your needs. This flexibility ensures that you have the ideal lighting for various grooming tasks.StyleThe style of bathroom mirror lighting should harmonise with the overall design aesthetic of your bathroom. Consider the existing decor, such as the theme, colour scheme and materials used, and select lighting fixtures that complement these elements.Whether your bathroom has a modern, traditional, minimalist or rustic style, there are lighting options available to suit your preferences.Pay attention to the shape, finish, and materials of the lighting fixtures. Sleek and streamlined designs may be great for a contemporary look, while ornate or vintage-inspired fixtures can add a touch of elegance and character.Type of lightingLED lighting has become a popular choice for bathroom mirror lighting due to its energy efficiency and longevity. LED lights consume less energy, making them environmentally friendly and cost-effective in the long run.They also emit bright, white light that accurately renders colours, allowing for better visibility during grooming tasks.Consider the colour temperature of LED lights, which can range from warm white to cool white. Warm white (2,700K – 3,000K) creates a cosy and relaxing ambiance, ideal for creating a spa-like atmosphere. Cool white (4,000K – 5,000K), by contrast, offers a brighter and more refreshing feel, perfect for tasks that require precision and focus.Lamp colourThe lamp colour of bathroom mirror lighting significantly impacts the overall ambiance of the space. Warm colours create a welcoming and cosy atmosphere, while cool colours lend a more refreshing and invigorating feel. Decide on the desired mood and ambiance you want to achieve in your bathroom and select lamp colors accordingly.As indicated above, warm white is commonly used for a soothing and relaxing effect, while cool white or daylight hues are favored for a brighter and energising atmosphere.Also, for those of you that also like taking bathroom mirror “selfies” (we won’t judge), you’ll also want to factor in how the lamp colour may affect your skin tone.Environmental sustainabilityOpting for environmentally friendly lighting options not only reduces your carbon footprint but also contributes to long-term energy savings. LED lights are a prime example of eco-friendly lighting solutions that are highly efficient and durable.LED lights consume significantly less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, making them an environmentally conscious choice.They also have a longer lifespan, reducing the frequency of bulb replacements and minimising waste.Your electricity billBy choosing energy-efficient lighting options, you can also significantly reduce your energy consumption and save money in the long run. LED lights, for example, are known for their exceptional energy efficiency. They require less electricity to produce the same amount of light compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. This means that not only do LED lights have a longer lifespan, but they also consume less power, resulting in lower electricity bills.It's worth noting that while LED lights may have a higher upfront cost compared to other lighting options, their energy-saving benefits outweigh the initial investment.LED lights are designed to last for thousands of hours, providing long-lasting illumination and minimising the need for frequent replacements. This not only saves you money on bulb replacements but also reduces the overall energy consumption of your bathroom lighting.What are the best lights for a bathroom mirror?The best lighting solution for a bathroom mirror depends on various factors, including the size of the bathroom, the placement of the mirror, and personal preferences.For small bathrooms or powder rooms, a combination of wall sconces or lighted mirrors can provide focused lighting without overwhelming the space. In larger bathrooms, a combination of overhead lighting and wall sconces can create a well-lit and visually appealing environment.Buy Catena LED Round Mirror LightCase study: Astro LightingAstro Lighting is a renowned and reputable lighting manufacturer offering some of the best bathroom mirror lights on the market.Astro offers a wide range of light fittings to meet various interior and exterior lighting needs. With their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, Astro Lighting has established itself as a well-known brand in the lighting industry.Whether you are looking for bathroom lights, bedroom light fittings, wall recessed lights, or other interior and exterior fixtures, Astro Lighting has a diverse selection to cater to your specific requirements.Looking for some beautiful bathroom mirror lighting?When it comes to enhancing the beauty and functionality of your bathroom mirror, selecting the right lighting is crucial. Whether you opt for overhead lighting, wall sconces or lighted mirrors, ensure that the chosen fixtures align with your functional needs and personal style preferences.Visit our online store to explore a wide range of high-quality bathroom mirror lights that will transform your bathroom into a well-lit and stylish sanctuary.

The Ultimate Bathroom Lighting Guide

Proper lighting is essential in any room of your home, and your bathroom is no exception. Whether you're getting ready for the day ahead or winding down for a relaxing evening, having the right bathroom lighting can make a world of difference.In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about bathroom lighting. This will include different types of lights, safety considerations when installing lighting in your bathroom, the concept of light zones as well as tips and some advice on how to choose the best bathroom lights for your home.Read more to find out about:Types of Lighting for the bathroomBathroom lighting safetyBathroom lighting zonesLooking for new bathroom light?Types of lighting for the bathroomWhen it comes to bathroom lighting, you are completely spoiled for choice. Each type serves a specific purpose and can contribute to creating the perfect ambiance in your bathroom.Overhead lightsOverhead lights, often in the form of recessed ceiling lights, provide general illumination for the entire bathroom. They distribute light evenly and are ideal for larger bathrooms or those without windows. These lights help eliminate shadows and ensure a well-lit space.Buy Minima Round IP65 Fixed DownlightCeiling lightsCeiling lights are a popular choice for bathrooms. They come in various styles, including flush-mount fixtures and semi-flush mounts. Ceiling lights also provide ample light and can be an attractive focal point in your bathroom's overall design.LED lightsLED lights (which standard from light-emitting diodes) are energy-efficient and long-lasting, making them an excellent choice for bathroom lighting. They conserve nearly all the energy they generate into light, with a very small amount wasted as heat.LED lights are known for offering bright, clean illumination and can be used to create both task lighting and ambient lighting effects.Vanity lightsVanity lights are commonly installed above or alongside bathroom mirrors. They provide focused illumination for personal grooming tasks like applying makeup or shaving.Vanity lights come in various styles, including sconces, vertical bars and horizontal fixtures. This means they come with the flexibility allowing you to find the perfect match for your bathroom décor.Wall sconcesWall sconces for bathrooms are light fixtures that are mounted on the wall, typically at eye level or slightly above, and designed to provide illumination for your entire bathroom while enhancing the overall design of the space.These fixtures are also an excellent choice for adding both functional and decorative lighting to your bathroom.Bathroom lighting safetyEnsuring safety in the bathroom extends beyond choosing the right fixtures and bulbs. It also involves understanding and implementing proper bathroom light safety measures.From electrical considerations to moisture resistance, a comprehensive understanding of bathroom light safety is essential for a secure and comfortable environment.Are bathroom lights safe?Yes, bathroom lighting is safe if correct installation procedures are followed.The safety of bathroom lights is a common concern for many homeowners. Bathrooms are high-moisture areas, which can raise concerns about electrical safety. Obviously, the combination of water and electricity can be fatal in many circumstances. Incorrect installation can lead to potentially deadly electric shocks and also devastating fires.However, rest assured that bathroom lights are designed and manufactured with safety in mind. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet safety standards and regulations. In particular, bathroom lights must:§  Be rated in a strict grading system known as Ingress Protection (IP), and§  Only be installed within particular bathroom zones.We will discuss these concepts in further detail below.What are IP ratings?An IP (Ingress Protection) rating is a two-digit code that represents the level of protection provided by a light fixture against solid objects and liquids. It is also known as an International (or Internal) Protection Mark.The first digit indicates the protection level against the ingress of solid objects, such as dirt or dust.The second digit represents the protection against moisture ingress at different levels of angles and intensities.In the United Kingdom, bathroom lights IP ratings are determined by British Standard BS EN 60529:1992.The first digit – protection from foreign body and particulate ingressFirst digitProtection from foreign body and particular ingress0Also referred to X. No rating for protection against foreign body and particulate ingress.1Protection against solid objects larger than 50mm (i.e. from accidental hand contact with an open palm). No protection from deliberate body contact.2Protection against solid objects larger than 12mm (i.e. accidental finger contact).3Protection against impact form solid objects larger than 2.5mm (i.e. tools and wires)4Protection against solid objects larger than 1mm (i.e. fine tools and wires, but also nails, screws, and other potentially invasive small objects. Would include larger insects.)5Partial protection against dust and other particulates, so ingress will not damage or impede the satisfactory performance of internal components.6Complete protection against dust and other particulates. Vacuum seal tested against continuous airflow.Second digit – protection from moisture ingressSecond digitprotection from moisture ingress0Also referred to X. No rating for protection against moisture ingress.1Protection against vertically falling droplets, such as condensation. Enough protection so no damage is incurred when an item is upright.2Protection against vertically dripping water when enclosure is tilted up to 15° off vertical.3Protection against direct moisture spray at angles up to 60° off vertical.4Protection against splashing water from any direction. Tested for 10 minutes minimum with an oscillating spray (only a limited ingress permitted with no harmful effects).5Protection against low-pressure jets (6.3 mm) of directed water from any angle (only limited ingress permitted with no harmful effects).6Offers protection against powerful jets (with a 12.5 mm nozzle) of directed water from any direction.7Protection against full immersion for up to half an hour at depths between 15 cm and 1 metre (limited ingress permitted with no harmful effects).8Protection against extended immersion under higher pressure (i.e. greater depths). Certain parameters of this test will be set and advertised by the product’s manufacturer.May include extra factors such as temperature fluctuations and flow rates, depending on equipment type.9Protection against high-pressure, high-temperature jet sprays, wash-downs or steam-cleaning procedures. Most often seen in certain road vehicle applications.Bathroom lighting zonesTo ensure safety and proper functionality, bathroom lighting is divided into different zones based on their proximity to water sources. Understanding these light zones and their requirements is crucial when choosing and installing bathroom lights.What is IP zoning?IP zoning refers to the practice of dividing the bathroom into specific areas or zones based on their proximity to water sources.Each zone has specific IP (Ingress Protection) rating requirements to ensure the lights can withstand the conditions present in that area.The zones are zones 0-3, and are explained in further detail below.What IP rating do bathroom lights need to be?Bathroom lights require different IP ratings depending on the zone they are located in.The following zones are outlined in British Standard (BS) 7671, sometimes called the IEE Wiring Regulations. §  Zone 0 – the bathtub and inside the shower. It comes into water with a lot of steam. In Zone 1, an IP67 lighting is the most appropriate lighting, which is a fixture you can submerge under water. This is to ensure you aren’t electrocuted when you bathe.§  Zone 1 - the area directly above the bath or shower, extending up to a height of 2.25 meters from the bathroom floor. In this zone, it is recommended to use fixtures with a minimum IP65 rating for optimal safety. Fixtures with an IP44 rating may also be suitable for this area. Many shower lights are designed with an IP65 rating, making them a secure choice for installation above your showers.§  Zone 2 - the space extending 0.6 meters from the outer edge of the wash basin or bath up to a height of 2.25 meters from the bathroom floor. It is essential here to use light fixtures with a minimum rating of IP44 for enhanced safety. It’s a good idea to consider the area within a 60cm radius from any water source, such as the wash basin, as an extension of zone 2 for precautionary measures.§  Zone 3 (also known as Outside Zones) - refers to the areas in the bathroom that are located outside of zone 0, 1 and 2. In this zone, there is no direct exposure to water jets or splashes. While the risk of water contact is minimal, it’s still a good idea to use light fixtures with a minimum rating of IP20. By opting for an IP20 rated fitting or higher, you can ensure a secure lighting installation in this zone.What wattage is best for the bathroom?When selecting the wattage for your bathroom lights, it's essential to strike a balance between functionality and ambiance. Brighter lights are generally ideal for grooming tasks and ensuring visibility, while softer lights can create a relaxing atmosphere for bathing or unwinding.For general illumination in larger bathrooms, consider using overhead lights or ceiling lights with higher wattage bulbs ranging from 60 to 100 watts. In smaller bathrooms, 40 to 60 watts may be enough.Vanity lights and above-mirror lights should provide enough brightness to eliminate shadows and facilitate grooming activities (like shaving or applying makeup). Opt for bulbs with wattages between 25 and 60 watts, depending on the size of the fixture and the desired level of illumination.How to choose the best lights for the bathroomChoosing the best bathroom lighting for your home involves considering various factors to ensure functionality, style and safety.Buy Roma Bathroom Wall LightsBelow is a step-by-step guide on how to make the right choice.Determine how you want your bathroom to 'feel'Consider the overall aesthetic and mood you want to create in your bathroom. Do you prefer a bright and invigorating space or a soft and relaxing ambiance? Understanding your desired atmosphere will help guide your lighting choices.Assess the size and layout of your bathroomTake into account how big or small your bathroom is, as well as the placement of fixtures such as mirrors, sinks and showers. This will help you determine the number of lights needed and their placement for optimal illumination.Consider the style and designBathroom lights come in a wide range of styles, from sleek and modern to traditional and decorative. Choose fixtures that complement the overall design theme of your bathroom and enhance its aesthetic appeal. You can read more about how lighting impacts interior design here.Astro Lighting offers a wide range of high-quality and stylish light fittings for the bathroom, with a large range of IP44 bathroom wall and ceiling lights that can be safely mounted.Ensure proper IP ratingAs discussed earlier, consider the IP rating requirements for each light zone in your bathroom. Ensure that the fixtures you choose have the appropriate IP rating to withstand the moisture and dampness present in those areas.Select the right bulb typeConsider energy-efficient options such as LED bulbs, which provide longevity and cost savings over time. LED lights also offer versatility in terms of colour, temperature and dimmability, allowing you to customise the lighting to suit your preferences.Seek professional guidanceWhen trying to find the perfect lighting for your bathroom, it can help to work with a professional like an interior designer or architect. However, it’s important to also work with a registered electrician when it comes to wiring and installation as there are a lot of potential safety hazards when fitting lighting in a space like the bathroom that is exposed to water.Looking for new bathroom lights?Proper bathroom lighting is crucial for creating a functional, safe and inviting space.Buy Mallon LED Bronze Bathroom LightBy understanding the different types of bathroom lights, the concept of light zones and the importance of IP ratings, you can make informed decisions when choosing the right fixtures for your home. We hope the advice in this article has been of some assistance.If you're in search of high-quality bathroom lights, look no further. Here at Sparks Direct, you'll find a wide selection of stylish and functional lighting fixtures suitable for every bathroom style and budget.Browse our collection of bathroom lights today and transform your bathroom into the well-lit and inviting space you’ve been dreaming of!

How Lighting Impacts Interior Design

Interior design lighting is a skill that not many homeowners or decorators use to its fullest potential. Truthfully, lighting a room may look simple, but it requires plenty of work and attention to detail. Knowing how and where to install light fixtures is the difference between a dull and a compelling interior environment.In this article, you will discover how much lighting can impact your interior design projects. By the end, you will know which techniques to use and how to achieve the desired result. Remember that the purpose and functionality of the space are equally important as the lighting. How you illuminate a restaurant or office is not the same as how you would light a residential home.Read this article to find out more about the importance of lighting in interior design, how effective interior design can transform a room, the types of light and which is better - natural or artificial light, and the most common types of lighting effects and their purposes.Importance of Lighting in Interior DesignsCreating the perfect atmosphere using proper lighting techniques can heavily affect many factors. For example, ideal lighting conditions and colour temperature in the office can influence workers to be more productive. At home, a cosier and warmer light induces a more welcoming environment, whereas light and shadow contrasts can make nightclubs and restaurants stand out for new patrons.Lighting in interior design influences how you feel and your perception of the place. Therefore, it’s important to study the different lighting styles to identify which one is more convenient for particular spaces. Effective Interior Design Lighting Can Transform a RoomProfessional placement of lighting fixtures makes a huge difference in interior decoration. Here’s how proper lighting can impact the overall atmosphere of any room:1. Make a Room Look Larger or SmallerBoth natural and artificial lighting can change the perception of a room. Brighter spaces with proper illumination look larger and feel more spacious. On the other hand, darker areas with little to no illumination look smaller and cramped.2. The Tone of the RoomProper lighting dictates the general tone of the room. Spaces like offices benefit the most from cool white lighting, as it makes the area look more professional and increases productivity. Warmer rooms like bedrooms or living rooms must be cosy and comfortable, benefitting the most from warmer white balances. 3. Shadows & Reflections to Highlight Features Proper installation of interior lighting can cast shadows and reflections. This can be beneficial if used correctly, helping homeowners and designers accentuate specific parts of the room, like wall textures, furniture, colours, and other elements. However, shadows and reflections are not always necessary. In areas like hallways or stairs, optimal lighting without shadows reduces accident risks.  4. Use of Wall Lights to Highlight Specific SpotsSome areas of a household require particular lighting to highlight a specific spot — for example, an area for grooming or near a reading table. Professional interior designers also employ this technique to draw attention and achieve objectives such as highlighting artwork in a museum.Types of LightLighting can be natural or artificial. Buy Park Lane Wall LampsEach one poses unique benefits and disadvantages, such as the following:1. Natural LightSunlight is a unique natural light that stimulates the human body and mind. This outdoor lighting is provided free by nature but is a bit more difficult to control for interiors. Plus, the weather and time of day ultimately dictate the tone. Usually, you can install window coverings, sheers, lined drapes, or window treatments to control natural light.2. Artificial LightThis lighting type is easier to control and more manageable, allowing you to guide the illumination in specific directions. Additionally, artificial lighting installations can highlight room features, create a cosy environment, or build a welcoming atmosphere. We’ve found Astro Lighting to produce some of the most easily manageable lighting fixtures to date.Founded by John Fearon and James Bassant, the company started in business in 1997 and has quickly grown to become one of the UK's premier designers and producers of contemporary lighting.Natural vs Artificial Lighting — Which One Is Better?A professional interior decorator knows that using a combination of natural and artificial lights is the correct approach. For instance, sunlight is an excellent source to brighten interiors and set the mood. After the sunlight has dictated how and what will be illuminated, you can study the area to decide how to illuminate the rest of the room. Spaces with less natural light reception often benefit from brighter colours. On the other hand, adding neutral or cool lights is more suitable for rooms that receive a lot more sunlight. Buy Park Lane floor LampArtificial lighting is a complement to natural lighting. The purpose of this lighting type is to use lighting devices or fixtures to enhance the room with brightness and illumination. Common items used for artificial lighting include LED light bulbs, wall sconces, floor and table lamps, etc.Most Common Types of Lighting Effects & Their PurposesThe following are some of the most common types of lighting effects used by home interior designers: 1. Downlighting from the Ceiling to the RoomThis recessed lighting style is the most common for interiors. Downlighting fixtures cast brightness downward as the main light source or highlight a spacious area. But the downside to this type of lighting is that it is more likely to produce shadows.So, find fixtures to produce the desired downlighting effect such as these lighting fixtures by Astro Lighting.2. Uplighting from a Lower Point to the CeilingThis type of lighting bounces off the ceiling to brighten rooms. The illumination produces softer diffused ambient lighting and is more manageable than downlighting. Typically, uplighting is a good style for areas like the bedroom where you need softer tones.3. Spotlighting to Draw Attention to a Specific FeatureTask lighting and accent lighting commonly use spotlighting effects to turn a unique part of the room into the focal point. This is particularly good for accentuating task lights in a reading area, grooming spot, dining room table, and more. And any light bulb, floor lamp, or table lamp can achieve this effect. 4. Perimeter Lighting to Increase Room Length PerceptionInterior designers, architects, and homeowners often implement perimeter lighting to make the room look larger. The right technique to achieve this ambient light effect is using either coving or cornice lighting. Is Interior Design Lighting Really That Important?Most architects and decorators know how to build room structures, but only professional interior lighting designers will bring the place to life. If installed correctly, lighting can alter the perception of a designated space. Designers usually employ these techniques to make rooms look larger for sale or to give commercial spaces a more welcoming atmosphere for clientele. Buy Park Lane Collection at SparksHome renovators also benefit from interior lighting. If you feel like your home needs a makeover, installing a few light fixtures can make a huge difference. So, yes, interior lighting is highly important. While working on a new project, consider taking a bit of time on perfecting the lighting to guarantee a more appealing space.

Azumi Collection Combines Classic Wall Lamp Design with Contemporary Technology

Astro has an eye for detail when it comes to quality lighting. They are known for lighting that is simultaneously fun, versatile and stylish - and the Azumi range is no exception. The Azumi Classic lights are named so for good reason - they evoke a classical mood, that would not be out of place throughout most of the 20th century. The bonus for the consumer is that the technology used is very contemporary - with features such as dimmable bulbs, flexi-spot lights and LED lights. In this article, Sparks will look at the two variations of the Classic light, and also examine the Azumi shades that make this range so distinctive. The Azumi Classic Lamp This wall light comes in a stunning matt nickel or bronze finish with a variety of shade shapes and colours. The lamp has a small build - it is only 156mm in diameter and 120mm high, yet it still makes a great impact wherever it is placed. It charmingly sheds up-and-down light and would look great for both interior decorations at home, and in other locations such as restaurants and hotels. The lamp used is an E27/ES bulb (not included) and is dimmable if a dimmable bulb is used.Buy Azumi Wall Lights at Sparks The shade is not included and it can either take a Round 215 shade or Square 175 shade, either of which lend it distinctive styles. The Azumi Classic LED Reader This Azumi Reader wall light comes with a reading light and switch, which are essential to its design. The flexi-spot reading light gives an output of 1W, using an integral LED driver to optimise its effectiveness. The main lamp spreads it light up and down your wall, and utilises a 60W E27 bulb (not included). It is compatible with this E27 LED bulb, if you want to make the fitting even more eco-friendly. With the flexi-spot light extruding from the base of the reader, this is a fashionable light which can be used with a colourful variety of shades (not included). This LED reader is versatile and can take either a round or square shade of the same kind as the Azumi Classic version. The Azumi/Momo shades It could be fair to say that the fabric shades are one of the most defining aspects of both the Azumi Classic and Azumi LED Classic, once they are applied. The round versions of the Azumi/Momo shade are 215mm in diameter and come in black, oyster, putty and white hues. These are colours which complement the matt nickel or polished nickel base of the Azumi LED Classic; they will bring a touch of class to any interior space. They are conveniently compatible with other lighting fixtures from Astro, for instance, the splendid San Marino Solo - they’ll also fit the Montclair Twin, Martina Triple and others. These lamps all have one thing in common with the Azumi range; they are classy enough to decorate fancy retail establishments - but come in at a very affordable price! The rectangular 175mm shade gives a bolder impression than its round counterparts, although it still has small proportions (120mm x 120mm).Buy Azumi Shades via Sparks Like the Azumi round shade, it is compatible with other light fittings from Astro, including the Momo, Martina and Lloyd ranges. The Azumi collection made by Astro designer James Bassant, is responsible for many classics such as the Atelier range. When asked to give one word he wants his products to evoke, he said ‘emotion’. The Azumi collection achieves this as they inspire a happy enlivened environment for any indoor setting.

Trimless downlights from Astro - discreet ceiling lights for ambient lighting

If you are looking for discreet downlights that provide ambient lighting and fire-rated safety, look no further than Astro Lighting Trimless Downlights collection. All of the lights in this range have a subtle white finish and can be plastered into the ceiling to provide light - without attracting undue attention. So if you want to replaster your ceiling or are about to build a house, why not consider these trimless downlights to be plastered in. The lights comply with the British Standards BS 476 Part 21 test for fire resistance (load-bearing elements) as well as meeting the following building regulations: Part B - Fire Safety, Part C - Moisture Protection, Part E - Acoustic Rating. Most of the lamps in this range are compatible with LED lights, and run on low voltage levels which make them eco-efficient as well as safe! Astro Trimless 12V Downlight This fire-rated downlight operates on a low voltage of 12V and will fit discreetly into any ceiling in your home. The purpose of a fire-rated downlight is to ensure that there are no weak spots in your ceiling so they maintain the integrity of a building’s structure, to prevent collapse. This means that safety is a huge benefit that comes with owning this light. The Trimless 12V is ideal for ceiling mounting, in particular before the ceiling is plastered, as it will fit in seamlessly once the plastering is complete. It has small dimensions, being only 79mm in diameter and 115mm in depth. It houses a single 50W Max GU5.3 bulb, which is not included. Its high IP65 rating means it can be installed in bathroom zones 1-3, which includes wet areas such as above the shower. What’s more, it is dimmable and uses a low voltage control gear. This means it can provide ambient lighting particularly in the bathroom or the shower; you could have a shower in gentle low light in the morning as you wake up, for example. Astro Trimless Round Downlight The Trimless Round downlight is a recessed round downlight and is 90 minute fire-rated, for the user’s safety. The 90 minutes given is the maximum time that a fitting of this kind can last before collapsing during a fire- it should be enough time for you to get to safety. The light used is a 6W LED GU10 (not included), which makes it a highly energy-efficient device. We sell a dimmable GU LED lights for a low cost here at Sparks, which is compatible with the Trimless range. This recessed fitting has a depth of 150mm and is small with a size of 79mm (diameter) by 115mm (depth). It is ideal for fitting in plaster ceilings due to its matt white finish; however, the fixture must be installed before you start plastering. With its white finish and IP65 rating, the Trimless Round downlight is a natural candidate for installation in zones 1-3 of a bathroom. The glass diffuser in this fitting ensures a glare-free, even spread of light while the trim-free design gives this light a very smooth aesthetic. Like the 12V, this fitting is dimmable for your convenience. There is an adjustable variant of the Round, with a 40-degree beam angle (approx), which allows you to direct the 2700K of warm white light wherever it is most needed.Buy Astro Trimless Recessed Lights Astro Trimless Square Downlight The Trimless Square Ceiling recessed downlight is finished in white. It should be placed before you have your ceiling plastered. Once it has been fitted, plaster the ceiling up to the edge of the light - this will give it a discreet and sleek appearance. This square fitting measures 90mm (height) by 90mm (width), with a recess depth of 150mm. Like other lights in the Trimless range, it is entirely unassuming with its small size and white finish. The Trimless Square is IP65 rated, making it suitable for bathroom zones 1-3; this downlight is ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms. They would also look fantastic running along a hallway and staircase in a series. Like the other lights in this collection, this light is also fire-rated for your protection. Astro Trimless Twin Downlight The Twin trimless downlight features two tilting lamps, each 6W Max LED GU10 (not included). The fitting is 90 minute fire-rated and recessed - it is best applied for fitting in plaster ceilings (it must be installed before plastering). With dimensions of 208mm (height) x 104mm (width) x 162mm (depth) this is the largest light in Astro’s Trimless collection. The minimalist interior ceiling light is suitable for bathroom zone 3 with an IP rating of IP20: it looks great when placed in a hallway, dining room or living room.Buy Astro Trimless Downlights The two lights have a complete rotational angle of 360 degrees along with a tilt angle of 35 degrees. Their versatility is perfect when you wish to draw attention to important spots in your home - the staircase in your main hall for instance. This modern range of recessed lights designed by Astro Lighting offers a stylish lighting solution without the fittings themselves being noticeable to the bare eye. The fact that the lights need to be fitted before the ceiling is plastered ensures that they are unintrusive. The Trimless range are unobtrusive, fire-rated ad eco-friendly - Astro has made a noteworthy achievement in the field of recessed downlights. Get them now if you want downlights that provide peace of mind - as well as smooth dimmable lighting.

The Versatile Telegraph Range of Wall, Floor, and Table Lamps from Astro

Astro are masters of making well-designed lamps and have seen great award recognition over the past decade for their achievements. Of their many accolades, the prestigious ‘Red Dot Product Design’ award the company won in 2018 for their ‘Edge Reader’ perhaps best demonstrates their commitment to modern trends. This article by the newspaper, The Telegraph, explains how and why the Astro has carved a niche in the market. Last year, Astro has introduced an exciting new range of designer lights - the ‘Telegraph’ range. They come in four different types, to suit the requirements of any room in your home: table, floor, swing wall and reader. In this article, we will look at this range in more detail. An overview of Astro’s Telegraph range Brand new from Astro Lighting, the Telegraph range expresses mid-century modernism, the era in which the typing telegraph was a primary method of communication. It boasts a robust construction built to last a lifetime. The Telegraph Table and Wall luminaires each benefit from a top diffuser which creates a calming and soft light for the user. Speaking specifically about the table and floor versions, Riley Sanders, the Product Designer said of his range: The Telegraph is a cantilevered table and floor light which makes a feature of the cable. Rather than concealing it within the tube of lamp, the cable is exposed in a controlled, elegant manner. The cable gives form and a sense of movement to the two-dimensional structured silhouette. The table and floor versions of the Telegraph range are much alike (in terms of design), which is why Riley Sanders describes the two products simultaneously. Astro Lighting took the table and wall versions to the Milan Design Week this year, which demonstrates its chic appeal in the industry. John Fearon, a co-founder of Astro, stated that although they are striking in their own right, the entire Telegraph collection is designed to complement other styles of furniture, in a variety of home design schemes.Note: The Telegraph lighting collection is now discontinued and we have no more stock; see the full lighting collections from Astro here. The Telegraph Floor LampComing in matt nickel, bronze and matt black, the Telegraph Floor Lamp is designed to make an impression. It stands at an impressive height of 1435 mm and, as John Fearon said, this fixture is ‘striking in its own right’. The fashionable range of shades is not included but can be purchased separately here. A simple ON/OFF switch is located highly visibly on the cable for easy access. The light is non-dimmable (the required light bulb is not included), and it can safely use a LED lamp with a Edison Screw cap. The Telegraph Table LampThe Telegraph Table Lamp comes in Matt black, Matt Nickel and Bronze, so you can choose a colour that will suit the table it illuminates. It is small in stature - with a height of only 530 mm (without the shade), meaning it will fit unobtrusively onto most desks or coffee tables. It is rated IP20 so is not suitable for use in the bathroom, which is for the best as it looks better elsewhere - such as in a living room. This fitting uses a max. 12W LED E27/ES bulb (not included), meaning it offers energy-efficient lighting for your reading or writing surface. The Telegraph Swing Wall Lamp The Telegraph Swing Wall lamp is ideal for placement alongside a bed, desk or working space, with a dimmable function and rotational adjustment. The dimmable function is helpful for bedside lighting if you like to read as you doze off. A dimmable bulb is not included and must be purchased separately. Likewise, their stylish tapered round shades are not included, however, Sparks sells an attractive variety here. This wall fitting has a rotational adjustment angle of 180 degrees and a simply located ON/OFF switch at its base. This makes it all the more convenient as a reading - or ‘task’ lighting source, as you can swing it around to focus on any object of your choice. The Telegraph Reader Lamp This wall fixture boasts a LED reader spotlight which utilises a 4.1W LED (included) which radiates 2700K of warm white light. This spotlight is perfect for reading, as it has a beam angle of 17 degrees, which will illuminate the page of a book without disturbing your sleeping partner. The Reader’s main lamp projects diffused light across your wall and use an LED max. 12W lamp (not included). With both bulbs in this lamp being LEDs, this is a truly eco-efficient device. The colourful range of shades are not included but are in the same 250mm width as the Telegraph wall lamps. Listen to the expert’s opinions and invest in Astro’s Telegraph collection! In many venues which are striving for a class feel, such as hotels, Astro is their lighting of choice. The Telegraph article states that their ‘tasteful geometric lights (are) favoured by architects’. If you want upscale lighting in your home - take a cue from the industry experts and purchase an item from Astro’s wonderful new range. If you have a large room to illuminate, it may well be worth buying each Telegraph lamp type to create a stylish lighting home scheme!Note: the Telegraph range of wall, ceiling, and floor lamps has been discontinued; here is the full lighting collection from Astro Lighting.

The Atelier range from Astro Mixes Workplace Functionality with Design Prowess

The Atelier collection was born out of Astro’s love for the formidable and functional design of task lighting found in workshops. This contemporary range finds a balance between workplace functionality and stylish design. Rob Speck, the Engineering Manager at Astro, emphasises how the functionality of the joints was ’key’, alongside making sure they looked appealing. Rob and his team drew up many iterations of the design using 3D imaging before settling on the finalised version. This first lights were then made by a 3D printer, which allowed the design team to precisely calculate the shape and curvature of the models. This goes a long way to explaining the beautiful precision of the Atelier range! The Atelier Wall Light from Astro Lighting The Atelier Wall Lamp is constructed from aluminium which will resist corrosion from moisture and long-term use. It is available in matt black, white and aluminium finishes. This product features a flexible and straightforward design that can tilt 180 degrees and rotate 330 degrees. It features two articulated joints - one at either end of the stem - which ensures easy manipulation of the direction of the lamp. The lamp used is an E27 light bulb (not included) and is dimmable if used with a dimmable bulb. Sparks would highly recommend this bulb as its brightness can be altered to set the ambience of a room.Buy the Atelier Wall Lamp Atelier Pendant Light The Atelier Pendant is a minimal pendant light that looks incredible hanging above tabletops, counters and so on, as they illuminate surfaces elegantly. The Pendant is provided in three finishes: polished aluminium, matt white and matt black. Sparks offers both the 150 and 200 versions of this product, with the shade included on the light. Either size of the pendant light has a drop height of 2042 mm which is ideal for interior lighting - above the living room table, for example. The E27/ES lamp is not included, but it can take an eco-friendly LED light bulb and is dimmable if used with a dimmable bulb.Buy Atelier Pendants Atelier Grande Wall Lamp The Atelier Grande Wall Lamp has many similarities to its smaller counterpart. It has an integrated toggle switch and comes in polished black, aluminium and white finishes. The wall light is supplied with a removable plug and lead set, which allows for easy installation where it is not possible to wire directly into the wall. Like the Atelier Wall Lamp, it uses an E27 bulb (not included), although we sell many compatible bulbs including this dimmable LED lamp. The light can be rotated 330 degrees and this flexibility, combined with the dimmable function, which means it is ideal for use as a task light.Buy the Atelier Grande Wall Lamp Atelier Arm Assembly - for desk and floor placement The Atelier arm assembly allows its light to be used with equal convenience whether placed on your desk or floor. The arm assembly grants you complete directional control, with a rotation angle of 330 degrees and tilt angle of 180 degrees. A cable length of 3000mm means you can place it conveniently where it is most needed - perfect for task lighting. The Atelier arm assembly must be bought and used in conjunction with either the Atelier clamp, desk base or floor base. This enables you to build your arm assembly into the lighting fixture which is most necessary for your home or office space. It is the most adaptable fitting in the entire Atelier range, which is impressive considering how versatile this range is. The Atelier range - Astro takes on vintage task lighting with a modern twist The Atelier range is Astro’s take on task lighting with a vintage feel that retains contemporary applications; lights to please everyone. The designer of this range, James Bassant, decided to leave the designs exposed in a raw aluminium finish to highlight their intricate design. It is the operative simplicity of the Atelier range that best defines it, and explains its popularity amongst designers.

We need your Vote: Sparks was Nominated for Three 2019 Electrical Wholesaler Awards!

We here at Sparks Direct are delighted to announce that we have received three separate nominations for the 2019 Electrical Wholesalers Awards! These nominations include awards for best Electrical Wholesaler Website, best Sole Branch and best Customer Service. Now, we need your vote to help us win these accolades… Vote here. At Sparks, we pride ourselves on being ‘switched on’ for service. That means delivering quality products and customer care in an ever changing market. We provide a solution for every type of customer. Thanks to this dedication we have been shortlisted for these highly sought-after awards, which will be voted for by the electrical wholesaler community. This includes (of course) you - our customers and our visitors. We hope these awards would be well-deserved for this company and in this article we will explain why we believe this is the case. Sole Electrical Wholesaler Branch nomination We are proud to have been nominated as one of only five finalists in the ‘Best Wholesaler: Sole Branch’ category, facing stiff competition from across the entire UK. Sparks Electrical Wholesalers (or ‘Sparks Direct’) have been operating as a sole branch for over 30 years now, since we opened our doors in 1988. Over this time, our lighting showroom has become a well-known feature on Holloway Road, one that thousands of Londoners will have seen, visited, and talked about.. Sparks have provided a wide range of top quality electrical goods, including lights, LED lamps, switches, sockets, ventilation systems, thermostats and underfloor heating. Another crucial part of our business has been information. We have provided expert advice to electricians, trades people, building contractors, interior designers and, of course, the general public. In an effort to be ‘customer-centric’ we have adopted a number of convenient policies. We are open 6 days every week and we offer recommendations in store from our trained staff; also, we offer phone support. We pride ourselves on being part of the fabric of Archway’s community as written about here. This article details the key reasons Sparks Direct has kept the physical store alive (and very healthy) in a digital age. The essential reasons behind our enduring popularity are: our product knowledge, competitive pricing, product availability, brand recognition and customer service (another category we have been nominated in!) 2019 Best Electrical Wholesaler Website Award nomination Our digital team - with more than 10 years of experience in the field - ensures the content and technical specifications are correct and up-to-date, as constant changes are made by manufacturers. We provide information on a wide range of products such as switches, sockets, lights, bulbs, LEDs, ventilation fans, tools and electrical testers kits. These are provided by some of the most well-respected manufacturers in the industry including Astro Lighting and Integral LED (for lighting), and Envirovent and Airflow (for ventilation). The team behind our website strives to find the highest quality videos, guides and pictures for every item that we sell online. As well as processing online orders, we offer technical support and are always working to improve the quality and usability of our site.Buy Online Lights and Sockets As part of our ‘customer-centric’ approach, we offer 30-day returns and free deliveries on orders over £100 (plus VAT). We remain on top of the ever-changing information. This means you can rest assured we are recommending the correct light bulb for the light fitting you desire and the right LED driver for the energy saving LED light you want. Our website has many functionalities including a ‘question and answer’ service that will provide accurate responses to any question - big or small - that you may have about individual products. The excellent quality of our online customer services and review feedback is part of what keeps both visitors and customers coming back to us. We also have one of the most active blogs in the field of electrical wholesalers. At Sparks we release bi-weekly updates on the latest trends, newest technologies, products, lighting designer profiles and many industry-related topics. The content of our blog posts varies widely, so that it appeals to a broad audience of readers. For instance, you can read about the practicalities of using tubular heaters in hard-to-reach areas of your home during cold months. Or, you may read about the importance of setting up a ‘whole home’ alarm system and advice on which one to use. If you have an interest in lighting design, then we have a series of profiles on the world’s most influential lighting designers. There is something for everyone on our blog, which we hope keeps customers informed. Best Electrical Wholesaler Customer Service Award nomination We were thrilled to receive the nomination for ‘Best Customer Service’, as Sparks has always strived to be a ‘customer-centric’ business. This model is made up of a friendly in-house team, phone support, online chat, email support and online review feedback, through sites such as Feefo and Trustpilot. On Trustpilot we have an outstanding 9.3/10 rating for customer service (at the time of writing), a score which we believes speaks for itself, and the genuine customer reviews via Feefo give us a 4.8 stars out of 5 (at the time of the writing). Sparks have polished their in-house customer services over the course of 30 years, and have earned the respect and confidence of contractors, electricians and the general public. The combined expertise of Sparks’ over-the-counter salespeople is impressive – they have a comprehensive knowledge of the items we stock. Their support extends from the basics which an ordinary customer may ask about, to more complex advice for electricians. Whether you need to know if your new light fitting can be dimmed or you want to hear about the latest domestic distribution boards - we at Sparks have you covered. In recent years, we have reviewed how we should expand and improve our online services. Using Google Reviews and Feefo we analyse genuine customer reviews. We then make the necessary changes to keep our customer services relevant, and turn one-time users into patrons. What your vote means to us here at Sparks Sparks Electrical Wholesalers remains a popular and important part of the local community, who have supported us with their custom throughout the years. In response to this support, we have improved our services across all fields and provided a modern ‘customer-centric’ service. Our nominations in three different categories for the 2019 Electrical Wholesalers Awards has heartened us and have proven that our approach has been a success. We would be delighted if you, our amazing visitors and customers, could support us once again and give us your vote here! Vote for us here.

Award-winning Astro Lighting Sweeps up the Accolades once again in 2018

As a company that started out in the basement of a Sevenoaks house in the late 90’s, Astro has certainly stepped leaps and bounds, as demonstrated by their flock of awards over the past decade. In 2013, Astro landed the Queen's Award for Enterprise. This award is widely considered to be the highest official accolade for any UK business, and is a fantastic achievement. It is also a broader recognition of Astro’s commitment to international trade and continual growth: and continue to grow Astro has, as demonstrated by their numerous achievements post-2013! In recent years Astro has been sweeping it in the awards department, receiving acclaim from some of the most prestigious experts in the lighting industry. Astro was delighted to receive the German Design Award 2018 for their exquisite piece, the Edge Reader wall light (which can be bought here), the second award it won in the same year.  The award is presented to designs that are considered ‘groundbreaking’ in the international industry; this is decided upon by a high-caliber international jury of experts, and chosen from over 5000 entries.  The second award the Edge Reader won this year was the ‘Red Dot Product Design’ award, whose judges were impressed by the combination of the 'direct functionality of its LED reading light and its ambient lighting'. 2018 has been a particularly decorated year for Astro, as they were also honored with the Queen's Award 2018 once again. Furthermore, Astro’s Concrete Dunbar 160 has won the Red Dot Product Design 2018 award.Buy Astro Lights at Sparks The Concrete Dunbar 160 combines a soft, curved structure with the crisp straight edge of its light output, where deeply recessed LEDs provide a forceful, yet glare-free illumination. 2018 has been a particularly award-heavy year for Astro, but they have been excelling throughout the entire decade. Achievements and Awards prior to 2018 In 2017, Astro won Manufacturer of the Year at the Lux Awards, beating such illustrious opponents as Luxonic, Samsung and FUTURE designs; this really cemented Astro's place amongst the royalty of lighting designers. Before this, in 2016, Astro were nominated for House Beautiful 2016 Award, with both their Atelier and Edge Reader ranges nominated. The House Beautiful Awards, as the name implies, celebrate the very best in quality, design and innovation for a range of different categories that include lighting, furniture, garden products and more. In 2015, the Edge 560 was awarded ‘Innovator’ status at the ETOP Innovation Awards. The Edge Reader range of lighting was seen as ‘innovative’ due to its ingenious use of the latest mid-power LED technology, and for their functionality: the ability to mount them both horizontally or vertically.Buy the Edge Reader Light Also in 2015, Astro won big in Hong Kong, taking home the 'Home Product Brand 2015', with previous winners including behemoths in the lighting industry such as Bowers and Wilkins and Philips. Astro also made an appearance in Lux's Power List as early as 2014, an early indicator of the recognition that would lead to their 2017 Manufacturer of the Year award with Lux. All of this goes to show that the Queen's Award for Enterprise awarded to Astro in 2013 was a smart and prophetic choice. Astro has gone on to achieve great things this decade and been recognised by some of the most respected experts in the lighting field for their work. As co-founder John Fearon stated when he won the Queen's Award in 2018 - 'To win the award for a second time is a real testament to the commitment, passion and energy that is part of Astro's DNA'. This is the exact attitude that has won Astro a slew of awards in 2018, and which means you shouldn't be surprised if they repeat this impressive feat in 2019! And if you want to see an extensive range of the wall lights, ceiling lights, floor lamps, table lamps, and LED lights that Astro does, you simply have to visit this link.

We visited Lux Live 2017, so here are some Interesting LED Lights and Technologies

Last week we went to the annual Lux Live, Lux Live 2017, one of the greatest lighting shows in Europe. We only had a few hours on the first day to check it out, so we didn't attend seminars and speeches, but the place was pretty packed and there was a lot of good vibe all around. We saw some really interesting LED lights and LED lighting technologies, and we also saw quite a few Chinese manufacturers bringing their LED lights to the European market. As they say on their website, lighting is changing, and there are smarter and better luminaires. What seemed to be a "fad" a few years ago with LEDs, now it has developed to become one of the biggest lighting revolutions ever. From the Gooee IoT arena to the LIA live and the escape zone, from exhibitors to hundreds of free talks (when you're tired of walking and talking), from the lightspace arena to the LIA lighting academy, and from Li-fi experience to the smart spaces conference, we loved this years Lux Live! We didn't take too many pictures, and we can't talk about every company we met, so here we'll list some of our friends and suppliers that we got to talk to and see their newest stuff. Astro Lighting - LED lights and even some Track LightsThey came out with their new catalogue fresh off the press at this lighting show, and they displayed their lights in a very simple design. It was an honor to meet James Bassant, the design director and one of the founders of Astro Lighting, and have a chat concerning some of their newest additions (like the new track lights and spotlights). Loved the simple and not-so-packed arrangement of their LED wall lights, ceiling lights, and exterior lamps; they really give you an impression of their excellent design.Buy Astro Tracks and Spots Rako Controls - All NEW Wireless ModulesIf you're looking for mood lighting and ambience lighting and you're not ready to break the bank with more expensive solutions like Lutron, Rako Controls is what you need. At LuxLive they brought in their all new wireless modules, and they had a great display of the DMX, constant current LED modules, silent transistor dimmers, curtain and blinds, constant voltage LEDs, inductive dimmers, DALI control, 1-10V and DSI, and switched loads modules. Also, they have a new NFC product range, with the wired functionality from a wireless keypad, and they connect to any conventional switch. B.E.G. - the Lighting Control ProfessionalsWe visited BEG only in passing, and we admired their PIR detectors and their new PureColour detector for wellbeing with color control (controlling the light color in a LED bulkhead). German quality! Horton LightingMany of our ballasts and fluorescent trays are from Horton Lighting, and they continue to bring in some of the best and most popular such items in the market, be it from Tridonic, LEDVANCE, Philips, VS Lighting solutions, or LitePlan. V-TAC - Innovative LED LightingGood quality LED light bulbs and LED fittings at a cost that's lower than most others, the V-TAC innovative LED lighting have both LED lamps and incorporated LED fittings. They now came out with some IP65 rated exterior and interior LED wall lights, and soon they will bring out the V-TAC pro 180lm/W super efficient LED lights and LED fittings. Hamilton Litestat - Switching and Dimming LED lightsIf you want more complex systems for both lighting and smart home control, you have to see what Hamilton has to offer. We distribute some of their more popular switches, sockets, dimmers, and other wiring accessories in finishes such as white plastic and transparent. It was great to see them and to realize how many more ranges they have and are considering to bring in. Integral LED - LED Lamps and LED FittingsDefinitely a great chat with the good people at Integral LED, where we saw some really interesting developments in the fire rated IP65 rated downlights (their Lux fire range). Dimmable, fire rated, and IP65 rated - what else do you need? Plus, they came out with a LED panel - back-lit technology with market leading efficiency, up to 90% more efficient than popular edge-lit panels (in their own words). And their EvoFire range simply blew our mind away: reducing a downlight to a simple structure where you put the LED lamp: a canless design with a low profile body that is lightweight.Integral LED Lights at Sparks ALL LED - LED Marker Lights and LED StripsLocated next to their friends at Aurora, ALL LED displayed some really neat paintable LED marker lights (you can design them with your own design or colour, as needed), which are also dimmable. Their 1W range of micro-marker and mini-markers are like no other, and they come in warm white, cool white, or blue. Plus, there's quite a few inground - driveover LED marker lights, and some low level LED accent lighting. And the LED strip lights with different wattage per meter, plus RGB, RGBW, and wi-fi controls. Aurora Lighting - Smart, Fire Rated, and LED LightsThey are well-established in the lighting market, and their ranges are both popular and recognizable. Aurora Lighting provides a wide range of residential and commercial LED lights and LED lighting systems, including solutions for smart lighting spaces and smart home devices. They do both indoor and outdoor LED lights, with different IP rating. Crompton Lamps with Phoebe LED and FireSafeHere's an example of a company who knows what to do when LEDs are everywhere: Crompton Lamps, who via their Phoebe LED (Phoebe, the goddess of light) division, provide a wide range of LED downlights that are both dimmable and fire rated, offering a tri-colour select of 3000K, 4000K, or 6500K. And with their Spectrum range they have a 10W color-changing downlight tunable white, with a RGB colour changin rim, controllable via a Bluetooth app. Gimmicky? Probably, but there's a chance that some office buildings or conference rooms may opt for different light settings as different occasions and meetings come up. Illuma Lighting - LED Track SpotlightsGoing bigger and more professional with great performance, Illuma Lighting are definitely one of the leaders in the UK lighting industry in terms of LED track lighting - both 1-circuit and 3-circuit. And every year they bring in not only a new catalog with more wall LED lights, ceiling LED lamps and track spotlights, but different and better LED track spot lights to meet both the residential and commercial lighting needs. And they have some really lovely wall washers which can be re-oriented as needed - for indoor wall lighting.Buy Illuma Lighting at Sparks Wago - Connectors and ConnectionsEverybody knows and loves the WAGO solutions, and on our website we have a dedicated section to their versatile and popular products. Block systems, connectors, PCB terminal blocks, rail mounted terminal blocks, and many other connectors - the electricians love them, and we as wholesalers love to provide them. Great to see them at Lux Live 2017! As we were saying at the beginning of this article, there were many more other exhibitors and cool products, innovations, talks, and seminars, and we only had a few hours to quickly visit some of them. Loved the show this year, looking forward to the Lux Live 2018! PS. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to see more pictures and updates on LuxLive and other events.

Four Astro Lights Bathroom Mirror Lights that Look Great in Your Bathroom

Astro Lighting - the company began in the basement of a house in Sevenoaks in London in 1997 - is one of the most wonderful lighting manufacturers in the UK, being present now at most major lighting shows with their amazing light fittings. Nominated for many awards and winning quite a few prestigious awards, Astro brings to the UK market a wide range of both domestic and commercial light fittings for indoor and outdoor. We at Sparks distribute a wide range of Astro Lights, and they seem to be quite popular and sought after by both installers, home owners, and commercial companies alike. The bathroom lights made by Astro range from shaver lights to ceiling lights, wall lights, shaver lights, magnifying mirrors, marker lights, spotlights, and floor lights. In this article we would like to showcase some of the Astro Bathroom Mirror Light Fittings and Illuminated Mirrors which we think would look great in your bathroom. You choose which you prefer, and you can purchase them in our lighting showroom in North London (in the Archway area) or online on our website. Niimi Round LED Light (AX0760) - Magnifying Mirror with LED light Coming in a polished chrome finish and with an adjustable arm, this magnifying mirror is great for a modern bathroom, catering to both ladies and gentlemen alike for their personal grooming needs. If you don't need the light, it can simply be switched off.Buy the Niimi Bathroom Mirror Light Livorno Bathroom Mirror Light (AX0637) - Bathroom Shaver Light It uses energy-saving fluorescent lamps and has a pull cord switch at the bottom. Excellent bathroom mirror with light - illuminated mirror, for those who need a small toiletries and hygiene stuff closet. Excellent for domestic use in the bathroom. Galaxy Square Illuminated Mirror (AX0440) - with Pull Cord Switch A square 60cm x 60cm illuminated mirror for the bathroom, allowing you to turn the light on only when needed. No need for ballast or driver. The IP44 rating for this square mirror light allows you to safely install it above the sink, in the place most needed when you wash your face in the morning. Imola 900 Bathroom Mirror Light (AX0782) - Rectangular Mirror Light Great for those taller among us or where there are a few generations living in the same house, this 90cm tall mirror with two strip lights on the side is a great addition to a modern style bathroom. Part of the Imola range of bathroom illuminated mirrors, this uses fluorescent lamps as the lighting source. Buy Mirror Lights at Sparks

Great Light Fittings we Saw and Liked at the Lighting Show #MayDesign Series

On Monday, May 19th 2014, we visited the Lighting section of the May Design show at the London Excel, since many of our suppliers encouraged us to come over and see what they have new. It was truly amazing to see so many new lighting fixtures - all of them in cool settings and with excellent energy saving properties. We were impressed to see the LED wall lights, LED flood lights, and LED strip lights displayed, and we really liked the new fittings exhibited together with their presentation. An exciting show with more than 400 exhibitors in total, with sections like: the furniture show, the Lighting show, the Decor, the Kitchen and Bathroom show, and the DX show (a platform for design excellence with innovation and creative thinking). We will definitely visit again next year! What we Saw and Liked at the May Design Lighting Show You may say that we were biased in what we looked and, took pictures of, and spent time to look into, but we went to the May Design lighting show mainly to see what's new in the lighting market and what our suppliers brought to the table. And yes, we did take some pictures, some of which can be found on our Twitter stream while others are posted below. Apologies in advance for the quality of the pictures, but we hope you will enjoy them nonetheless. Astro Lighting - great wall lights in a lovely wall arrangement Astro Lighting - awesome wall lamps with a peculiar shape, similar to the Park Lane rangeBuy Park Lane Lamps at Sparks Astro Lighting - a great combination of pendant lights, Zeppo oval-shaped globe pendants Cool looking color pendant light fixtures - we love the combination and the design! Rako Controls - always glad to meet them and enjoy the warm blue light of their booth! Dimming systems with wireless control.Buy Rako Wireless Dimmers Hamilton with their RetroTouch range of wall switches, including the solutions for hotels and hostels. Astro Lighting - a lovely combination of the white plaster wall lights with concealed wall lightingBuy Astro Lights Plaster Lights Gap Lighting with their awesome round LED wall fittings with a blue LED shade. TP24 Lighting with loads of LED ceiling lights, wall lights, and table light fixtures.....and many others. The above are just a selection of pictures we took at the May Design Series - the Lighting Show. It took us quite some time to walk around and discover the creative architectural and decorative lighting (with some innovative control solutions) available for retail, hospitality, office, and residential applications. Great job, guys!