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BELL Halogen Savers, revolutionary energy saving long lasting G9 adaptors

  2010-01-29         admin         Product News » Lighting News
From British Electric Lamps Limited, there is a new technology - the revolution continues - of Halogen Savers with a twist! When the light bulb life is over, you don't need to throw away the whole bulb - all you need to do is replace the replaceable G9 Capsule! As shown in the picture on the left, the light bulb is composed of:
  • the Decorative Adaptor Cover - can come in different shapes, forms, and can be either clear or frosted/opaque / diffused;
  • the Replaceable G9 capsule - can be 25W (the equivalent of a 40W bulb), 40W(the equivalent of a 60W bulb), or 60W(the equivalent of a 100W bulb);
  • The Adaptor base (SES version shown; also available in BC, SBC, ES).
All you need to do is to simply screw the three components together, and you can obtain the light bulb that you want! Replace traditional bulbs with BELL G9 Adaptors to give a soft warm glow!

The new Halogen Saver TWIST from BELL has been specially designed to create a fixture that replaces traditional light bulbs with a halogen saving alternative. At the end of life simply unscrew the adaptor cover and replace the G9 capsule inside.

Halogen Saver G9 - Individual Adaptor + Bulb

The new Halogen Saver TWIST adaptor units can be supplied in separate cartons in order to mix and match with a cover of your choice.  Available with either 25w, 40w or 60w bulbs. Adaptors can be used with or without a cover, and you can choose the covers from a wide range of well known light bulb types.

Some of the available models are:

  • 05309 - 25w (equivalent of a 40w) - Adaptor + bulb, G9->BC;
  • 05310 - 25w (equivalent of a 40w) - Adaptor + bulb, G9->SBC;
  • 05311 - 25w (equivalent of a 40w) - Adaptor + bulb, G9->SES;
  • 05308 - 25w (equivalent of a 40w) - Adaptor + bulb, G9->ES;
  • 05317 - 40w (equivalent of a 60w) - Adaptor + bulb, G9->BC;
  • 05318 - 40w (equivalent of a 60w) - Adaptor + bulb, G9->SBC;
  • 05319 - 40w (equivalent of a 60w) - Adaptor + bulb, G9->SES;
  • 05316 - 40w (equivalent of a 60w) - Adaptor + bulb, G9->ES;
  • 05340 - 60w (equivalent of a 100w) - Adaptor + bulb, G9->BC;
  • 05341 - 60w (equivalent of a 100w) - Adaptor + bulb, G9->ES.

Just add a cover of your choice

For the Halogen Saver TWIST light bulbs there is a wide choice of decorative covers available separately in 35mm Candle, 45mm Round, 60mm GLS Household, 60mm Mini Globe and Candelux styles. Some of the available models in this case are:
  • 05296 - Cover, 35mm, Candle Clear;
  • 05257 - Cover, 35mm, Candle Soft Tone;
  • 05297 - Cover, 45mm, Round Clear;
  • 05258 - Cover, 45mm, Round Soft Tone;
  • 05299 - Cover, 60mm, Household GLS Clear;
  • 05260 - Cover, 60mm, Household GLS Soft Tone;
  • 05298 - Cover, 60mm, Mini Globe Clear;
  • 05259 - Cover, 60mm, Mini Globe Soft Tone;
  • 05330 - Cover, 60mm, Mini Globe Gold;
  • 05295 - Cover, Candelux, Clear;
  • 05256 - Cover, Candelux, Soft Tone;
  • 05339 - Cover, Candelux, Amber Tip.

Bell Energy Saving G9 Adaptors - Features

  • Last 3 times longer than traditional bulb;
  • Fully dimmable light bulb;
  • 35% Energy Saving;
  • Reduces the carbon footprint and the landfill waste with 75% less material for disposal;
  • Allows a large reduction in the light bulb quantity to be purchased.
Pricewise, for the long run, these light bulbs can help you save money(and energy) - all you need to do is just replace the G9 capsule when it's life is over. If you are interested to purchase / try / experiment with this new type of light bulbs - the Halogen Savers G9 Adaptors - please contact us(we have not yet included these items on our online offer, but they will be added soon - they can be purchased in store, in Archway - Sparks & Lights).