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BG Brushed Chrome raised plate becomes BG Nexus in Brushed Steel

  2010-05-10         admin         Product News » Switches and Sockets News
Under the Metal Plate range of switches and sockets, at the Raised Plate range, we used to have the BG Brushed Chrome switches and sockets - something like the less expensive range of wiring devices, a budget range. Unfortunately, this range has been discontinued by the BG Electrical - but there is another range - the BG Nexus Metal in raised Plate and brushed steel finish(introduced via the BG Nexus range of wiring devices) that successfully replaces it.

Very similar to the BG Brushed Chrome range, the BG Nexus Metal in Raised plate wiring accessories have no visible plastic around switches, and they also have a lightly lacquered surface to reduce fingerprint marks. With a modern slim profile, the BG Nexus Metal switches and sockets have an integral gasket for moisture protection. They are available in Brushed Steel(the range on our site), Polished Chrome, Polished Brass, and Black Nickel. You can order the other ranges as a "special order" - send us an email about it. Part of this range there are:

  • The 10Amp 10AX raised plate BG Nexus switches;
  • The 13Amp double pole BG Nexus socket outlets;
  • The Round Pin BG Nexus Socket Outlets(2A or 5A);
  • The 45Amp Double Pole BG Nexus Switches(single or double plate, with or without neon);
  • The 20Amp Double Pole BG Nexus Switches(with or without neon);
  • The 13Amp BG Nexus fused connection units (switched or unswitched spurs);
  • The Coaxial, telephone, and data BG Nexus socket outlets;
  • The Push On/Off BG Nexus dimmer switches, 400W;
  • The BG Nexus Shaver Sockets;
  • The BG Nexus Blank plates(single or double).
See below some of the wiring devices in the BG Nexus Metal range - not all of them are in Brushed Steel finish, but "the picture is informative: the finish of this accessory is brushed steel".

BG Nexus Metal Switches, Sockets, Dimmers, Spurs, etc

You can purchase this brilliant range of interior wiring devices via - at the Raised Plate BG Nexus Metal Switches and Sockets.