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Smart LED Dimmers from Varilight: WiFi Dimmers and Multi-way Dimmers

Smart LED Dimmers from Varilight: WiFi Dimmers and Multi-way Dimmers

  2023-12-14         sparksdirect         Advice » Lighting Design Advice,   Product News » Dimming Systems News,   Advice » Smart Home System Advice

We are delighted to introduce the new smart LED dimmers from Varilight - the WiFi Smart LED dimmers and the Multi-way Smart LED dimmers, all available via!

Some time ago we were introducing the LED lights and the LED lighting technology, but there was no way to dim them unless a dimming module was purchased separately.

Then, the LED dimmers came along, with buzzing noises and flickering lights.

As the lighting and dimming technology has developed, there are now simple LED dimming modules such as the JP250P from Varilight that can safely and smoothly dim the LED lamps (as long as these are dimmable).

Taking a further step, the versatility of the V-Pro LED dimming technology from Varilight has been further enlarged to include Wifi LED dimmers and multi-way LED dimmers. 

Introducing the Varilight Wifi Dimmers - Smart LED Dimming

Introducing the Varilight Wifi Dimmers - Smart LED Dimming

Varilight is at the forefront of LED dimming technology, and their LED dimmers are trusted by most of the leading LED lighting manufacturers.

All the versatility of the Varilight V-Pro LED dimming technology is now so advanced that it includes the Varilight Wifi LED dimmers - smart LED dimming!

You can now control your LED lights via your phone without the need to install any device in the home - simply by changing the LED dimming module to the new Varilight Wifi LED dimmer.

Introducing the Varilight Wifi Dimmers - Smart LED Dimming

Here are some of the smart LED dimming features of the Varilight Wifi Dimmers. 

  • You can dim your LED lights with a phone, or tablet, or using the V-pro smart LED dimmer itself and the free Supla App.
  • When you're away, you can use "control at home" with "Wifi connection" or "Away" using your mobile phone's 4G or 5G data connection and your free Supla Cloud account. 
  • No need for any extra devices to install and pair up, no need for extra wiring or hub - simply replace your existing dimmer or switch with a Varilight V-pro smart dimmer.
  • Smart LED dimming works with Amazon Alexa and with Google Home.
  • If you install the Master Wifi LED Dimmer, you can use it as a 2-way LED dimmer to be controlled via the app, a smart device, or the phone. If you want to do multi-way dimming, you can order the Wifi Companion Controllers for dimming one circuit of lights from max. 3 locations.
  • Simply install the smart LED dimmer module into any of the existing plates to make it smarter. 

Full instructions for setting up the smart WiFi LED dimmer from Varilight are available here.

Buy Varilight JQSM101W at Sparks

At Sparks we sell the Varilight JQSM101W 1 Gang Varilight V-Pro Smart Master WiFi 100W LED Dimmer (2-Way with Supplementary Controller) in White Plastic with Easy Setup via Supla App. This item is already on a raised white moulded plate, but if you require just the LED dimming module, this one is available also. 

Multi-way LED Dimming - Dim the LED Lights from up to 3 Locations!

Multi-way LED Dimming - Dim the LED Lights from up to 3 Locations

The technology for dimming the same set of LED lights from more than one location is now here!

Tested, approved, and working wonderfully, this technology is brought to you by Varilight with its non-WIFI smart LED dimmers. It is still smart LED dimming, but it is not Wi-Fi enabled.

The way it works is as follows: there is one master Varilight V-Pro smart LED dimmer (0-100W), and when used by itself, it works as a 2-way dimmer, but if you add up to two companion Smart LED Dimmers, it works as a multi-way LED dimmer.

You can dim the same lighting circuit from up to three locations when used with up to two companion LED dimmers.

Let's say you're in bed and you want to dim the LED lights from the bed - you can simply twist the dimmer knob (which is a companion smart LED dimmer paired with the master smart LED dimmer next to the door) and it is done.

If you have a dining room or living room where you want to be able to both switch ON/OFF and dim the LED lights from three locations (by the door, from one end of the room, and from the other end of the room), this can be easily done with the Varilight Smart LED dimmers (non-wifi).

Here are some of the smart features of these LED dimmers:

  • V-Pro Smart Control for intuitive dimming
  • Traditional rotary dimming with Multi-Way operation when used with supplementary controllers
  • Full dimming control from up to 3 dimmer locations
  • Simplified programming system for easy setup
  • No need for wi-fi connection, app installation, or mobile phone use. 
  • Simply replace the existing LED dimmer module with the smart LED dimmer from Varilight. 
  • Dim a LED lighting load of 0-100W (max. 10 LED lamps) from one, two, or three locations in the same room.

Buy the Master Smart LED Dimmer

You can purchase these smart LED dimmers - the Master Smart LED Dimmer and the Companion Smart LED Dimmer - made by Varilight at Sparks.