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Cut Down on Energy Costs with Illuma's LED Shaker Spotlights

Cut Down on Energy Costs with Illuma's LED Shaker Spotlights

  2012-09-27         sparksdirect         Product News » Lighting News

In most commercial properties, the lighting takes up more power than anything else: in fact, illumination accounts for about 35% of the total energy consumption of the building.

Not only that, but because traditional incandescent lightbulbs generate a surprising amount of heat as wasted energy, keeping the property at a comfortable temperature can also require a great deal of air conditioning.

To get down to the bottom line, that's a lot of money going places it doesn't have to.

A More Cost-Effective Lighting Scheme Through LED Technology

An energy-efficient lighting scheme using LEDs can help cut down on commercial energy costs by up to 75% in some cases.

In the past, LED light fittings have been associated with higher costs, but as the technology becomes more widely adopted, the prices are plummeting. Besides, these lights are a sensible long-term investment.

Note: the Illuma Shaker LED spots are no longer available at Sparks; here are the latest LED track spots from Illuma.

Take the Illuma Shaker LED spotlight for instance, which has a lifespan of 50,000 hours and requires very little energy for all that time.

This is an energy (and wallet) friendly alternative to halogen spotlights.

These LEDs Look Good Too!

The industry giant Illuma has manufactured a contemporary design in brushed aluminium, very subtle, and flexible to boot: the light rotates 360° on the horizontal plane and 90° on the vertical.

It is also fitted with a friction-activated tilting mechanism for easy adjustment which won't constantly need to be adjusted.

What's more, the Illuma Shaker is designed to fit on a ceiling track so that when your needs (or trends) change, it will be easy to repair or replace the fitting.

The solid-state lights inside the fitting - high-intensity Golden DRAGON Plus LEDs (see the manufacturer's specs) - give an incredibly bright light while also conserving energy.

Note: See here what are the latest LED spotlights from Illuma available at Sparks.

Three models of the Illuma Shaker are available: 3-watt, 6-watt and 12-watt versions, which are roughly equivalent in brightness to 40W, 60W and 100W halogen bulbs, respectively.

Many businesses will benefit from rethinking their lighting schemes to cut down on their overheads, and replacing existing light fittings with LED technology is a simple and cost-effective way to do this.

The Illuma Shaker LED spotlight is available in our showroom and online store at competitive prices, check out the prices for the 3W model, the 6W LED spot, and the 12W Shaker LED (the lowest prices for these energy-saving LED Shaker Spots from Illuma).