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A fascinating approach to controllable lighting, the GET Wireless Lighting System

  2010-04-08         admin         Product News » Dimming Systems News
The GET Smart Wireless Lighting System allows you to create lighting ambience and mood scenes in your home or business while at the same time giving you complete control from stylish fixed and portable control units. The system works by sending wireless signals from Controllers to wired Receiver units. These receiver units in turn control any light fittings that you connect to them. The controllers are battery operated and wireless. They communicate with the receivers via radio waves. Controllers can therefore be placed anywhere you like, and can be moved elsewhere at any time.

Most lamps are compatible with the system – all you have to do is connect them to a receiver and follow the programming instructions. The GET Wireless System has two modes of operation: Dimming Mode and Scene Mode. The GET Smart Wireless Lighting System provides a fascinating approach to controllable lighting, creating an individual atmosphere for today's stylish modern home or business. Smart lighting will add a new dimension to modern home living and entertaining, whether in one room or four rooms you can set and control ceiling, wall and freestanding lamps to many different levels of illumination creating interesting scenes simply at the touch of a button.

Environment and Installation Considerations

As the system uses radio frequencies, performance is dependant on the installation. Reliable operation in the following environments can be achieved although the effective range will be reduced:
  • System installation in metal frame buildings or extensions;
  • Operation through solid or cavity stone, brick or block walls;
  • Operation through more than one floor, ceiling, or partition wall;
  • Locations near radio or television transmitters;
  • Damp atmospheres e.g. swimming pools, saunas.
If erratic operation is experienced moving closer to the receivers can usually be expected to restore correct operation.

Break with Convention - You set the scene!

  • The whole house lighting is at the touch of a button;
  • You can locate the controller anywhere - without wiring;
  • The system is easy to install and operate;
  • Also, the system can be extended at any time;
  • There are 4 preset scenes;
  • You can individually set lighting levels.
Read more about the GET Smart Wireless Wiring Devices, or purchase online this range of wiring accessories via the Dimmers - GET Smart Wireless Dimmers.