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a typical application of Lutron Grafik Eye QS in a conference room

a typical application of Lutron Grafik Eye QS in a conference room

  2012-06-06         sparksdirect         Product News » Dimming Systems News,   Advice » Smart Home System Advice

After speaking concerning the fact that lighting control is one of the greatest opportunities to save the energy, we checked the specs and marketing materials from Lutron for the QS system.

If you remember, the Lutron Grafik Eye QS is a lights and blinds control system, coming complete with scenes for setting the mood of the room as desired.

With the Grafik Eye QS system from Lutron you can set multiple zones - up to 16 individual DALI compliant zones - and you can control your shades from the touch of a button.

With the help of the time clock you can schedule the lighting and shades control to meet the energy code requirements. The wireless remote control will allow you to remotely switch between the scenes.

Grafik QS Typical Application in a Conference Room

The below picture is from the Lutron's own, Grafik Eye QS Wireless Introduction, presenting a typical application of the QS system in a conference room.

Grafik QS Typical Application in a Conference Room

  1. The Sivoia QS wireless roller blinds allows you to quietly move precision-control blinds at the touch of a button in order to reduce sun glare and solar heat gain
  2. The Lutron seeTouch QS wallstations help you adjust lights and blinds in order to achieve the optimal light level for any taskā€”all at the touch of a button
  3. The Lutron Pico wireless control is a new device allowing you to control lights and blinds from anywhere in the space
  4. The RS232/Ethernet interface permits a full integration with the building management systems so that you can easily control lights, blinds, video and temperature from one device
  5. The Grafik Eye QS control panel - lets you monitor, schedule, and control the lights and the blinds at the touch of a button (wall mounted).
  6. The Radio Powr Savr wireless is a new device, an occupancy / vacancy sensor easy to retrofit, insuring energy savings by turning on lights only when you need them.
Read more articles about the new QS system from Lutron in order to have an informed opinion about it, or purchase online via Dimming Systems at Sparks.