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4 more reasons to choose the Invicta 3 Type B Distribution Boards from Hager

  2009-11-16         admin         Advice » Consumer Units Advice
After introducing the Hager Type B Distribution Boards, Invicta 3 previously, there is a question that may come up: Why specify the Hager Invicta 3 Type B boards? Read below a series of benefits brought by the Invicta 3 range, and then at least 4 reasons for which the Hager Invicta 3 Distribution Boards should be used where the need is.

The Hager Invicta 3 Type B Distribution Boards - Benefits

  • Multiple incomer choices for 125A and 250A boards.
  • Optimal cabling space.
  • Earth and neutral bars positioned for easier cabling.
  • Screws on earth and neutral bars need less turns to fit cable.
  • Unique trunking entry system - no need for paxolin.
  • Metering fitted next to incomer / within board.
  • Wide range of extension boxes for side, top and bottom.
  • No spacers needed to mount boards, cableways or extension boxes.
  • Removable door and front cover for ease of fitting.
  • 125A tap off for board extensions or MCB.

4 reasons FOR the Invicta 3 Type B distribution boards

This new range of Invicta 3 Type B boards from Hager is packed full of features to help make your life easier. There are many reasons why they should be at the top of your list. Here are just four of these reasons:

Reason 1: Trunking Cable Entry

The Invicta Type B board has an end plate that is adapted for coupling to trunking. Simply remove the gland plate from the top or bottom of the board to leave a smooth return edge. This allows flush coupling to trunking and a smooth entry for cables to meet the requirements of the regulations. Paxolin and other time consuming solutions are a thing of the past.

Reason 2: Earth and Neutral Bars

The earth and neutral bars are positioned and designed for simpler installation. The neutral bars have transparent IP2X shrouding to make cabling easier. The screws on both need less turns to fix the cable.

Reason 3: Metering

The metering kit fits directly into the main board. This saves space and means that there is no need for an extension box.

Reason 4: Glazed Door

The Invicta Type B board is the best-looking distribution board on the market. Its glazed door allows ‘ordinary persons’ as defined by the 17th Edition to look into the board while denying them access through a lock.

Read more about the Hager Industrial Distribution Boards, the Invicta 3 Type B boards - meeting the 17th edition needs - and buy online the Invicta 3 range from Hager.