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NEW! Color Changing RGB LED Tape for Domestic or Commercial Applications!

NEW! Color Changing RGB LED Tape for Domestic or Commercial Applications!

  2013-03-18         sparksdirect         Advice » Lighting Design Advice

We were recently speaking about the continual and rapid evolution of the LED technology, and the LEDK1RGB LED tape kit is here to confirm it.

The days in which you needed an electrician to quote you for an undershelf light or retail color-changing and eye-catching LED lights is over!

Now you can install, stick, cut, and customize your own LED strip lights, including the color sequence, the frequency, etc - with the possibility of changing this via the remote control!

And all this for as low as... £40 + VAT! Truly a revolutionary product.

What is this LED Tape / Strip Light?

What we are introducing in this article is a do-it-yourself kit - a blister packed RGB LED tape coming with everything you need to set up your own LED strip lighting.

The LEDK1RGB comes complete with instructions and not only:

  • Self-adhesive LED tape which can be cut at 10cm intervals. Total length: 5m LED roll.
  • Multi-adaptor power supply, not only for UK but for the whole world.
  • IR controller: remote control to allow you to change the frequency, the colors, the intensity, etc.
  • Connectors: to connect the bits and pieces as you cut the LED tape.
In other words, whether you're a DIY enthusiast who loves to customize his home (both indoors and outdoors), an electrician who needs a low cost yet solid solution for undershelf / alcove / outdoor strip lighting, or a retail store that needs to draw people's attention to the display window, you do well to pay attention to this LED strip light kit.

If you don't like it to change colors all the time that's not a problem - just change it via the remote control!

What Can We Use this LED Strip Light For?

The "official recommendations" for this LED strip light is to be used for the underside of countertops, under the shelf lighting, cupboard lighting, around the window frame strip lights, ceiling alcove, etc.

These are only a few of the uses, since you can also use this kit for commercial lighting like: retail window display lighting, shop lighting, exhibition windows, restaurant and bar lighting, pub lights, etc.

The IP65 rating for this LED strip light allows you to use it both indoors and outdoors, or, if needed - even in the bathroom!

Where Can You Buy this LED Tape Kit?

If you're in London and you want to see how this kit works, or if you're just passing through Archway, Highgate, Camden Town, King's Cross, Tuffnell Park, Kentish Town, Caledonian Road, or Holloway Road, why not pop into our showroom!

We have this cool RGB color changing LED strip light installed, and we will let you try the settings via the remote control! Otherwise, you can visit our website and you will find this LED strip light kit via the LED lighting section.