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13 amazing lights for £8 each: clearance lines light fittings for less money!

  2010-04-13         admin         Sparks Direct News » Sparks Updates
We've been working on our clearance lines for a while now, as we were talking about it on twitter, and finally some of the lights are online now! Check out the Clearance Lines Lights section to see some amazing light fittings for less money than you would even imagine! Some of the fittings, as shown on the website, used to be £40 / £50, and now - reduced price lights, only £15, or £5, or, as we're promoting in this article:

13 Amazing Lights for £8 each!

Why pay so much for these Wall Lights / Ceiling Lights / Wall Spotlights / Bathroom Ceiling Lights when you can purchase them for less at SparksDirect - the Clearance Lines? These brand new light fittings are in stock, ready to be shipped - at least for now.
  • Order cheaper lights online!
  • Stock availability: in stock(at least for now);
  • Visit our showroom in Archway to view them & many more other Lights For Less Money!

Ottowa Shower Light | Sestri Interior Wall Light | Trento Bathroom Light

Pyramid Glass Downlight | Duplex Interior Wall Light | Gozen Downlight

Round Urbino Lamp  | Round Urbino with Shade | Square Urbino LV Lamp

Deco Wall / Ceiling Spot | Kura Wall Spotlight | Nova Low Energy Spot Light

£8 for a light fitting - £8 wall lights, £8 ceiling lights, and £8 spotlights! Can you get cheaper than this?