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Applications of the Illuma Floodline High Output lights in sports halls and shops, stores

  2010-03-13         admin         Product News » Designer Lighting News
A picture is worth 1,000 words, and most of us want to see some applications of the fittings we want to purchase - the same is true with the Illuma Floodline range of High Output floodlights for indoor use. Ideally used in art galleries, shops, stores, even sports halls, exhibitions, etc. Read more about the Illuma Floodline single circuit track lights, and see below some applications of the Floodline range of 1-circuit track T5 lights in sports halls or in shops / stores(in Roger Oats).

Applications of the Illuma Floodline 1-circuit Track T5 Lights in Sports Halls

Applications of the Illuma Floodline Track Lights in Shops / Stores

These are some of the many ways you can use the Illuma Floodline T5 lights - track lights. To purchase these lights online, visit the Illuma Track Lights, Illuma Floodline floodlights for interior use(T5 different dimensions rotating 1-circuit track lights). See other applications of the Illuma Track Lights and Spotlights.