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Christmas Electrical Safety Tips - being safe while lighting up the Christmas lights and decorations

  2010-12-01         admin         Safety » Electrical Safety
This article is posted on the NICEIC website as a press release, and it gives some simple tips for everyone who is eager to get ready for the end of the year celebration - the Christmas and the New Year's eve - yet wants to be safe while putting up the Christmas Lights, the Christmas decorations, and all the other Christmas lighting fittings inside the house, outside the house, or even in the bedroom / living room, etc.

Read the whole press release via Sparking up the Festive Spirit. Also, see the main Christmas Electrical Safety tips summarized at the end of the press release - be safe while fitting your Christmas lights!

Sparking up the Festive Spirit - NICEIC's Christmas Safety Campaign

Festive fever is already sweeping the nation as Brits prepare for the Christmas season earlier than ever this year. However, despite spending hours on choosing the perfect Christmas gifts, finding the fattest turkey and best pud, homeowners are often guilty of stringing up their hundreds of Xmas lights without a second thought.

Every year Christmas crazed homeowners adorn their properties with an array of sparkling lights, decorative snow flakes and multiple ‘Santa please stop here’ signs. These festive fanatics have no limits in their desire to make their homes stand out from the crowd and be the shining stars of the Yuletide displays.

However Tony Cable, spokesperson for NICEIC is warning homeowners to be cautious, he comments: “We all like a spot of Christmas spirit but every year the odd few get too carried away with festive lighting, putting the household’s safety in jeopardy. Too many lights and decorations are not a good idea, so try to limit the amount of plugs per socket and when you turn the lights off, make sure you also switch them off at the wall. If you need additional sockets ask a registered electrician to fit some more for you.

Money may be tight for some this Christmas so many people will be re-using lighting decorations that may have been stored away for a year and should be thoroughly checked before use. If you are in any doubt about the quality of the lights, throw them away and buy new ones.

When purchasing new Christmas lights look for extra low voltage options with LEDs instead of traditional filament light bulbs. LEDs reduce the risk of electric shock, use less power and generate less heat so they are less expensive and safer to use. Because they are made of a special plastic, there aren’t any breakable glass bulbs and these lights also save energy, so are more environmentally friendly and will help save on energy bills.

Most importantly, if you are worried about faulty electrics or encounter an electrical problem, do not tackle it yourself, call out a professional.

In brief, here are the main things we should / should not do when dealing with electricity and the Christmas Lights before and during Christmas:
  • Not Too Many Lights And Decorations - no matter how safe you try to stay, they can become dangerous if too many;
  • Limit The Amount of Plugs Per Socket - stay safe, don't put too many plugs into a socket;
  • Switch The Lights Off When Not Needed - when you don't use them / during the day, switch off the lights / decorations!
  • Re-using The Old Decorations / Christmas Lights - thoroughly have them checked before re-using them!
  • Choose the Low Voltage / LED Lights - save the energy and reduce the electric shock danger, be safe while using the lights!
  • Call Out A Professional - if in trouble, worried, or having faulty electrics, call out a qualified electrician!