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about online orders and deliveries, returns and refunds at

  2010-02-19         admin         Sparks Direct News » Sparks Updates
Almost a year ago we did our best to explain how to order at, and then, as the visitors of our website became our customers, we emailed you regarding the status of the order, the payment, the refunds, the un-wanted items, the return of some of the items, etc. Below we just want to make some observations about the online store and its functioning:

In all the steps of the way - we are sending you confirmations by email - so please check both your Inbox and your Spam / Trash folder(sometimes the emails from get "trashed" or marked as spam; what you can also do is add sales @ sparks as a "friend/contact" to your contacts list); everyone can order online via - and if you ordered at one point in time a while ago & you don't remember your password, there is the "Forgot My Password" function - fill in your email address, and you will be sent your new password, which you will need to modify as soon as possible; When you find the items that you want to purchase, just add them to the cart. It is as simple as that. If you are logged in and you don't want to place the order right away, your cart will be saved for your next return + log in to the site - it will all be there, waiting for you; Shipping - Most of the time you get the items you order by courier/our van in max. 1-2 working days(sometimes even in the same day) - in the worst cases, when the items you order have to be brought in from abroad, we will ask you for a confirmation of the delivery time(some light fittings cannot be kept in stock, they are on order from the manufacturer from abroad); We deliver ONLY to the Billing Address - if you put in a different address for the delivery of the order, according to our policy, we will NOT send the items there but confirm with you if you still want the order to be sent to the BILLING address. At least for now, this is the main condition, and it is like this mainly to protect you, the customer(imagine what would happen if someone got hold of your credit card and ordered something, but he wants the things he orders NOT to YOUR address but to some totally different & random address! This can happen without you knowing it - so we want to prevent that); Returns and refunds - if the items we send you get damaged while they're being transported to you, or they arrive to you with some damage, you can call us about this + eventually write an email to us explaining this situation, and we will send you a returns number / send a courier to collect the items. If the devices you receive are mal-functioning or make some strange noises, again, write to us. We are doing our best for the customer to be happy with the items he purchases from us. In the case of a damaged fitting, you have max. 3 working days to report it to us, after which time you will be responsible for it... Tip: Please Check the items you ordered & arrive to you as soon as possible! Don't just leave them somewhere until you need to install them! It will save you a lot of trouble + it is the most responsible thing to do when you received the ordered goods. Unwanted items - if you receive the items you ordered and one or more of them are not what you intended to have, then please send us an email as soon as possible with this situation - you can return the unwanted items in max. 14 days AFTER we give you a returns number for this. PLEASE DO NOT: - send us the items back without us confirming this first + us giving you a returns number; - assume that by a phonecall you got a confirmation for sending the un-wanted / damaged items back - we confirm by email with a reference number; - ask us to deliver the items "to the neighbors"/"leave them on the porch" / "put them in front of the house" / "leave them at the post office" or any other places - someone has to be home to receive the items + sign for them

Uhm.... this will be all for now - these are just some thoughts about the orders, the ordering process, and the delivery / returns of the items. More about all these, and our policy, can be found on our Terms and Conditions page.