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no longer available - the SAVAplug, energy saving plug for freezers and fridges, reduced price!

  2009-10-09         admin         Product News » Electrical Items News
It all started when we were doing the inventory in our warehouse, and we found these SAVAplugs - energy saving devices for the freezers and the fridge freezers. Did you know that the award winning Savaplug was developed in conjunction with the Department of Energy? These plugs can save you money on fridge and freezer running costs and they are for the  better for the environment. When fitted, the SAVAplug helps fridges & freezers to run more economically by adjusting the electricity supply according to the motor's needs. This means that they will also be kinder to the environment. Available as stock lasts, they are now on sale at SparksDirect (Energy Management) - no longer £20, now: £5.99 + VAT! - OUT OF STOCK for now.

The Savaplug fitted to the freezer or the fridge-freezer cuts electricity consumption with typical savings of 20%, which is good news for you and the environment. Savaplug uses technology which has proven reliability and performance in hundreds of thousands of commercial products known as Savacontrols. Now, you can reap the benefits they are enjoying by cutting the cost of running your freezer or fridge-freezer in your home. How does it work? This Savaplug works by regulating the power to the appliance to match just what it needs - with no waste. The red light on the Savaplug glows when savings are being made. When the thermostat on the appliance switches on the motor to pump the refrigerant around the system full power is required to start the motor. However, once the motor is running full power is no longer needed. While almost anywhere else these plugs are no longer available, they can be found fia! Read all you need to know about this energy saving device + purchase it online via SparksDirect - SAVAplug! Note: this item is now out of stock + discontinued, until we continue to bring it in.

Switch on to the Energy Saver - the SAVAPlug! This is a unique energy-saving plug for freezers and fridge freezers - reduces power consumption, saves electricity, and helps save the earth for your children!

SAVAplug energy saving plug for freezers&fridges - Further Notes

  • The SAVAplug must not be used on any other appliance or electrical equipment other than refrigerators, freezers and fridge-freezers supplied in the UK for domestic use and in a private dwelling in the UK.
  • The SAVAplug is not compatible with certain makes and models of fridges/freezers - as a general rule, digital displays, motorised drinks and ice dispensers, or electronic controls are indications of incompatibility
  • The red light on the SAVAplug will illuminate to indicate that savings are being made. In some cases, it may illuminate all the time, sometimes with differing brightness and, in other cases, may flicker. All these variations indicate satisfactory operation.
  • If in doubt about any of the instructions given when you receive the Savaplug please consult an electrician.
  • Remember that whilst you're changing the plug, your fridge will be getting warmer. Don't rush the job but don't take too long either.
  • The product comes with an initial 1 year guarantee.
BUY NOW - This SAVAplug is available While Stock Lasts! - this item is currently out of stock, and there are no current plans to bring it in. This article was written to promote the SavaPlug - as stock lasted.