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Create a Cosy Atmosphere in Your Restaurant with the Mode 1500W Dimmer

Create a Cosy Atmosphere in Your Restaurant with the Mode 1500W Dimmer

  2013-01-03         sparksdirect         Advice » Lighting Design Advice

When it comes to lighting design, there's a common dilemma in the hospitality industry. Restaurants, public houses, bars, and other establishments often require a high level of lighting - which means a lot of lights.

At the same time, those lights need to be dimmed in the evenings. Why is that? Why do restaurants and bars so often dim their lights at night when often they are at "full blast" during the day? We've asked around, and nobody seems sure.

There are two common theories, though:

Why You Should Dim Your Restaurant's Lights

One theory goes that dimmer lights create a more relaxed, comfortable, even a romantic atmosphere (although conspiracy theorists claim it's just to increase customer turnover and thus increase sales).

There is also the contrast theory, which goes that if your customers are coming in out of the dark, it can take a while for their eyes to properly adjust to bright lights - so they couldn't even read the menu!

Whichever theory you like, you'll need to keep the level of light even throughout the place to make sure there aren't any spots that are too bright or too dark - which can often be a pain.

And in hospitality, it's important to be able to control that easily from a single location.

A High-Load Dimmer Switch for 1500W of Lighting

Mode SD1500 - high-load dimmer slider switch

The Mode Lighting SD1500 is a high-load slide dimmer switch with a maximum load capacity of 1500W on a single switch.

For lighting, the switch can also operate neon and low-voltage lighting. This means it can dim a lot of lights from behind-the-scenes.

1500W means 25 60W bulbs - or about 136 11W CFLs! The lights are dimmed without flicker to ensure your customers' (and employees') comfort and enjoyment.

Once installed, adjusting the light level is easy with the clear white-on-black legends and large slider for simple but precise manual control.

Even better: the SD1500 can be fitted in a standard two-gang surface box, so a refurbishment needn't be a long and drawn-out process.