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A Continuously Running Bathroom and Kitchen Fan: Smart Ventilation!

A Continuously Running Bathroom and Kitchen Fan: Smart Ventilation!

  2024-04-18         sparksdirect         Advice » Ventilation Advice,   Product News » Ventilation News

A home is usually fitted with a bathroom fan, which can be with a timer or humidistat (or both), but now there's a way to have smart ventilation - a continuously running bathroom and kitchen fan!

They call them dMEV - decentralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation, and they comply with System 3 in the current Building Regulations.

We warmly recommend this continuously running fan - which can be placed anywhere in the house - since it is a single unit that can run both in the kitchen and in wet areas. It comes with an ultra-low energy DC motor and mixed flow impellor. 

What is a dMEV Fan? How does it work?

What is a dMEV Fan_ How does it work - see the 100mm dMEV Continually Running Smart Extractor Fan Whole House Ventilation, Greenwood Unity CV2

A decentralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation Fan (dMEV) is commonly known as a continuous extract ventilation fan.

It provides a constant low-level background ventilation to wet rooms such as bathrooms, toilets, ensuites, kitchens, etc and it comes with a boost feature as and when it is required.

The fan is always ON - it is always running, and it provides five times more ventilation than intermittent fans, helping you protect against condensation and mould growth, for it ensures that quality air is always circulating. 

The way a dMEV works - in particular, the Greenwood Unity dMEV, is by continuously extracting the air from the room it is installed at a low rate, and there's a boosting when required.

The boost function is either by an independent switch or automatically via humidity sensing, depending on how you set it up at installation.

The constant ventilation helps reduce steam and smells created by everyday activities such as cooking, bathing, and showering.

It helps promote effective ventilation which helps to create a healthy living environment and reduce the symptoms of asthma and other health conditions. 

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Greenwood Unity CV2 dMEV Fan - Smart Ventilation Features

Greenwood Unity CV2 dMEV Fan - Smart Ventilation Features

Here are some of the smart features of the Greenwood Unity CV2 dMEV Fan:

  • Ultra-low ventilation fan - it has an annual running cost of less than the price of a jar of coffee! It is designed to do the job it is supposed to do without costing the earth. 
  • Low noise emission: since it is a continuously running fan, the pitch or frequency of the noise is very low. It is designed to operate quietly. This is achieved through a combination of innovative motor, electronics, and aerodynamic impeller design. 
  • Save energy: because this fan only operates boost when required or programmed, it helps you save energy. Less electricity is used, which means the fan has a positive impact on your bills! It therefore contributes to a reduction in the carbon footprint of the home.
  • Moisture and odours are continually eliminated: because it is constantly running, the Greenwood Unity CV2 dMEV Fan helps prevent moisture from rooms such as the toilet, the bathroom, the kitchen, etc spreading into other rooms. It offers humidity control at the source and draws out the moisture in your home. In this way, dampness is eliminated constantly. 
  • Great for installation in shallow ceiling voids: it has a 68mm spigot design, making it perfect for applications in shallow ceiling voids. 
  • 100% Variable airflow feature: this unique feature offers peace of mind to installers that Building Regulation compliance can be easily achieved. 
  • Smart touchpad: located on the front panel, it removes the need for battling with fiddly switches on the back of the fan. Straightforward, set it up with the options you require. 
  • High IP rating: whether used in the kitchen or in the bathroom, it has an IPX5 wall rating for wall mounting and an IPX4 rating for ceiling mounting. Suitable for zones 1 and 2 in the bathroom. 
  • Smart technology features, including automatic humidity sensing and a logical approach to overrunning, help to reduce heat loss and energy waste. 
  • Discreet and stylish design helps it to blend in with its environment. 

In conclusion, the Greenwood Unity CV2 dMEV Fan embodies the one product concept: one fan, any room, all installations! It is the first continuously running fan to truly assist in the delivery of guaranteed installed performance.

Set up and Control your Smart Continuous Ventilation Fan

Set up and Control your Smart Continuous Ventilation Fan

The installation and setting up of this fan needs to be done by a qualified electrician, but it cannot be more simply. It can be safely installed in the kitchen, bathroom, utility room, WC/cloakroom, ensuite bath/shower room, etc.

The specific fan operation of this fan varies depending on the way it has been installed. You can have trickle speed (operating on a continual basis) or boost speed (activated manually using the GS2 switch or via the light room switch).

The TimerSMART monitors the length of time that there's an occupancy presence within a wet room (via the "switch-live") and provides a fixed over-run time period to best match the length of time that the "switch live" is active.

This removes nuisance running noise and unnecessary energy wastage typically associated with traditional timers.

The HumidiSMART monitors the ambient humidity within the wt room environment and looks for short peaks of humidity made either by showering or bathing.

It ensures that the fan is not on boost for prolonged periods of time, removing nuisance running noise and unnecessary energy wastage typically associated with increases to background humidity which naturally occurs with the changing seasons. 

Set up the Greenwood Unity CV2 dMEV Fan - the Control panel

Via the Control panel, you can select at installation what settings you require. If the fan is in a bathroom, toilet, or ensuite, select the "Bathroom" option, and if it is in the kitchen, select the "Kitchen" option.

If you want it to run continuously, select the Trickle Mode, and if you need a boost, activate the Boost mode.

You can also select the HumidiSMART ON/OFF and TimerSMART ON/OFF via the buttons there.

You can commission the fan during the installation in order to provide the correct airflow requirements for your dwelling.

Full instructions for this Smart Ventilation Fan come with the product.

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The One Smart Ventilation Fan you need in the Bathroom or Kitchen!

You can order this one smart ventilation fan for the bathroom or kitchen today via Sparks. At Sparks, we distribute a wide range of Ventilation fans, but so far - up to April 2024 - this is one of the best and smartest ventilation fans with continuous running that we can warmly recommend!