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How the Airflow iCON range Revolutionised the Residential Ventilation Fans

How the Airflow iCON range Revolutionised the Residential Ventilation Fans

  2019-03-20         sparksdirect         Product News » Ventilation News

In 2004, the Airflow iCON range of ventilation fans breathed new life into the stagnant ventilation industry.

It had a dynamic, new design which blended style with functionality in the generic field of boxy extractor fans.

Many experts said the iCON had revolutionised residential ventilation with its dynamic build, which won a Red Dot Design award.

Speaking of the range, Red Dot said that it was:

"A revolution in fan design. You have never seen a fan like it or installed a fan like it either."
The changes made were not merely cosmetic; rather, they were the results of a complete rehaul of the way in which fans were designed, specified, installed and sold.

Even now, with the arrival of the newer Airflow iCONstant, it is worth looking to the award-winning iCON range.

Airflow made serious innovations in 2004 and caused other manufacturers to ‘up their game’, in order to catch up.

The iCONs introduced the world to a simple interchangeable module concept that would save time and money - for both distributors and consumers.

The iCON range and how they innovated extract fan design

Airflow iCON - these fans have a unique design, a quiet and low energy, and they are quick to install

The iCON range of extractor fans from Airflow was made with simplicity in mind. A quick, core drilled hole enables immediate fixing of the device and its twist on/off cover requires only a single side entry fixing screw.

The fans feature ‘cantilever’ fixing lugs that enable recessed installation on uneven surfaces. iCON30 and iCON60 are also supplied with a narrow contour skirt for surface mounting if desired.

The 'snap-in' module is quick to fit and wire, giving the installer a choice of on-site control of the iCON. Airflow designed the iCON with the busy contractor in mind.

With a modular design and maximum fan choice, they will save themselves bundles of both time and money.

A contractor need only carry three basic fans and a range of inexpensive fan control modules to quickly install fans, and move faster from site to site. What’s more, any module will fit the iCON fan (subject to voltage levels).

Airflow iCON fans are ideal for the social housing sector

Airflow iCON - a fan for all reasons, including toilet, en-suite, bathroom, utility rooms, or kitchens

The iCON fans from Airflow are well-suited to the social housing sector, as specifiers, landlords and tenants all seek a ventilation solution that is eco-efficient and cheap.

With the Airflow iCON fans, all these demands are met, as they have low-running costs and are packed with features that make them more eco-friendly.

It is the responsibility of a landlord in the UK to create a healthy, well-ventilated environment - they hold a ‘Duty of Care’ to their tenant’s well-being.

This Duty of Care is backed by law, with the Housing Act and Home Standard being just two examples of government legislation supporting it.

The reasonably priced iCON fans are sure to be a favourite among landlords, as they will enable them to fulfil their Duty of Care responsibilities.

The iCON range - extractor fans for all your home’s needs

Airflow iCON - Choose the fan, iCON 15, iCON 30, or iCON 60, ventilation fans

There is a diverse range of iCONs available, which all comply fully with UK Building Regulations.

The iCON15 and 30 are available in extra-low voltage (SELV) versions which have long-life 12 volt DC motors. They also provide extra protection in wet zones. 

We’ll describe each model in more detail here:

The iCON15 is perfect for toilets, en-suites, shower rooms and bathrooms. It can be recessed into the wall or ceiling for installation. It is fashionable and unobtrusive, even in the smallest of spaces.

The slim profile and iris shutter make the iCON15 a fan which will blend discreetly into many settings.

The iCON30 is a quiet, powerful extractor fan that is designed for use in locations such as larger toilets, bathrooms and utility rooms.

It is a mixed flow fan, which is designed to deliver high performance airflow under pressure. Its small profile and iris shutter make it a fan which will blend subtly into any setting.

The iCON60 is the largest fan in the range. It is highly efficient in domestic kitchens, changing areas, utility rooms, residents' lounges - as well as other large locations.

The iCON30 and iCON60 are perfect for long duct runs and are both can be either recess or surface mounted.

More information about the individual specifications of each iCON can be found via our website.

Reasons for the iCONs enduring popularity - and why you should consider getting one

Airflow iCON - it has the WOW factor, for it matches your decor with silver, sandstone, chrome, or anthracite finish.

Convenience is the name of the game with the iCON fans. All of the fans are IPX4 rated for use in bathroom zones 1, 2 and 3.

They have interchangeable controls that can match fans to installation requirements with ease. What’s more, they come in an attractive variety of colours - chrome, anthracite, silver and sandstone.

All of the iCON fans boast a circular design that ensures that no squaring is required, simplifying their installation.

The fans shutter design means that switching them on or off produces basically no noise.

With easy installation, slim profiles and intelligent features, the iCON series broke new ground when they first came out in 2004.

Although many manufacturers have tried to replicate their success, they remain a design classic and a go-to for any customer looking for an intelligent extract fan.