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Airflow Loovent Eco Fans Exceed the Building Regulations (Part F)

Airflow Loovent Eco Fans Exceed the Building Regulations (Part F)

  2013-02-07         sparksdirect         Advice » Ventilation Advice

Domestic ventilation is a big deal. Roughly speaking, ventilation is required for:

  1. bringing in fresh air from outdoors
  2. the dilution and removal of airborne pollutants such as mould and odour
  3. ensuring that the humidity levels in a space don't get too high
In October 2010, the building regulations were updated to include the latest version of "Part F," which covers the ventilation requirements for new and existing properties.

They are hard to decode, but we can offer some help in the form of electrical products.

What Does Part F Specify?

If you were wondering what does Part F of Building Regulations specify, here it is in a nutshell: a ventilation system needs to be supplied in order to reduce mould and other pollutants that could prove hazardous to the health of the building's inhabitants.

Basically, a ventilation system needs to:

  • extract pollutants and water vapour before those things are generally widespread
  • rapidly dilute those things when necessary
  • make available over long periods a minimum supply of outdoor air
  • be installed in such a way that aids later maintenance
In addition, Part F mandates that dwellings must be airtight (to a certain degree) to reduce domestic emissions.

The specifications for new and existing buildings can be found in the Approved Document.

They are complicated, and include guidelines on concepts like Specific Fan Power and trickle ventilation, but there is an easy way to meet these standards!

Airflow's Loovent Eco Extractor Fans

The Loovent Eco series exceeds these requirements. These are dMEV (Domestic Mechanical Extract Ventilation) fans for whole house ventilation (also known as background ventilation), but also feature a "boost mode" to provide extra ventilation when it is needed.

These fans are high-powered enough to meet the specifications set out in Part F: in bathrooms, a 7 or 9 litres-per-second mode can be set, or in kitchens a 13 litre/sec speed may be more appropriate.

The boost function offers up to 30 litre/sec. Loovent Eco fans have a specific fan power (the electric power needed to drive a fan relative to the amount of air that is circulated through it) of just 0.3 w/l/s, less than the required 0.5 w/l/s.

What's more, we offer models in our online store that include a adjustable humidistat, timer, and/or a PIR motion sensor for energy-saving purposes in line with Part L of those same building regulations.

These models are compact, easy to install, and dare we say... stylish? Practically noiseless and highly efficient, the Loovent Eco series of dMEV fans are the clear choice for domestic whole-house ventilation for Part F-compliant buildings.