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A Shiny New Trend for the New Year: Gold Light Fittings at Sparks

A Shiny New Trend for the New Year: Gold Light Fittings at Sparks

  2013-01-09         sparksdirect         Product News » Lighting News

Just a week into the new year, Abigail Ahern identified a new trend (or at least, something she quite likes): gold. Not real gold, you understand: we're not saying she's run off to the West and become a prospector - just the colour gold.

Talking of being obsessed a colour that I am using more and more in my interiors is gold, it totally and utterly warms up a room,

lends excitement and adds glamour all at the same time – genius no?

The great thing about this colour is it works with literally any other hue beautifully; if you’ve got pale interiors add a dash of gold, beautiful. If you got dark interiors add a big dose of gold beyond beautiful!

We also think that the colour gold adds a nice accentual detail to almost any design scheme - it adds a vintage touch to spaces with a lot of wooden furniture, and in a more minimalist room it's a small splash of colour.

Please note: some of the light fittings below are no longer available in our online store; here are the gold light fittings still available.

Gold Lights at Sparks Direct

If you've been convinced we have a couple of gold light fittings, or at least fittings with gold parts, in our online store.

Marcel Wanders's Skygarden S1 for Flos - in Gold

We've talked about Marcel Wander's Skygarden more than a couple of times - but did you know it comes in matte gold?

With classical styling on the inside and clean modern lines on the outside, the gold Skygarden might have been plucked from a Roman manor.

Black-Gold Umbrella Pendant Light

The Umbrella pendant is like the opposite version of the Skygarden, with a dark exterior and a golden diffusing interior.

Gold Microlux 12V Mini Spotlight

In a vintage-styled shopfront, this gold spotlight from Microlux is subtle and stylish as well as helpful to your business.

Satin Gold Low Voltage Adjustable Ceiling Downlight

But if you're looking for a more subtle light fitting, one that takes you by surprise when you notice it, there's this satin gold recessed downlight that fits directly into the ceiling.

We don't know why we never thought of it before, but gold can be expressive without going completely over the top.

Note: some of the gold-finished light fittings introduced via this article may not be available at Sparks anymore. Here are all the gold light fittings on our website.