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Aico EI128RBU Surface Mounting Kit with 5A Relay, Battery Cell Back-up, and Switchable Pulse Feature

Aico EI128RBU Surface Mounting Kit with 5A Relay, Battery Cell Back-up, and Switchable Pulse Feature

  2011-06-08         sparksdirect         Product News » Fire and Security News

This device - the Aico EI128RBU - is the Aico Surface Mount Pattress with Relay and Battery Backup. The Aico Ei128RBU Surface Mounting Kit With 5A Relay with Switchable Pulse Feature, offering a 10 Yr+ Rechargeable Lithium Battery is ideal for the Aico Ei2110 Multi-Sensor, the Aico Ei160RC and the Aico Ei140 Series.

The Aico Ei128RBU Pattress has an integral relay that is activated when the Smoke/Heat Alarm connected to the Ei128RBU enters alarm mode. The relay contacts are isolated and are rated at 250VAC, 5A resistive, and can be used for signalling, turning on lights and sirens or activating door release devices etc.

What is the Aico EI128RBU Pattress and what does it do?

  • The Aico Ei128RBU has an additional socket for connecting to the R" spade terminal on the Ei161R or Ei166R Smoke Alarm. This socket can be used for remote control of the attached Alarm, such as Test/Hush via the Aico Ei152 or a MCP400 Manual Call Point.
  • The Ei128RBU Pattress from Aico is designed to be used with mains powered easi-fit Smoke and Heat Alarms. In addition, the Ei128COV is a plastic lid for the Ei128RBU that allows the unit to be sited remotely to the Smoke or Heat Alarm, and will also allow non Easi-Fit Alarms to be connected to the Ei128RBU.
  • The Aico Ei128RBU Pattress is designed so that any of the alarms listed above will fit on top of the Aico Ei128RBU.
  • The Ei128RBU Pattress from Aico must only be used with one of the Smoke/Heat Alarms listed above - otherwise the unit will not comply with the mandatory safety regulations.

The Aico EI128RBU Surface Mounting Kit - Technical Features

    • Surface mount Pattress;
    • Built in 5A Relay with Pulse or Continuous modes of operation;
    • Rechargeable lithium battery back up;
    • For use with the Aico Ei140 series and the Aico Ei160RC series Smoke and Heat Alarms;
    • Facilitates bulky wiring and conduits;
    • Supply Voltage: 240V AC;
    • Battery back up: Rechargeable lithium cells;
    • Relay Contacts: 250VAC, 5A resistive;
    • Temperature Range: 0 to 40°C;
    • Humidity Range: 0% to 90% Relative Humidity;
    • Interconnect: Up to 12 interconnected mains powered easi-fit smoke or heat alarms;
    • Fixing: Screw fixings supplied;
    • Plastic material: UL94VO flame retardant;
    • This device works with the Aico Ei2110 Multi-Sensor, the Aico Ei160RC series, and the Aico Ei140 Series;
    • Dimensions: 141mm x 21mm; Weight: 160g;
    • Warranty: 5 year (limited) warranty