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Delivery Disruptions and Surcharges due to the 2012 London Olympics

Delivery Disruptions and Surcharges due to the 2012 London Olympics

  2012-07-12         sparksdirect         Sparks Direct News » Customer Service

Due to the 2012 London Olympics - which we all are happy to have them in London this year - there are some disruptions to both the deliveries and to the surcharges for the deliveries.

Note: our current delivery company is Parcelforce.

Our carriage company, UK Mail, will NOT apply any surcharge for delivering the parcel during this period of time unless you are within the specific zones declared, Olympic Venues.

Surcharges for the Olympic Routes

It appears that only UPS can deliver within the "lockdown venues", in and around the area of the Olympic venues, and there will be some surcharges if you want the items you order at Sparks to be delivered in these areas.

There will be additional security and all the final mile deliveries in these areas are made only by UPS. At Sparks Electrical we will operate as usual, and you can order the desired electrical items online for delivery as normal.

To see whether the parcels will arrive on time, please consult the UK Mail Update page, and don't forget to track your delivery with the consignment number we send you by email.

UK Mail has put out a list of post codes with the date intervals - we are embedding it below - and you can check for yourself whether the postcode you want the delivery is within this range.

If it is, we will let you know what is the extra charge (as per their document, it is at least £25 + VAT). Here's what they say in the document:

During the Olympic Games the hotels & venues listed below will be subject to heightened security controls. Access for parcel delivery is restricted to UPS and will be subject to a £20 security screening surcharge and a £5 delivery charge. Should you wish to send a consignment to one of these venues, you should consign it as usual and we will add the UPS charges to your account retrospectively.
Sparks Electrical Surcharges for Deliveries on 2012 London Olympics