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BG Nexus Moulded White wiring accessories, switches and sockets

  2009-12-24         admin         Product News » Switches and Sockets News
The BG(British General) Nexus range of wiring accessories is a very comprehensive new range in both metal and plastic finishes which includes switches, sockets, dimmers, spurs, data outlets, telephone sockets, shaver sockets, fused connection units, TV/coax sockets, etc. The Nexus Collection is the perfect combination of style and function.

Here are some of the wiring accessories from the BG Nexus range - Sleek and slim with softly rounded corners and gently curved rockers, Nexus combines superior quality with stunning good looks.

BG Nexus White Moulded Wiring Accessories

  1. Screw covers for sleek appearance
  2. Flush neon, & inlaid red rocker indicator
  3. Modern slim profile
  4. Removable flex outlet
  5. Angled in-line, colour coded, captive terminals

BG Nexus Moulded White, Models and Features

Some of the models from the BG Nexus range are: 10 Ax Switches, 13 Amp Sockets, 45 Amp Switches, and RCD Protection devices. More precisely, you can purchase online: