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brilliant Radio Frequency Programmable Room ThermoStat, the Grasslin STTR/F Towerstat RF

  2010-06-23         admin         Product News » Heating News
We have recently updated this item on our website - the Radio Frequency Programmable Room ThermoStat RSRF, manufactured by Grasslin (their code is STTR/F Towerstat RF). This thermostat can replace most common residential thermostats and is designed to be used with electric, gas or oil heating control systems or cooling systems. Unlike conventional thermostat devices, this control is a new type of thermostat which separates the functions into two units:
  1. The Receiver serves for wiring connections and heat/cool on/off control
  2. The Transmitter serves as the user interface and for temperature sensing / control.
The two units are linked by radio frequency (RF). The advantage is that the user can keep the Transmitter nearby and can read / control the temperature of the living area in immediate use. The Towerstat RF operates on 434 MHz. This is a common frequency used for various household products and as such may on occasion experience crosstalk from other RF operated devices. Read more below about the features of this RF thermostat, the receiver and the transmitter, and where to find out more details about this fitting.

The Radio Frequency Programmable Room Thermostat - Features

  • Transmitter dimensions: 116 x 100 x 23.5mm, weight 126g;
  • Receiver dimensions: 91.5 x 91.5 x 42mm, weight 176g;
  • Power supply: Transmitter 2 x AA(LR6) batteries;
  • Receiver: 230VAC 50Hz;
  • Accuracy: + / - 60 seconds / month;
  • Temp. measurement: 0degC to 40degC in 0.5degC resolution;
  • Temp. accuracy: + / - 10 at 20degC;
  • Temperature Control: 7degC to 30degC in 0.5degC increments;
  • Span: 1, 2, 3, or 40C;
  • Air conditioner cycle time: 3 minutes;
  • Operation temperature: 0degC to 40degC;
  • Storage temperature: -10degC to 60degC;
  • Operating frequency: 434 MHz.

RF Programmable Thermostat - The Transmitter

  • Can be placed anywhere in the home to detect and control the temperature of an area of the user’s choice. Not limited by power control wiring locations;
  • Linked with the Receiver via RF. Control distance 100m in free space;
  • LCD shows the ‘need to know’ information only, which is easier to understand;
  • Real time clock with day of the week display;
  • Room temperature display;
  • Control profile display;
  • Simplified temperature adjustment – Simplified programming procedure;
  • 6 pre-defined control profiles, 3 user programmable control profiles;
  • Protection against frost damage within the heating system;
  • Temporary override set temperature;
  • User selectable temperature span;
  • User selectable heater/cooler operation mode;
  • Battery level detection;
  • 2 AA size alkaline batteries;
  • Slim housing design and backlit display.

RF Programmable Thermostat - The Receiver

  • Linked with Transmitter via RF;
  • Power rating up to 230VAC 16A resistive;
  • Powered by line voltage only. No battery required;
  • Two LED indicators for power and output status.
Do you want to find more about this Radio Frequency Programmable Thermostat RSRF from Grasslin? Read more about: The installation of the receiver(RF address code setting, removing your old thermostat; mounting the Receiver onto the wall / junction box; mounting the Receiver onto the optional wall box; wiring for 230v or volt-free applications); Setting of Transmitter Heating / Cooling Selection; Temperature span selection; Battery installation; Setting the clock; Setting control temperature; Testing the RF transmission range; Temporary overrides; The Frost-Protection mode; Battery replacement, the receiver power switch - all in the following files: Buy online the Grasslin STTR/F Thermostat - the RF Programmable Room Thermostat - via, at the Energy Management category, Timers and Thermostats.