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All about the Aico SmartLINK RF Wireless Interconnection

All about the Aico SmartLINK RF Wireless Interconnection

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When Aico came out with their 3000 series, they also came with the Aico SmartLINK next-generation Radio Frequency Wireless Interconnection.

Now their latest fire alarms, heat alarms, Carbon Monoxide alarms, and multi-sensor alarms can be interconnected wirelessly!

They made it smarter, easier, and future-proof. They basically took their renowned RadioLINK+ technology and added a new range of functions and features to obtain the Aico SmartLINK RF wireless interconnection.

In this article, we would like to introduce the SmartLINK technology from Aico - award-winning Radio Frequency (RF) Wireless Interconnection and Data Monitoring technology: About the technology, Aico on SmartLINK gateway, house coding the alarm system, and the SmartLINK gateway.

About the Aico SmartLINK RF Wireless Interconnection

About the Aico SmartLINK RF Wireless Interconnection

Constantly being at the forefront of the interconnection technology for the fire alarm system, Aico continues its development in this realm from RadioLINK to RadioLINK+ and now with Aico SmartLINK.

This new SmartLINK technology provides the same proven wireless interconnection technology as RadioLINK and RadioLINK+.

It uses Radio Frequency signals and is completely compatible with both existing systems. Here are its most interesting features:

  • RF Signals - no more tricky cable runs to interconnect the alarms, for the Aico SmartLINK RF Wireless Interconnection is cable-free!
  • Wireless Interconnection: when one of the alarms is triggered, all the others sound loud for everyone around the property to hear.
  • Expandable System you can simply expand an existing system by easily adding in Aico SmartLINK technology. 
  • Remote Monitoring and Data Extraction: with Aico SmartLINK you can now achieve remote whole-system data monitoring and extraction even when access is not possible. 
Tip: add the Aico SmartLINK technology to your system simply by plugging in the Ei3000MRF SmartLINK module into any Aico 3000 Series alarm head. 

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Aico on SmartLINK Gateway

Here's what Aico has to say on their SmartLINK Gateway:

"Aico has launched the SmartLINK Gateway to provide a groundbreaking solution for Registered Social Landlords to have access to real time data insight into the status of the Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide alarm systems across their entire housing stock. Using its built-in GSM data connection, the Ei1000G utilises Aico’s next generation of wireless technology to report events including Fire/CO activations and alarm head removals as they happen to the SmartLINK cloud portal, for full visibility and remote monitoring. The Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway aims to improve efficiency, reduce costs, aid with forecasting and compliance and enable smart asset management. The SmartLINK Gateway will revolutionise the way in which alarm systems are managed, paving the way to a solution-focused approach to asset management."

Watch the full video via,

Aico SmartLINK RF Wireless Interconnection - House Coding the Alarm System

Aico SmartLINK RF Wireless Interconnection - House Coding the Alarm System

If you want to make sure that all alarms in your system sound when one of them is triggered, they must be interconnected; this means they must be house-coded together.

When they are house-coded in this way, the alarms will learn each other as a system, and they will ensure a secure interconnection, having no cross-signals with any neighbouring systems.

Aico made House Coding very simple to reduce time at installation; at the same time, it is secure and reliable.

Visit this link to learn How to set up a SmartLINK, RadioLINK+ and RadioLINK interconnected system (House Coding).

If you want to expand a system with extra alarms in the 3000 range from Aico so that you get increased coverage, this is very easy.

With Remote House Coding you eliminate the disruption of running new cables to interconnect the fire alarms and you also save time at installation.

It is now easy to add alarms to an existing system with Aico House Coding. 

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The SmartLINK Gateway - Real-Time Notifications, Alarms, and Events

The SmartLINK Gateway - Real-Time Notifications, Alarms, and Events

The Aico Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway enables real-time configurable notifications of alarm activations and events.

When you install the Gateway and portal system, you have full visibility of your connected SmartLINK system.

The Gateway and Cloud portal use Aico’s SmartLINK technology to bring together data from all SmartLINK-enabled alarms in a property in a simple, online dashboard format – so viewing and managing them is easier and more effective.

Connected devices’ events are processed by the Gateway as they occur and cover events such as:

  • Fire Alarm
  • CO level detected (High, Medium, Low)
  • Button Test
  • Mains Absent Fault
  • Head OK
  • Head Removed
  • End of life

Note: Reportable events are model-dependent.

Full details about the Aico SmartLINK technology can be found on their dedicated page, and you can purchase the Aico 3000 series on our website here. Plus, the Ei3000MRF SmartLINK module is here