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17th Edition Consumer Unit Bundle Promotion, £60 for the consumer unit + the 6 breakers!

  2010-08-03         admin         Sparks Direct News » Promotions
We were writing about it on twitter, and now it's also on our blog - there is a promotion going on for the 17th Edition Consumer Units - a Bundle composed of the Hager Consumer Unit + the 6 MCB breakers that go with it - all for only £60 + VAT! And, if you want some extra breakers, they each cost £2.95 + VAT! Here is the flyer which many of our customers / visitors have already received / seen:

Since it is a promotion, this 17th Edition Hager Consumer Units Bundle comes with only 6 breakers(whether it's a 6 / 10 / 12 way board) - you can choose the right ones in order to fit your needs! You can now pay as low as £60 for a bundle made of the 17th Edition board + the 6 MCB breakers that go with it! The consumer unit itself is the dual RCD and the main switch board.

The 17th Edition Consumer Units Bundles from Hager are:

  • The Hager VC733H1 - a Hager 17th Edition Consumer Unit, 6 way Consumer Unit (3+3), 100A MS 2 X 63A RCCB(the 6 MCB breakers are included);
  • The Hager VC755H1 - a Hager 17th Edition Consumer Unit, Hager 10 Ways 1 Switch 2 X 63A RCD Split Load Insulated Enclosure(with 6 breakers included);
  • The Hager VC712C1 - a Hager 17th Edition Consumer Unit 12 way configurable 100A MS 2 X RCCB(with 6 MCB breakers included).