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Devi Underfloor heating for domestic use; warmed floors vs traditional heating

  2009-11-10         admin         Product News » Heating News
Most of the domestic / office floors are made of either timber(the wooden floors), concrete(the concrete floors), or laminate materials(the laminate floors). If you are renovating your kitchen / bathroom, or you are building an extension / a new house, or you simply want to have a warmer home, we can provide you with the best solution: a selection of domestic underfloor heating products(the Devimat). The Devimat underfloor heating mats are cost-effective, reliable and easy to install - the best floor warming solutions for almost any type of floor structure/surface.
The Devimat solution - consists of the Devimat heating mats and their electronic controllers, the Devireg thermostats.
The Devi Undefloor Warming solutions provide a very efficient room heating - whether at home, in your bathroom / living room / dining room, or at the office, in your workshop, in a sports hall or anywhere you need to install it. And you don't need to worry about installation: if you want to install it under the existing floor, or on top of the existing flooring, or(in case of a new building) from ground up, then the Devimat can be installed in either case in a simple way. Remember: with Devimat you get comfortable and luxurious warm floors all year round!

You may be already using other heating systems for the venues / rooms you want to have the Floor Warming system installed - the Devimat floor warming solution can replace it, being able to warm up the room and keep it warm as the only heating source. Floor types on top of which you can install the Devimat underfloor warming solution: newly renovated or older wooden floors, new/old concrete floors, renovated bathroom/living room floors, etc. In other words, you can install Devi Mats for wooden floors, laminate floors, and concrete floors. Devimat is actually the perfect choice for your floor warming needs - high quality, full control, flexibility and 10 year warranty.

How does the Devimat Underfloor Heating work?

  • In the case of the alternative radiator / convector heating systems, the heat is being "thrown up in the air" at the head height, and then the heat travels up to the ceiling, then back downwards - it returns as a cold draft by the time it reaches your knees. The Traditional Heating Systems - Most of the traditional heating systems emit hot air, which goes up to the ceiling and remains there until it becomes cold - then it comes back down resulting in a draught.
  • In the case of the DEVIMAT underfloor heating mats, the pleasant warmth starts from the feet, then goes up to the whole body, and then to the head. As this heating system produces very gentle warm air circulation, there is very little chance for dust particles to be traveling in the air because of it(this is a great relief for the people that have allergies or asthma). The Devimat Floor Heating - The DEVI underfloor heating solutions distributes the heat evenly over the entire floor, and the constant emanating warmth keeps the atmosphere warm and pleasant.
Besides the comfort offered by the DEVI solutions of warming up the floors/the room, you also get a very low energy consumption, flexibility, durability, and a 10 year warranty(like none other). Find out more about the Devimat features, installation, and advices for choosing the right underfloor heating system. Did you know that the DEVI floor warming systems are some of the most advanced heating mat in the market? Buy online DeviMats for home use - either for wooden floors, laminate floors or concrete floors.
The Devimat Floor Heating - The DEVI underfloor heating solutions distributes the heat evenly over the entire floor, and the constant emanating warmth keeps the atmosphere warm and pleasant.