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CCTV 4 camera system with integral 250GB HDD, security systems of surveillance for home/office use

  2010-02-01         admin         Product News » Fire and Security News
Now with more features and for even less money, in more than one model - the DIGIPRO 4 range from ESP is composed of four CCTV cameras(IRCAM20) for day and night with the 250GB DVR hard drive for storing the images/videos taken. If you add the 15 inch TFT monitor to this system, you are ready to insure the security of your premises. The recently expanded D-range from ESP meets the demands of the experienced installer while still continuing to offer attractive, cost effective plug and play solutions for the novice wishing to move into the exciting world of CCTV.

Digiview 4 Pro offers a comprehensive digital CCTV solution for either home or business use. The cameras are suitable for exterior or interior use without any additional housing, and they offer clear colour images during the day and crisp infra red illuminated mono images at night.

Also included in this DIGIPRO system is a high capacity digital video recorder which allows simple control, recording and viewing of images whilst also providing power for the cameras. To complete the system a cable is included for direct connection to a standard television or an optional dedicated CCTV TFT monitor. The monitor is optional, but you can purchase it also via sparksdirect.co.uk - the TFT15 CCTV monitor is a 15" TFT monitor ideal for this system(unless you want a larger view/larger monitor), having BNC video loop through.

Also, if you want to place the CCTV system into a network, if you want to check the CCTV surveillance cameras from somewhere else than that location(via online, network, etc), you can choose the DIGIPRON - Networkable ESP Digiview 4 Pro CCTV system(has the same characteristics as the DIGIPRO, but can be put in a network - networkable).

Digiview 4 Pro CCTV Camera System - General features

  • Day/Night cameras with LED illumination;
  • Digital full screen recording;
  • Built in on-screen motion detection;
  • Up to 16 weeks continuous recording;
  • Compatible with CCTV monitor or standard TV;
  • Cameras suitable for indoor or outdoor use;
  • USB output for captured image transfer;
  • All this - for as low as £299 + VAT.

CCTV Camera Specifications

  • Day / night CCTV camera c/w 15m cable;
  • 420 TVL;
  • 4mm fixed lens;
  • Up to 8m Infra Red illumination;
  • 12v DC 300mA (IR-on);
  • Weatherproof IP65 rating.

What you get in the box - DigiView 4 Pro CCTV

  • One DVR c/w 250GB hard drive;
  • Four IRCAM-20 Day/Night cameras;
  • Four 15m camera cables;
  • One lead for monitor or TV connection;
  • One Software for image transfer;
  • One USB lead.
To see more of the features of this CCTV surveillance 4 camera system, read our previous article about it(the only difference is the HDD capacity, now 250GB). Buy online CCTV Security Cameras and Monitors:

Note: the DIGIPRON system has been discontinued, it is now being replaced by DIGIPRO4: the new Digiview4i Networkable CCTV System (read more about it online)