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Bathroom Extractor Fan Comparison: the Silent Design 100 vs the Silhouette S100

Bathroom Extractor Fan Comparison: the Silent Design 100 vs the Silhouette S100

  2013-01-30         sparksdirect         Product News » Ventilation News

Today we are putting two bathroom fans against one another. We have a lot of ventilation fans in-store, but they're not all intended for the same purpose - some fans are more equal than others.

 Note: the Silhouette S100 range is no longer available on our website; see the full Envirovent range we currently distribute.

A bathroom fan needs to have a great extraction rate to fight condensation, odours, and the formation of allergens (particularly mould).

It ought to be quiet enough to run in the middle of the night without waking everyone up, and with the drive to save energy, it should consume as little energy as possible.

The Silhouette S100 and the Silent Design 100 are similarly priced - but which of them offers more value for money?

Bathrom Extractor Fans Comparison

Silhouette S100Vent-Axia Silhouette S100 Bathroom Extraction Fan Silent Design 100Envirovent Silent 100 Bathroom Extraction Fan
Ducting size 100mm 100mm
Power Consumption 16W 8W
Airflow 26 litres/sec 22 litres/sec
Noise 37 dB(A) 26.5 dB(A)
IP Rating IPx4 IP45
Operation Manual switch Manual switch and timer
Integral Timer No Yes

The Results

The S100 fan is more suited to bathrooms and utility rooms whereas the Silent Design 100 is drip-proof, consumes less power with an 8W motor and integral timer operation, and is - well, almost silent.

For intermittent ventilation in a domestic bathroom, this is the clear option.

However, the S100 has a slightly higher extraction rate - and if you remember this video, you might recall that the Silent Design 100's flat cover is a natural enemy of the extractor fan - or at least it would be, if not for the curved design of the cover that counteracts the effect.

As listed, both these items exceed the extract ventilation rates mandated by the Building Regulations ADF (2010).

It should be noted that the Silhouette S100 can be expanded at a little extra cost to include more features than the Silent Design 100, but it runs a higher cost.

A timer model, for example, runs to approx. £37 + VAT, but more options are available including motion sensing and humidity-regulating models.

In comparison, a humidity-sensing model of the Silent Design 100 costs £57 + VAT. If you need more granular control options, for example in office buildings and commercial properties, this is the model of choice.

Note: all the Envirovent extractor fans can be found on our website; see this link for the latest offering.