BN Thermic Low Level Convector Heaters, the BLC range of skirting convector heaters

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You have probably noticed these skirting convector heaters - very popular in commercial spaces, in waiting rooms, corridors, or in churches.  The BLC Low Level Convector Heaters from BN Thermic are a practical and economic method of heating churches and other spaces, an unobtrusive source of warmth for a variety of commercial premises. The following details can also be found on the BN Thermic website at the BLC Low Level Convector Heaters, Natural Convector Heaters from BN Thermic, and are being made available to you if you are looking for a skirting convector heater...

Heating a conventional church presents many problems to overcome, like:

  • The large volume means that maintaining a comfortable air temperature is extremely expensive.
  • To warm up the air from ‘cold’ prior to each service would take a very long time, consume a great deal of energy and is not generally regarded as a practical solution.
  • In many churches it is not permissible to fit heaters to walls or suspend them from the roof.
  • Any source of heat needs to be silent and as unobtrusive as possible.
Where fixed pews are in place, the BN Thermic BLC range of skirting heaters provides the best method of heating in a church. The heaters should be fixed to the back-board of the pew below the seat.

BN Thermic Low Level Convector Heaters - the BLC Skirting Convector Heaters Features

  • Robust steel construction with central baffle plate to promote convection currents;
  • Long life metal sheathed finned heating element;
  • Typical Applications: Churches, Corridors, Waiting rooms, Heating in Churches;
  • Choice of almond (RAL9001) of dark brown (RAL8014) finishes;
  • Auto-reset over-temperature protection;
  • Electrical connections can be made at either end of the heater;
  • Optional safety guards with dark brown (RAL8014) finish;
  • Optional floor mounting brackets with dark brown (RAL8014) finish.

Controlling the BLC Skirting Heaters in a Church

Controlling the BN Thermic BLC skirting heaters in a church is generally as simple as switching on the required heaters immediately before a service and switching them off once the pews have been vacated. This can be achieved manually or by means of a programmable timer if preferred. It is not usually necessary to use thermostatic control in a church application as there is no attempt being made to build up and maintain a body of warm air.

Controlling BLC Heaters in a Conventional Space Heating Application

For maximum economy we suggest the skirting convector heaters are thermostatically controlled. This is most easily achieved by specifying the BN Thermic BLC-TB-13 factory fitted thermostat. This device has an external control knob allowing easy adjustment of the temperature set-point. Where tamperproof control is required a Hard Case HC-T1 wall mounted thermostat should be used. The BN Thermic HC-T1 will switch a group of BLC heater up to a combined load of 16A or larger loads via a suitably rated contactor. The Hard Case tamperproof design ensures that only authorised personnel can adjust the temperature setting.

BN Thermic Low Level Heaters - the BLC Skirting Heaters models