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What to Look For when Buying a Bathroom / Toilet Ventilation Fan

What to Look For when Buying a Bathroom / Toilet Ventilation Fan

  2013-02-21         sparksdirect         Advice » Ventilation Advice

In our > 20 years of experience in selling electrical products for both domestic and commercial use, we have encountered a lot of questions from our customers both online and in our shop.

Many of these questions are related to the choosing of the right bathroom ventilation fan. What does one need to know about the bathroom fan which he needs to install at home?

What features he needs to make sure it has, so that he would have the latest in technology and in aspect? We asked our consultants on the counter here in our showroom in Archway and we checked the questions you have asked us online, and we compiled a list of such questions below.

The Size of the Bathroom Fan

The size of the bathroom or toilet fan matters. In general, for the domestic use people need mainly the 4 inch fan, 100 mm diameter (the extracting diameter / duct). The front lid / the grill is in general max. 158 x 158 mm - small, not taking too much space in the bathroom.

The Fan Must have a Timer

Many times we forget to turn off the light in the bathroom, and it is the same with the fan - it is better to make sure that the bathroom fan turns itself off in 2-3 minutes after you leave the bathroom. The timer module is many times incorporated into the fan, and it can be set up to the time lag desired.

How Quiet is the Fan?

It is very important to have a quiet fan, so quiet that you cannot even hear it! Some fans are so loud that you hate being in the bathroom with them running in the background :( while others like Airflow QT100T and Envirovent SIL100T are as quiet as 26.5dB(A) at 3m - you can barely hear the fan extracting the air!

How Far is the Ducting?

If the ducting needs to be longer than 3 meters, you will need a different fan with a stronger power of extraction. But in general, for domestic or regular office bathroom/toilet needs with ducting up to 3m (the length of the ducting until the outside / the central ventilation system). Ducting can also be purchased via Sparks.

What is the Cheapest 100mm Toilet Fan?

Many customers ask this question, and on our website, we have the PRO100T from Envirovent (100mm diameter, with a timer included). It is not the quietest among them all, but it is definitely the cheapest and most popular one! For those who are looking to invest in a quiet fan with a stylish look, the SIL100T and QT100T are the first choices.

Extra: Dust Free Grill

Dust tends to accumulate on the grill of the fan, and with time and use the fan needs to be gently wiped with a clean cloth (see the instructions included in the package). If you are looking for a fan that has a dust-free grill (no dust accumulating as time goes by) check out the Envirovent SILD10TW. It always stays clean!
Was the above information useful? Do you have any other questions regarding the Bathroom Fans? Let us know in the comments.