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comfortable and luxurious warm floors all year round - DeviMat solution

comfortable and luxurious warm floors all year round - DeviMat solution

  2009-01-26         sparksdirect         Advice » Heating Advice

You can experience comfortable, luxurious warm floors all year round with the devimat underfloor heating system at SparksDirect!

The system is simple and quick to install, also providing an invisible and economic heating solution, which gives you total freedom when you decorate or furnish the place. This is an ideal help for the finishing touch you want to do to any room in your home! In this article you can find out more about

  • the Devimat Features;
  • the Devimat applications;
  • the Devimat Installation;
  • the Devireg thermostats;
  • the choosing of the proper Devimat system.

Devimat features

  • The luxury of having a warm floor The cable is pre-spaced onto a self adhesive mesh which ensures an even and luxurious warm floor. The devimat can act as a primary heat source, providing the output covers the heat loss of the room.
  • The Devimat is simple and quick to install in any size / shape The cable is a twin conductor, which means that once you have laid the mat, there is no second tail to return to the thermostat, saving installation time and cost.
  • The Devimat has a unique ultra-strong adhesion No other product on the market can rival the devimat's level of adhesion. It combines adhesive strips on both the mesh and tape strips, ensuring it sticks securely to the floor surface.
  • The Devimat is ultra-thin The cable is only 3.5mm in diameter so it adds no appreciable height to the floor.
  • Economical and maintenance free The system costs approximately 0.6 - 0.7 pence per hour per square meter to run and once installed, there are no maintenance costs to consider.
  • 100% aluminium earth sheath Manufactured by DEVI to the highest EU standards, the devimat features a 100% aluminium earth sheath, making it fully compliant with The IEE wiring requirements for installation in wet areas.
  • Ten-year warranty and complete technical support DEVI provides complete technical support and all mats and cables are backed up by a ten-year manufacturers warranty. Thermostats are supplied with a two-year manufacturers warranty.

Devimat Applications - types of floors the devimat solution can be installed onto

Devimat Applications - types of floors the devimat solution can be installed onto

In the above image: Devimat installed onto concrete. When installed onto concrete, the layers are: the base floor, the insulation, the existing new or screeded floor, the devimat, the floor sensor, the adhesive/self leveling compound, and the floor covering.

When installed onto the timber, the layers are: wooden joists, plywood, the devimat, the floor sensor, the adhesive/self levelling compound, and the floor covering.

When installed on laminated floors, the layers are: the wooden joists, the tile backer insulation board, the devimat, the floor sensor, the adhesive layer, and the floor covering. Although not essential, tile backer board helps reduce downward heat, therefore increasing the efficiency of the system for both concrete and timber floors.

The installation of the devimat solution

  1. Measure the free floor area, that is, excluding all floor standing units, to determine which size devimat is required.
  2. Cut a groove into the floor and wall 10mm deep and wide for the floor sensor and tube. The tube allows for easy removal of the floor sensor if required.
  3. Before laying the devimat, the existing floor should be clean and dry, primed if necessary. Once the mat has been tested, it is then rolled out and laid on the floor.
  4. Upon reaching the end of a mat run, simply cut the mesh, turn the mat, and lay the next piece beside the first. The red heating cable must NOT be cut!
  5. Cover with one layer of flexible tile adhesive/self leveling compound and allow to dry before tiling, or lay the tile adhesive and tiles in one step. A flexible tile adhesive and grout should always be used.

Solutions for controlling your system - the devireg thermostats

Devireg 550

  • Combined 7-day thermostat and timer.
  • Intelligent pre-heat function enables the controller to calculate exactly what time the system should be switched on to achieve the required temperature.
  • This accurate control ensures an exceptionally high level of energy efficiency and minimal running costs.
  • Also available in brushed silver.
  • This item is discontinued - no longer available.

Devireg 535

  • Combined 7-day thermostat and timer.
  • Can be locked to both minimum and maximum temperatures.
  • Lowest standby consumption on the market, max 0.30W, additional feature - child lock safety function.
  • See the available DEVIreg touch thermostats available at Sparks.

Devireg 130

  • Basic surface mounted thermostat, suited to floor warming applications.
  • Uses a floor sensor to monitor the floor temperature, but with no timer.
  • Buy online the DEVIreg 130 thermostat.

DEVIreg 130 White Thermostat with Floor Sensor, Electric Underfloor Heating Dial Thermostat

Ancillary Products

  • Deviguard cable monitor The deviguard cable monitor can be connected to the mat during the installation, in order to monitor the heating cable circuit. Accidents do happen and in the event that the heating cable is damaged during installation an audible alarm will sound, installation can be halted and the cable repaired with a repair kit. The unit uses a standard 9V battery (not supplied). 

Choosing your system in three simple steps

  1. Select the devimat type For timber based floors, select the 100W/sq m devimat and for concrete based floors select 150W/sq m. If a room is part timber, part concrete, treat each area separately with separate controllers.
  2. Select a devimat size Select devimat or combination of mats equivalent to the available free floor area, or under, excluding all floor units(like the bath, WC, kitchen units, etc). For example, if there is 4.3 square metres available, select the 4sq m devimat.
  3. Select the controller Generally only one controller will be needed, but for larger areas: timber based floors - use one per 35 square m, concrete based floors - use one per 23 square m.
Concerning the Electrical Connections: All electrical connections must be made by a qualified electrician.

On our website, you can buy Devimat underfloor heating solutions for wooden/timber floors, laminate floors or concrete floors at the Heating and Ventilation section, Underfloor Heating.