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a simple way to pamper your pet - ensure the floor is warm all year round!

  2011-01-12         admin         Advice » Heating Advice
Inspired by a conversation we had on twitter last week, we realized that there is a very simple way to pamper not only yourself but also your pet - make sure the floor is warm all year round with the underfloor heating systems available! Apparently and actually, not only us humans love the warm floor in the kitchen, the bathroom, or in the bedroom - cats also love the warm floor! Why not choose to have a happy cat - all year round? These darlings love the warmth and they seek it all the time. Offer your pet kitty the warm floor she needs - make sure your floor is warm all year round with the DeviMat underfloor heating!
To meet everyone's need, Devi comes with underfloor heating solutions for any kind of floor!
Do you have a stylish wooden floor or maybe a parquet / old style wooden floors in your kitchen? Use the Wooden Underfloor Heating system - the electric mash is easy to install, the thermostat allows you to control the temperature in the room, and the maintenance is almost not needed! Pamper yourself, your family, and even your pets, with the warm wooden floors at any time of the day or night!

Do you use concrete floors at home? Does your bathroom or kitchen have a concrete floor? The Devimat underfloor system for concrete floors helps you heat up even the "coldest concrete floor"! We all know that the wall mounted heaters or convector heaters will not warm up the bottom of the floor... Make sure you have a warm concrete floor with the DeviMat - don't let your kitty hate you because of your cold concrete floor!

Do you prefer the Laminate Floors? No problem - Devimat offers the Under-Laminate floors heating system - very easy to install(watch the video explaining how to install the Devimat) and minimum cost to maintain. Even though it shouldn't be in this way normally, yet both pets and us people are much happier when the atmosphere is not cold but warm... and your warm floors make your pet happy and ready to have fun!

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