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Best Bargain: Pay as low as £5.50 for a low voltage fire rated fixed downlight, transformer included!

  2011-01-13         admin         Sparks Direct News » Promotions
Everyone online is talking about these amazingly priced fittings for indoors - the fire rated fixed downlights for as low as £5.50 + VAT!

In a stylish Satin Chrome or White finish, the FRFL Low Voltage Fire Rated Fixed Downlights (transformer included) are ideal for the bedroom, the living room, the dining room, on the corridor, and everywhere you need max. 50W recessed spotlights AND you want to save energy at the same time! Save both energy and money when you purchase the FRFL range of LV Fire Rated Fixed Downlights (transformer included) - extra low voltage 12V transformer included, brightly shining spotlights, and what's best about them - they are CHEAPER than ANYWHERE ELSE!

Why pay as much as £25 or £30 for a single fire rated spotlight when you can get it for as low as £5.50 + VAT!

Tested to up to 90mins fire protection ceilings, you can mount the FRFL Low Voltage Fire Rated Fixed Downlights safely according to the Building Regulations!

More about the Cheaper FRFLV Fire Rated Downlights

  • Cheaper Fire Rated Downlights, low voltage recessed lights;
  • Protection against electric shock: class 3 electrical rated;
  • Extra low voltage - from appropriate 12V transformer;
  • Fixed downlight: not tilting;
  • Lamp type: MR16, max. 50W;
  • Dimensions: 86mm; Overall diameter: 106mm; Depth: 140mm;
  • Lamp retention: twist and lock bezel;
  • Temperature range: -20 to +40 degrees C;
  • IP rating: IP20 rated (not for shower use);
  • Finishes available: - the FRFLVWH white fire rated downlights(low voltage, transformer included); - the FRFLVSC satin chrome fire protection downlights(low voltage, transformer included);
  • Supply: 12V(from safety extra low voltage transformer);
  • Low voltage white / satin chrome downlight(energy saving);
  • Fire rated recessed fitting: up to 90minutes fire protection;
  • F marked: suitable for mounting on normally flammable surfaces;
  • Minimum distance from illuminated object: 0.5m;
  • Complies with BS EN60598, BS5250; BS476 parts 20, 21, and 23;
  • Grab this Best Bargain - buy online the cheaper FRFLV range of Fixed Fire Protection Recessed Lights.
Remember: the FRFLV Fire Rated Downlights is a white/satin chrome 12V fire rated fixed downlight that includes the fitting and the transformer. Basically, they are recessed fixed downlights with pressed steel body and die cast aluminium from bezel with intumescent seals to give 90mins fire protection rating in an appropriate 90min rated ceiling.