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CP Electronics SPIR-PRM wall mounted PIR presence detector with lux level sensing and time delay

CP Electronics SPIR-PRM wall mounted PIR presence detector with lux level sensing and time delay

  2011-03-16         sparksdirect         Product News » Switches and Sockets News

Part of the wide range of SPIR energy saving switches from CP Electronics, the SPIR-PRM is a contemporary PIR presence detector with lux level sensing and time delay function.

The SPIR-PRM presence detector switches from CP Electronics are designed to provide automatic control of lighting, heating or ventilation loads.

They detect movement using a PIR sensor and turn the load on. When an area is no longer occupied the load will switch off after an adjustable time out period.

An internal light sensor provides additional energy saving in lighting applications. When an area is occupied lighting is only switched on when the level of natural light is below a preset level.

When the SPIR-PRM detector is first powered up the PIR sensor will always detect immediately regardless of whether the room is occupied.

A selectable power up delay allows the installer to choose whether the load comes on immediately when the unit is powered up or is kept off for a small time (about 40 seconds) to allow the sensor to settle.

The CP Electronics SPIR-PRM is a contemporary styled presence detector switch based on the successful, tried and tested SPIR.

Fits a single gang standard switch box or a shallow back box with extender (supplied). Suitable for the control of lighting, ventilation, and heating..

To switch from more than one position simply wire two or more units in parallel to achieve two way and intermediate switching. The detector should be sited so that the occupants of the room fall inside the detection pattern shown below, at a recommended height of 1.2m to 1.5m for wall sensors. Note that the higher the sensor is installed the shorter the detection range will be.

The CP Electronics SPIR-PRM detector - Technical specs

  • Load taken:
    # 16 Amp resistive load;
    # 10 Amp incandescent lighting;
    # 6 Amp fluorescent lighting;
    # 3 Amp compact fluorescent lighting;
    # 3 Amp low energy lighting;
    # 3 Amp low voltage lighting (switch primary of transformer);
    # 3 Amp fans and ventilation equipment;
    # Switch SON lighting loads via a contactor;
    # Quartz halogen heaters: 2600W max, recommended timing 30 minutes, for lower timing switch via contactor;
  • Supply Voltage: 220-240 Volts AC 50 Hz;
  • Time Out Period: Adjustable 10 seconds to 60 minutes in two ranges;
  • Light Level: Optional adjustment by thumbwheel light to dark;
  • Terminal Capacity: 2.5mm2;
  • Material: Flame retardant ABS TYPE Class 2;
  • Temperature: -10°C to 35°C;
  • Conforms to BS EN60669-2-1 & BS EN55015;
  • Buy online the CP Electronics SPIRPRM - wall mounted PIR detector with lux level sensing and time delay function.
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